Last week I post about my boots addiction, but this week I will be reviewing a local beauty product from Beauty Eclipse.

I'm so thankful because they send me this product to test and give a feedback. First of all, I love this product because its like I received a gift for my birthday! Look at that packaging:

Beauty Eclipse came out with two product which are, Black rice & Oat Soothing Mask and Brown rice & Oat Brightening Mask. This product is a natural homemade product made from high quality rice and oat (import from Australia). NO CHEMICAL, I repeat NO CHEMICAL.

I tried this 2 in 1 Scrub Mask on 21/3, 23/3 and 25/3/17. On first day, I made a How-To video below whilst others I just capture before and after pictures.

So, you already saw the differences between pictures and I'm going to tell you what I felt about this products.

1. Black Rice + Oat Soothing
Black rice is rich and high with antioxidant and vitamin E and it helps to clean out pores. When I mix the product, I just love the smell of it, sweet and milky. 

2. Brown Rice + Oat Brightening
Rich with fibre, protein and mineral, this mask will put nutrient to my face. It will help with new skin cell growth and give smooth brighter skin.

I agree that my skin is dull and got that uneven skin tone, but after used this for 2-3 days last week my face do feel smooth and brighter. The smell calming me down. I suggest you to put on when you are stress.

Apart from mask, it also act as a scrub. Its a bit rough for the skin, just make sure you scrub it slowly and gentle.

From my opinion, its a great product because of 2 in 1 feature and it worked. I just have to used this constantly to get silky smooth skin.

Please watch How-To Video that I made stated above, its easy to follow and there are a bit of info about this product and also before and after on 21/3/2017 too!

Beauty Eclipse have promotion from now until 1st April 2017. Their 'Buy 2 bottles for RM 25' will end soon, and switch back to normal price which is RM 35 for 2 bottles.

If you are interested, visit their Facebook at Hope you trying it!

That's all for today post, I would love to hear your feedback at comment box down below and let me know if there any products you want me to try.

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You must be surpises by this two combination (cheese and tea or coffee) were made into one cup of drinks.

I do have doubt and wondering what it would be taste like. But after drink Chizu, its actually quite interesting flavour to my tastebud.

Chizu is a phrase derived from the Japanese meaning, cheese. Their tea and coffee are specially handcrafted with cheese, creating Japanese cheese drink.
Chizu launch with 5 flavours.
Sources: Chizu FB
Among this five flavours, I choose to taste one only which is Matcha Red Bean Cheese.

My personal point of view is I admit that its unique product. Even the lid cup is different in order to get their signature moustache pose after drink it.

Moving on to the taste, I love matcha and to combined with cheese is great. But, the cheese layer is too thick and I can't get at the bottom of the drink which is the red bean.

The cheese got a salty, sweet and sour taste to it. That suite with unsweetened matcha.

I just hope they will still provide a straw to scoop the red bean.

For me I think I have to finished it faster or with an empty stomach, otherwise I will start to feel 'muak' (nausea).

Besides the drink, they also have a dessert bar which shape like sushi. This sushi sized cake is for dine in only, and can be bought for 3 for RM15 or 5 for RM20
Chizu Menu Board
Anyway, kudos to Chizu because came out with an unique drink, that most of us think its impossible but possible combination! I will revisit them and get my hand on Blackcurrant Cheese because I heard its one of customer favourite.

To know more about Chizu, please click here. Let me know if you have already tried it because I love to read your comment below.

Visit Chizu at Sunway Pyramid, LG1.08A and experienced the uniqueness.

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Chizu Drink Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Your childhood superhero just keep coming back this year, and one of them is Power Rangers! (Go go power rangers).

Obviously we know who is Power Rangers and I still remember that we watch it on TV3 (Malaysia cable television) for numerous of time. But, at that time I didn't know the storyline and all I know is they are bunch of superhero saving the day.

When I heard that this series adaptation is switch to movie franchise (for second time), I was like what make this difference from before? So, I Google and get my answer here.

In terms of storyline, its a story of five ordinary teenagers from town called Angel Groove, become something extraordinary. They are fighting with a villain named Rita and there are some twist in terms of sex orientation, but let me clear this up.

Malaysia have clearly received a lot of attention due to film censorship: First, with Beauty and The Beast and Power Rangers because of LGBT representation in the film. For me, it was not that hard to notice but I bet there are some people that will not realised about it at all. Because of the media brought it up, now everybody (include children) know about the 'thing'.

It will be heart breaking for me if this hype were due to some sort for an 'advertisement work', because it somehow stopped myself from enjoying the movie and I see it as a spoiler that doesn't need a much of attention (focus on the art of making the film please).

Back on the track, here is the simple review about this film:

a. Storyline: For me its cliche, because I can guess what is going to coming up right next (remember that there are another movie of it on 1995). 

Despite that, I thought this movie will not have any humour but guess what, I love humour in this movie although it was a little bit cheesy (I like cheesy humour, don't judge).

b. Cast: It was first time saw some of the actor/actresses except for Becky G. So, I assumed they are new in the industry.

The funny thing is when I see Dacre Montgomery (Red Rangers) I thought that he is Zac Efron or maybe related to him, but naah I'm wrong.

He looks light Zac Efron right?
By the way, to see new talent in a big movie franchise is interesting and ballsy move. Other than that, I can feel the teamwork and a big amount of fun time filming this movie.

c. Visual Effects: Its not fair if we compare this film with the 1995 franchise because of technology advancement from time to time. For this movie, it was okay and acceptable. There are other movies visual effects are far more better.

d. The most remembered scene: This might be a little bit of spoiler, so for those who doesn't like it, not advice to read this section.

My favourite scene is the water scene, where they all crazily jumped of the cliff and each of their power rangers colours started to glow/appeared. This scene is so nice that I feel like I want to swim right away after the movie ended (exaggerate).

e. After Credits: Please stay because you get to see a little bit of hint about Green Power Rangers.

P/S: As for all my movie review, I didn't give any rate because I'm afraid that will stop from enjoying this movie. Make sure watched it will a clear mind and make a personal review about them, because we have a different opinion, individually.

Boots Boots Boots! 

This is the best day of my life because I get to share something that I obsess over (kind of) in my blog and added some spices to it. Therefore, it's not fully a story of my life because I will state a THREE reasons why I love wearing boots.

1. Comfortable
This is my first Timberland boots, and the reason I bought this because of Melbourne Trip. Most of the times during travelling, we depend on public transport and that required us to walk a lot.

After half day of walking, my feet doesn't feel hurt at all and I didn't have to deal with shoe bite! I'm totally going to wear this for every trip from now on.

2. Versatile
Dr Martens For Life! Yeah, this is actually a collection that come with a lifetime guarantee. This shoe have been with me throughout my internship day. Yes, I do wear Dr Martens to the office and its versatile because I can continue wear it after office.

I totally recommend you to at least add one Dr Martens boots into your collection because it can be use in any occasions. Just choose the boots accordingly to the versatility.

3. It Last Long
You can see that this masterpiece is vintage! I found this Dr Martens Air Wair at Ayo Asia, Johor Bahru and know right away that I need to add this on my boots collection. 

From this shoe condition, you can see that this is from the old collection. I'm not sure about the year but I am positive about the vintage thingy. The shoe soles looks like new although the material looks wrinkly.

Right now I owned 6 pair of boots and I don't plan to get another one soon. 

For me, each of boots that I owned can be wear for anything. 
As you can see, I owned only one Chunky Heels Boots and that are for special occasion for me to wear heels instead a traditional heels.

I hope you like today post and share your boots or any type of shoe collection at the comment box below. Cheers!
From left: MKS, Chunky Heels Boots & Anaabu
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I noticed that this year is a travel season for everybody! So, why not sharing some tips and tricks in this video. 

Although in the video, mostly I talk about my daily essential but along the way you will notice few tips that I think will help you a lot when travelling (because it does to me).

Without further ado, watch this video and I really appreciate a feedback from you guys! Oh, don't forget to watch in HD.

Can you spot your favourite artist?
Music is the great uniter and XOX Mobile & Universal Music Malaysia partner up to bring awesomeness to all of us (PSTT music lover).

This is a first-of-its kind partnership in Asia Pacific origin aimed to deliver innovative music content as part of XOX Mobile's focus to reward their loyal subscribers.

I heard some amazing stuff that you can get through this mobile prepaid plan which, called as OneMusic Plan.
They are having a great time at Photo Booth!
All time reward for subscribers, such as special ticket offers, artistes' merchandise and exclusive experiences of meet and greet up-close encounters with local and international artiste, up-close encounters with local and international artistes within the Universal Music family (Jaw drop moment here).

This is real deal because users have experienced a futsal tournament with the members of Bunkface, in conjunction with the band's 10th anniversary concert last year. 

Apart from that, users also will be invited to artist workshops and flyaway, along with first hand exclusivity on all their latest updates, upcoming concerts and pre-release purchases. I heard that ThomasJack and Fazura are going to hold events with their fans soon! 

The best part is, they will support local artist more. Furthermore, depend on demand from citizen, they will bring in international artist within the Universal Music family.

Have you heard Sid Murshid? He is one of the artists under Universal Music Malaysia and thank god because he had such a great voice! (I have goose bumps when he sings). 

Managing Director of Universal Music, Mr. Kenny Ong, Group CEO XOX Berhad, Mr. Ng Kok Heng with ONEXOX Friends
So what it's the future of this partnership? Group CEO XOX Berhad, Mr. Ng Kok Heng said they would come out with an application where you can listen to music everyday and are planning to launch more digital contents in the near future!

I'm sure you are excited for this, and make sure to get ONEMUSIC Edition Starter Pack via Oh did I mentioned, they provide free delivery nationwide! You can also get this via Universal Music Malaysia's distribution channels as well.

I just starting to blog back at the end of last year and the best part of being blogger is I get to meet a bunch of awesome people. All the people that I meet are such a sweetheart (feeling bless). I just couldn't say how much they inspired me to keep moving forward, and have a faith in my life. 
Signature pose! 

Today, lets dive into Japanese cuisine. A perfect place to start this journey is with ISETAN The Japan Store, Lot 10.

There are actually so many restaurant to choose from at Lot 10, but I went to this place (ukafe) with my friends, because we are on budget and I think this place is affordable than others.

Since its affordable, how about the taste? Without further ado, lets start this journey.
Seats at ukafe
Environment: I love decoration of this place, especially that wallpaper where they showed Mount Fuji (that would be great for a selfie).

Menu Board of ukafe
If you zoom in this picture you can see clearly that they have a different choices of food. Move on to the food display: at first I was like, does this amount of food can make me full and does it taste good? But at least I know that this cafe cooked with an organic materials.
Special Menu of ukafe
Another thing is, this cafe seems like they only served light refreshment, but they also have a heavy meal like Udon and chicken teriyaki plate on their menu.

During that day, we picked Set 1 which consist of 2 Onigiri, 2 Okazu, 1 Soup for RM24.40. We also add on dessert to our meal, and for drink, we just sip on plain water that they provide for free. 
Our choices at ukafe

Onigiri is a Japanese rice ball that come with different type of flavours. I usually eat the basic one either with tuna or chicken. At ukafe, they served some unique type, but we decided to go with this two, which are:

Smoked Salmon Onigiri: It doesn't taste and smell fishy for me. As ukafe serving organic material and clean eating, this onigiri made it to the list. 

Stewed Minced Chicken Onigiri: I would say that this is different from what I usually eat. Most of the time I would eat fried chicken but this one would be my new favourite because there are a lot of flavour in it.

Onigiri! Onigiri!
Let's move on to Okazu. So, what is Okazu? According to, its a Japanese word for a side dishes to accompany rice. Most of the dictionary online would say that, but there are few people doesn't agree with the definition, here is one them.

Stewed Hijiki Seaweed Okazu: I love Nori and I can eat lots of them in one day. Again, relate with clean eating, on this dishes there are soy bean, dried mushroom and others. Therefore, its clearly healthy and it does taste good too.

Roasted Chicken in Shiokkoji Okazu: We meet again chicken! I think between this two Okazu, I prefer the seaweed one because I don't usually eat seaweed for everyday meal. This one just taste normal for me.

Okazu that available on that day.
Soup: Just a normal soup but less salt but full of seasoning.

Matcha Cheesecake: I choose this one because I like green tea, and I think the combination with cheese would be great. But, I found out that the aftertaste is a little bit bitter. If I revisit this place again, I would try different dessert.

Desserts at ukafe
Overall I love this place because its fancy, but still served an affordable meal. It suitable for just chilling around and have a great conversation with your friends or family.

For more information about this place, click Ukafe and you can visit this cafe that located at ISETAN Japan Store, Lot 10, Level 2F.

ukafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
View from outside pool

This entry is kind of relate to my Legoland trip here, because I stayed at Somerset Medini Iskandar Puteri for 2 days 1 night for that trip.
Dr Pablo Naranjo (second from right), Medical Director of Elite Laser Clinic and Key Opinion Leader of Zimmer Aesthetics officiating the launch of Zimmer Z Lipo and Z WavePro products. With him are (from right) Ms Jess Kong, General Manager of Med III Division of Neoasia, Mr Henry Holitschke, Zimmer Area Sales Manager from Germany, Dr Alice Prethima from Ageless Medispa and Clinic, Dr Serina Binti Haji Abdul Latif from The Life Clinic and Dr Chan Boon Khai from TDOX Clinic.
So today I'm going to be a scientist and trying to put this in a simplest way. The second generation of Cryo-Lipolysis is in Malaysia! 

What is Cryo-Lipolysis? Cryo-Lipolysis is a fat-freezing procedure which is considered as an effective method for reducing fat that causes slight discomfort and no known severe side effects. 

One of the main reason that Cryo-Lipolysis is developed due to the high demand of non-surgical alternatives to liposuction from patients.
Dr Pablo Naranjo (second from right), Medical Director of Elite Laser Clinic
During the event, Dr Pablo Naranio, Medical Director of Elite Laser Clinic explained more about this treatment and the process of this two machine, Z Lipo and Z Wave Pro. 

Z Lipo 
It targets fat deposits and cools them down in a controlled manner over a prolonged period, leading to the destruction of the fat cells. Dead fat cells will be naturally removed through lymphatic system which takes about 10-12 weeks.

This machine is the Cryo-Lipolysis, it breaking the cells instead of fat.

Treatment areas: Belly, hips, waist, back, male chest fat, thighs (inside and outside), flabby arms and buttocks.

Z Wave Pro
This is for shockwave application. The shockwave squeezes surrounding tissue and breaks the grid structure of the molecules. 

Z WavePro transmits the radial shockwaves directly and with high precision into the tissue, this machine is replacing the need for manual painful vigorous massafe in many cyyogenic lipolysis protocols.

Shockwave applications is for cellulite, skin tightening, improvement function of scars, support of lymphatic drainage, stretch marks, weakness of the muscles and connective tissue.

For better and faster fat reduction:
1. Combined Zimmer Z Lipo and Z Wave Pro.
2. Next three days, if the patients eat properly, they will get better results (but if you don't, you need to pay more to do another session).
3. More than treating just fats. It also treat cellulite, loose skin and others.

Before Zimmer came out with this machine, this is really painful process. But, with Z Lipo and Z Wave Pro it can reduced bruising and lessen the pain. 

Plus, the process doesn't take very long. The Cyro-Lipolysis took around 45-50 minutes, and overall treatment took around one hour before getting it done.

Before I ended, here is some of the testimonials. 

For those who are keen to try this treatment, you can get the treatments (Z Lipo & Z Wave Pro) at selected clinics, such as :-

1. TDOX Clinic
51B, Jalan SS21/37. Uptown 37, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
T: +603 7733 7768

2. Esadsa House
Lot 51, 7th Floor Signature Office, The Boulevard Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,   59200 Kuala Lumpur.
T: +603 2287 8569

3. Ageless Medispa & Clinic
257, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Park, 59000 Kuala Lumpur.
T: +603 2095 0458

4. RE Plastic Surgery Clinic
A4-UG1-03, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
T: +603 6207 9004

5. The Life Clinic
Lot 6-2A, Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.
T: +603 2856 9292

or you can visit this website: for more info!

Happy International Women's Day! I know it was on 8th March but it was never too late to wish or maybe I just thought that we can celebrate it everyday.

There are tons of activity or programme that dedicated to the celebration and one of it, is organised by Stellavingze International. For more information about this empowering organisation, click here.

At the event, there are four inspiring ladies that share about criteria, potential and tips on handling the time accordingly. 

But, instead of writing a long statement, I will pick an interesting quotes from all of them. Hope it will inspire all the ladies out there.

President of Yayasan Suara Wanita (YASNITA) 
Tan Sri Paduka Hajah Zaleha Ismail
Age is not a barrier when it come to inspiring others and that is how Tan Sri Paduka Seri Hajah Zaleha delivered her speech.

"Women is unique because we can shape someone to become a successful human being."

"We have unique brain and we can do so many things at a time. But, we also need to have an integrity, principle and divide the time accordingly."

President of Majlis Pembangunan 
Wanita & Keluarga Parlimen Lembah Pantai
Datin Azizan Binti Haji Shariff
As a president of organisation, Datin Azizan stress on the importance of having a principles, sincerity on handling a task given and bear in mind that family comes first.

"Although some of women left their job, just to be a housewives, they need to have skills in order to look for additional incomes. Whilst, for a career woman, they need to take care of relationship between family and friends."

"It is important to take care of ourself, be patient and have sturdy Iman for ourself."

Vice President of Yayasan Wanita Cemerlang
Datin Noor Faezah Binti Mohd Ashref
"Women can be a great leader. They guide with affection and through that, their workers and followers are motivate day by day."

"It is a norm that women are gentle and loving, but we also have a strong will power."

Marketing Director of Stellavingze International
Wee Siew Ling
A career woman for 13 years, Wee Siew Ling share a formula towards time management as a mother.

"This formula is created by Stellavingze International Founder, Datuk Stella Chin:
Female Happiness = (+) Love (-) Hatred (x) Gratitude (÷) Gossip."

"Wanita umpama air yang mudah membiasakan diri dalam apa jua keadaan. Namun, jangan sesekali mencabar mereka kerana laut yang tenang akan bertukar menjadi tsunami."
300 Participants of International Women's Day Organised by Stellavingze International
I am very honour to share the quote of each of our panelist, and gather with all of this wonderful women. 

This forum session is my favourite because there are a lot of input that I get during the session. 

The formula from Wee Siew Ling grab my attention. I do have my own principle but never had a formula towards happiness, and I think that formula is really simple and easy to understand.

Being a women means you need to work twice harder to achieved something and I think this Stellavingze International proved that women can do anything!

Event #ootd