April 13, 2017

Childhood Memories: I Fall and Get Back Up When I Ride A Bike

Never give up.
This mantra is applicable everywhere we go and for me I learn through riding a bicycle when I was just a kid.

Its a step by step process, you can't rush anything and might as well enjoy the moment where your child learning something new. For me its priceless, because I get to see the stages of my nephew growth and it just wonderful journey.

I still remember that used four tires bicycle for a start, the training wheels (two small tires at the back) just enough to make me stable.

The dangerous part is I'm not wearing helmet. It think it would be okay if your parents are with you, but if you are trying to ride it alone, make sure to wear helmet for safety purposes.

Then, after I become better means that I know how to control paddle, adjust where to move (either left or right) and the speed. It's time to move on the next stage, take off the training wheels.

When I move on to this next step, is not easy for me to stable by myself, due my dependency on the training wheels. It take a lot of effort and riding consistently. 

Depends on the children itself, they can ride at the first try, some need an ample of time to be able to ride.

It took me two to three good weeks to ride confidently. Since then, I was riding as fast as I can and riding up and down approaching hill on the road. From that moment on, I know I have to keep paddling because I can sense a freedom while I'm doing it.

Recap step by step of riding a bike when I was a kid:
1. Used training wheels.
2. Take off the training wheels.
3. Constantly riding (fall and get back up).
4. All you need is time.

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