April 25, 2017

Review: Pinkboxcereal Hyaluronic Water Gel

*In every Try & Test blogpost, I tried it by myself and gave my own honest opinion which takes some time, but worth it.*

Source: Shoppinkboxcereal.com
Hey Ya'll! I want to take a break from writing Bloggertalk X Sabah for a while, to finished up my other task as well. 

This past few days I take a short break to get my MOJO back into this game. But, the downside of this short break is I tend to sleep  late at night (like super late) to think new and fresh ideas for this blog. Due to that, I tend to get dark circles and puffiness under my eyes.

I always want to solve this problem and turns out that I have Hyaluronic Water Gel from Pinkboxcereal for me to try.

Honestly, I didn't know about this water gel, until I came upon Founder of Shoppinkboxcereal, Shaf explained about it on this Instagram post below: *please click play*

What is Hyaluronic Acid? - Able to hold x1000 times more water on your skin - Ultimate hydration booster for your skin - Keeps your skin plump and healthy - A natural ingredient produced by your body to keep your skin tight and plump - Prevents your skin from sagging - Reduces moisture lost - Deeply hydrates your skin all day long - Almost like an instant 'botox' to your skin - Can be used as your under eye gel too! - Smoothens and reduces wrinkles - Can be applied after toner and before moisturizer - Can be used on top of your makeup too! - Can be used anytime of the day, as many times as you want - No parabens, no mineral oils and no animal oils . 💕 NOW AVAILABLE 💕 PREMIUM SKINCARE KIT (RM170): - x1 Honey Bee Venom - x1 Hermosa Cleansing Water - x1 Hyaluronic Gel - x1 Beauty Card . Postage fee: - Semenanjung Malaysia (RM10) - Sabah & Sarawak (RM15) - Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia (RM50) . DM or email to order 💋 . COLLECT x5 BEAUTY KITS AND GET x1 FREE SEAT TO @pinkboxcereal's SKINCARE & MAKEUP WORKSHOP! #skincaremalaysia #honeybeevenom
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I started using Hyaluronic Water Gel on 26th March 2017, until last Sunday (23rd April 2017). So, around that 1 month I put it on my whole face, but focus more on my under eye area.
Do I feel any differences after putting it on my face? Yes, I do feel that my skin a little bit tight. Other than that, my face feel more hydrated and I can see that my under eye area less wrinkly, and brightening.

Overall, I think that I need to keep this as my routine until I feel satisfied and see better result. 

In my opinion, to get a better result, time is the key because there is no shortcut to success

I must train myself to put this on consistently in order to get that healthy and glowing face, that I wanted. Other than that, I also need to train myself to get plenty of sleep to avoid dark circles on my under eye area. If this both are balanced, I'm pretty sure I can achieved my dream in no time.

So, that's all for today entry and hope you like Try & Test: Pinkboxcereal Hyaluronic Water Gel and till then see you on next Try & Test session! 

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