Camping should always be a fun thing FOR YOU to do.
Here are my FIVE thing that I have encountered during Selangor Hammock Camp 2016.

1. Embraced The Nature

Forget that metropolitan city, now it is your chance to have that sweet escape.
I escaped from internship for three days and it's all worth it.
Plus, it was my first time attending a THREE days programme as a blogger, so it was something new.

This camping took place at Sungai Chilling, Kuala Kubu Bahru, Selangor.

I really love beach and river, and it was a perfect place for us to stay, because we slept in hammock (required lot of trees).

Not just that, we also have that opportunity to jungle trekking! 
It's all for you, dear waterfall.

When we arrived, I'm pretty sure each of us have that satisfaction, smiling and all up for some actions.

2. Challenge Yourself

Here is a fun fact about me, I have Acrophobia (afraid of heights).
To make myself climb that 9th floor hammock tower is challenging.
But, the climbing part was easy, when it comes to getting down, that part was tricky.
But hey, this is the time to challenge yourself and I admit that fear always be there, 
but it's now or never.

Besides climbing up, I also did the most crazy stuff.

The most extreme activities I ever did was rock climbing, flying fox, abseiling and 5 days of water rafting.

But ROPESWING is a whole new level, for me.

3. Meet New & Awesome Friends

Yeap, I have met a lot of people at this camp. Friendly, crazy and funny people!
Honestly, I really enjoy talking to all of them.
Everyone that I met have their own special factor, we share and learned a lot from each other.

4. Learned New Things

We are not just packed with extreme and fun activities, but also a sharing session with Malaysia Mountain Guide Association (Persatuan Malim Gunung), Perhutanan Selangor, Unit Perancangan Ekonomi Selangor (Upen) and others.

During this talk, I learned about how important it is to have a guide during hiking. Other than that, about related law, tips when people got lost in the woods, how to survive and so on.

It add more to my current knowledge about camping and hiking.
What I like the most about this sharing session is, it was an easy going, no formality and it's not one sided session.

5. Have Fun!

Breath in and breath out, and have some fun!
Taking a bath in the river (refreshing), play some games or having conversation.
Either way, make sure you enjoy yourself in a nature.

Before I ended this post, let's watched a video of our adventure!

P/S: Advisable to watch in HD.

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I assumed that everyone love food, from local to gourmet, good food are just unavoidable.
But today, instead of eating why not we interact a little bit with our food.

Slappy Cakes. It's a placed where you can make your own pancake!
The most interactive restaurant that I have every been before is Seoul Garden, but this one, it's different.

Do you still remember that one time where art pancake are viral and grabbing everyone attention?
You can be one of the artsy one at Slappy Cakes.

Consist of FOUR flavour of batter to choose from and tonnes of topping such as chocolate, blueberries, peanuts, and of course, syrup!

Batter and toppings!
Let's watched a short video, where I spend my time here at Slappy Cakes!

and here is the steps to make pancakes, the slappy way!
The pancakes actually taste pretty basic and for me, I love chocolate batter more than others. As for buttermilk, usually we get the aftertaste, which is a bit overwhelm for me, so Slappy Cakes buttermilk batter was okay but you can't taste it that much when you mix it with chocolate. Same goes to pandan and peanut.

As for the interactivity. I love the idea.
I didn't have that pancake pan to do this at home all the time, therefore, it was a great experienced and I'm pretty sure all of your children would love it.

No mess will be made, and the pancake taste that not so sweet. Plus, fresh fruit toppings, it was a new good place, for you to experienced it with your children and family!


Other than the pancake, Slappy Cakes also offer varieties of foods. I really meant the variety words. Like a lot.

I get to taste all of stated in the picture, except the egg benedict (sayang nak makan sebab nampak fragile) and dessert because I'm so full with all of the pancake eating.

So far, I didn't have any favourite, but I love lamb and this one menu which attract me with that lamb juice and it is hard for me to resist.

You might be thinking, there is a lot of element in that one platter, well yes it is!
The taste was okay and it was like 50-50, for me.

Combo Set | RM 68
Lamb chop, crumbles fish, grilled chicken chop, french fries, mix salad with fruits, pancakes, chicken sausage.
* Tartar sauce, mustard mint sauce & mushroom sauce

Look at that juicy goodness!
One of the desserts served at Slappy Cakes!

I do enjoy myself here at Slappy Cakes because it was my first time making an art pancakes and get to know that there is another choice besides pancakes. 

Therefore, if you guys wanted to tried making your own pancakes, head down to Slappy Cakes at Sunway Pyramid. Noted that, this is the only branch they have in Kuala Lumpur, their other branch at Publika already closed.

Slappy Cakes
SPWF001, First Floor, Sunway Pyramid West, 
Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
(near The Parenthood, Padini Concept Store)

Business Hours: Monday - Sunday (8.30 AM - 10 PM)

Slappy Cakes open as early as 8.30 AM and provide you with Breakfast Special! Not just that, they also provide you with lunch set too.

For more all this scrumptious goodness, head down to, or visit their social media platform on Facebook & Instagram: /slappycakesmalaysia

Till then, more food entry coming your way!

Day 6 | 8/7/2016

Technically, this is our last day at Melbourne, and I'm going back to reality (final exam and assignments are waiting), while others are still on break. Here we go.

Queen Victoria Market

This is a must place to visit before going back to your hometown.
Full of awesomeness, and tasty food.
I get to taste their macaroon, and oh God, it was really big macaroon that I can finished it on my own.

It was full of awesomeness, love the market. Go check them out.
Make sure, don't planned to go there on Wednesday because its closed, make sure to check their website for any update.

Cousin House

Our main goal coming to Melbourne is to visit my cousin house, who just migrated from Malaysia to here, and we also planned to celebrate Hari Raya here with them.
But unfortunately something came out and we can't be there on the day of Hari Raya itself. Fret not, I'm thankful that we get to end our journey at their house on the last day!

During the night time, we just walk around the city once again. Before going back home (sad emoticon insert here)

Day 7 | 9/7/2016

In every trip that I have encountered, it was so hard to go back to hometown, which is Malaysia.
Because, we are having fun here and it is really a great opportunity to walk around here.

Aha, before I ended this post.
Of course, I have made a video, and there are two of them.
One is for the helicopter ride and another one is the compilation of the whole trip.
Hope you guys enjoyed watching it.

And, I will try my best to improved in writing and editing about any upcoming trip.
Till then!

P/S: Recommended to watch video in HD mode!

1. 12 Apostles Helicopter Ride (Full Video)

2. Melbourne Trip (Full Video)

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Source: Interchange Facebook

For an introduction here is quick conversation on dad and I before watching this movie:
Me: Dad, do you want to watch Interchange? It is a Malay + Indonesia movie.
Dad: No, can't swallow Malay movie.
Me: This one is different, *record the trailer and send it to him*
Dad: Naah, you guys go and enjoy.
-a minute later-
Dad: I just watched the trailer, count me in.


Well, from that conversation I wanted to tell you that, we rarely watched local film.
Usually, when we go to the cinema, 90% of it is an international movie, so when it comes to local movie, we have that doubt, is it will be good or just waste our money.

I myself wanted to watched this movie the second their trailer came out,
It got that 'unique' flavour into it and attractions.

So yeah, lets start. One more thing, before you read this entry, there will be a lot of spoiler. 

Source: Interchange Facebook

Do you believe that this movie start with scene from the picture above?
Yes, at first I was like, am I at the wrong place?
But when it get to some point, I was like ahhh, this is the correct movie.

Interchange follows a man named Adam, a forensics photographer who is dragged by his best friend, Detective Man, into an investigation of a series of macabre ritual murders in the city. Adam soon befriends Iva, a woman who is on a mission to rescue the souls of the people in her tribe that have been trapped inside a glass plate negative. The tribe' spirit, played by Nicholas, takes on the form of a human in order to help Iva. (from GSC website)

Genre of this movie is fantasy, supernatural and thriller. 

Some said they can't understand the story, or its nonsense.
For me, at the early of the movie I do feel a little bit like that but throughout or at the end of the movie you will get it what the movie is all about. Trust me.

It's not that hard, is about a tribe that are trapped their soul through photograph that captured by someone, and need to sacrificed them self to be set free.
Or maybe its more than that, because only the writer, director, actor, actresses and the whole crew knew what the story is all about.

Source: Interchange Facebook

You need to watch the whole film to be able to understand, because for me I see that the climax is at the very end of the movie.

Apart from storyline, all of the acting are just on point. I love how Malaysian and Indonesian are getting together and making this movie, and all the cast are just so good like Nicholas Saputra, Iedil Putra, Prisia Nasution, Shahiezy Sam, Nadiya Nisaa and others.

It's hard to act, especially when you have to imagine especially if the story is just out of the box.
I am so proud to watched this movie.
The cinematography are just so so good, I wished I can shoot a film like this. (It had been one of my dream to be able to learn and making good videos)

Nicholas Saputra as Belian. Source: Interchange Facebook
At the early stage of this movie, you will think that Iva (Prisia Nasution) is the antagonist. 
I, myself think of that too, not just to her but also to Belian which was played by Nicholas Saputra.

It's kind of weird to see Nicholas Saputra act on this movie, because I used to watched him act on romantic movie, mostly. But, it was a great choices.

One of the scene in the movie. Source: Interchange Facebook.

If you are going to watched this movie, I advised you to open your mind and accept new things.
Its part of an art, an imagination of a story that made us thinking, and I prefer to watch this type of movie.

Kudos to the cast and crew.
I just hoped that Malaysia will produced a lot of good movies like this in the future.

Don't forget to watched Interchange on your nearest cinema!

On 4th December, I was given an opportunity to attend fashion show, and the brand is Zacheela.

Actually, this is not my first time attending event like this, while I was intern at this one place I attend KL Fashion Week and that was my first ever fashion show.

Enough of that, let's talking a little bit about this brand.

"Zacheela is an established Malaysia brand since November 2013 that produces and caters mostly on muslimah clothing and also few hijab and shawls. Our in house design selects only the best material/fabrics around the world and we provide quality women apparels and selling at affordable price."

They have two branches, one in Keramat Mall (but under renovation), and the other one is at Bangi Sentral.

The fashion show took place at Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur showed five collections, which 30 clothes in total. Their fabric for the clothes is Rasetti Silk high quality and Korean Polyester with some diamonds and beads details.

All of the designs are limited to 100 production only, can only be purchased through their boutique only.

All the five collections are inspired by baroque, flora, moroccan, abstract and geometric element.

'Beauty of Modesty' is a tagline of this company, parallel with all the name of the collections today like Fiorella, Bahira, Malena, Sophia, Alessandra and Blissful Blossom.

1. Fiorella

This collection inspired from flora patent with purple and dusty green colour. It showed a symbol of softness and elegance like a princesses.

Available in kurung plain, kurung printed, cardigan, blouse pants and blouse skirt form.

My favourite of all, the cardigan!
2. Bahira

Modern geometric are their ultimate inspiration for this collection with colour combination of dark blue and white.

Available in kurung plain, kurung printed, cardigan, blouse pants and blouse skirt.

Up Closed Dress of Bahira Collection!

3. Malena 

Pink showed Maleena Collection, with the design in abstract.

Available in kurung plain, kurung printed, cardigan, blouse pants and blouse skirt.

From left: Chief Operating Officer, Tengku Shaheela Tengku Abd Malek (in Malena Dress) and Chief Executive Officer, Zarkiah Awang Latip (Husband & Wife!)

4. Sophia

This classy Moroccan vibe suitable to wear at any type of occasions. With soft blue and green combined shaped this collection.

Available in kurung plain, kurung printed, cardigan, blouse pants and blouse skirt.

5. Alessandra

This collections can be seen as luxurious and glamour vibe due to baroque design and also with black in colour.

Available inkurung plain, kurung printed, cardigan, blouse pants and blouse skirt.

Alessandra Dress

Alessandra Blouse Pants 
Alessandra Cardigan
Blissful Blossom Collection

Of course, I save the best for last, the Couture collection entitle 'Blissful Blossom'.
This is an exclusive Zacheela product and limited edition!
Dress that worn by the ambassador, Anzalna Nasir were full of swarovski crystal and premium pearls.

This dress specially designed for a women who wanted looked nice on their wedding day or others.

Back of the clothes

Front design of the clothes.

This collection available from size XS until XXL, which was great and the price also affordable, range starting RM179 until RM 299.

For those who are interested, you can buy either at:

1. Visit their physical gallery at 5-5-02, Jalan Medan Pusat Bandar 8A, Bangi Sentral, Bandar Baru Bangi, 43650 Selangor (call/sms/WhatsApp for appointment).

2. Website:

3. Facebook:

Before I end this post, watch a short video of the fashion show, and see you next time! :)

Psst! Ever wanted to experience staying in Culvert? Container?
I will bring to you , your one stop centre, Nafas Cube@ Mardi!

Nafas Cube @ Mardi started to build just two month ago, and will be open starting today.
In conjunction with Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism (MAHA) festival 2016, this place will bring new life into this festival.

I get to see the preview of this site due to work and for me it was interesting, so that's why I wanted to share with you guys.

Take note that if you want to visit this place, you can check them out during MAHA 2016, from 1 until 11 December 2016 at Mardi, Sepang.

Ta na na na na na na na ~ (me trying to sing Harry Potter theme song)

When I heard the song it reminds me of all the Harry Potter movie that I have watched repeatedly and the truth is I am excited about this movie, but I watched it a little bit late because I'm quite busy last week.

But hey, its another movie review and I will try to make this as honest as I can. (This going to be hard).

As soon as the movie started I'm getting all rushed up and looking forward to watch this movie all the way.

Well, to started this things, the movie setting is in 1926 at New York. So that was long ago before Harry Potter even born. So don't worry if you are not watching other Harry Potter movie, it's okay.
This is like a new chapter for you to discover and maybe watched back all the Harry Potter movies.
Because there are few "jargon" or word that you might not know, but yeah its quite easy to understand.

I didn't get the opportunity to read this book, and due to that, I found out there are some terms that are new for me.

Like No-Maj, it was actually an American for Muggles (non wizard), so I was like aha, new things coming ahead once again, and yes there are tons of it.

I am fond by all the shots and editing, it was REAL for me.
I feel like there are an actually happened in our live, but yeah obviously it just an imagination.
J.K. Rowling and David Yates just came out with such realistic and the result doesn't disappointed at all for most of us.

Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander (Magizoologist)
Katherine Waterstone as Porpentina Goldstein (Macusa Auror)
Alison Sudol as Queenie Goldstein (Legilimens)
Dan Fogler as Jacob Kowalski (No-Maj)
Colin Farrell as Percival Graves (Director of Magical Security)
Samantha Morton as Mary Lou (Leader of Second Salemers)
Ezra Miller as Credence (Second Salemer)

All of the characters done a great job, everyone play their part well and its enjoyable to see a different things from each of them.

My favourite in terms of 'If I had a power' is Queenie Goldstein, act by Alison Sudol who is a Legilimens.

She can read others thought and if I was given a choice, I would like to have this throughout my life.

The most interesting character for me is Credence (Ezra Miller), because he played as a quiet, quirky character and at the end it was a shock for me, because he died.

He is the Obscurial (the host of Obscurus) in disguise, at first I thought it was his baby sister who had it, but naah.

Source: Entertainment Weekly
How about Eddie Redmayne? He is perfect! Played that character just like Daniel Radcliffe. Each of them have their own unique and things that I like to watched.

Aha, as you all might know, the most surprised things is the plot twist at the 'very end' of the movie. It is Percival Graves (Colin Farrell / Johnny Depp).

As I watched the film, I feel like this character looks very fishy but I didn't get to guest what it is.

So, I wait till Newt throw some sticky beast to Graves and spell some magic, tadaaa its Johnny Depp.
Another disguised, another new things.

Lots of viewers doesn't agree of Depp appearance due to abused his ex wife, but as for acting I would say that he is great. I'm looking forward to watch his appearance on the next four movies.

Overall, I kind of see this is an introduction for Fantastic Beast.
Just like Deadpool and others, but this movie are overwhelmed with a lot of characters.
There is so many things in one movie, and I can't guess what will happened on the next one.

Usually, I can imagine.
But, this one is tricky and I hope I get to see more Newt, about his relationship with Leta Lestrange and Tina (maybe a flashback) because I would love to see how Howgrats looks like back then.

Another thing is Queenie relationship with the No-Maj, I'm rooting for them and if he is going for a wizard school and so on.

And of course, Newt journey on catching all the Fantastic Beast.

Thumbs up for this movie and I recommend you to experienced the magical world of Fantastic Beast.

P/S: There is no after credit and vote on this poll!

How do you think of Fantastic Beasts movie?

I love it!
Naah, just another wizard movie