November 23, 2016

Movie Review: Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them

Ta na na na na na na na ~ (me trying to sing Harry Potter theme song)

When I heard the song it reminds me of all the Harry Potter movie that I have watched repeatedly and the truth is I am excited about this movie, but I watched it a little bit late because I'm quite busy last week.

But hey, its another movie review and I will try to make this as honest as I can. (This going to be hard).

As soon as the movie started I'm getting all rushed up and looking forward to watch this movie all the way.

Well, to started this things, the movie setting is in 1926 at New York. So that was long ago before Harry Potter even born. So don't worry if you are not watching other Harry Potter movie, it's okay.
This is like a new chapter for you to discover and maybe watched back all the Harry Potter movies.
Because there are few "jargon" or word that you might not know, but yeah its quite easy to understand.

I didn't get the opportunity to read this book, and due to that, I found out there are some terms that are new for me.

Like No-Maj, it was actually an American for Muggles (non wizard), so I was like aha, new things coming ahead once again, and yes there are tons of it.

I am fond by all the shots and editing, it was REAL for me.
I feel like there are an actually happened in our live, but yeah obviously it just an imagination.
J.K. Rowling and David Yates just came out with such realistic and the result doesn't disappointed at all for most of us.

Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander (Magizoologist)
Katherine Waterstone as Porpentina Goldstein (Macusa Auror)
Alison Sudol as Queenie Goldstein (Legilimens)
Dan Fogler as Jacob Kowalski (No-Maj)
Colin Farrell as Percival Graves (Director of Magical Security)
Samantha Morton as Mary Lou (Leader of Second Salemers)
Ezra Miller as Credence (Second Salemer)

All of the characters done a great job, everyone play their part well and its enjoyable to see a different things from each of them.

My favourite in terms of 'If I had a power' is Queenie Goldstein, act by Alison Sudol who is a Legilimens.

She can read others thought and if I was given a choice, I would like to have this throughout my life.

The most interesting character for me is Credence (Ezra Miller), because he played as a quiet, quirky character and at the end it was a shock for me, because he died.

He is the Obscurial (the host of Obscurus) in disguise, at first I thought it was his baby sister who had it, but naah.

Source: Entertainment Weekly
How about Eddie Redmayne? He is perfect! Played that character just like Daniel Radcliffe. Each of them have their own unique and things that I like to watched.

Aha, as you all might know, the most surprised things is the plot twist at the 'very end' of the movie. It is Percival Graves (Colin Farrell / Johnny Depp).

As I watched the film, I feel like this character looks very fishy but I didn't get to guest what it is.

So, I wait till Newt throw some sticky beast to Graves and spell some magic, tadaaa its Johnny Depp.
Another disguised, another new things.

Lots of viewers doesn't agree of Depp appearance due to abused his ex wife, but as for acting I would say that he is great. I'm looking forward to watch his appearance on the next four movies.

Overall, I kind of see this is an introduction for Fantastic Beast.
Just like Deadpool and others, but this movie are overwhelmed with a lot of characters.
There is so many things in one movie, and I can't guess what will happened on the next one.

Usually, I can imagine.
But, this one is tricky and I hope I get to see more Newt, about his relationship with Leta Lestrange and Tina (maybe a flashback) because I would love to see how Howgrats looks like back then.

Another thing is Queenie relationship with the No-Maj, I'm rooting for them and if he is going for a wizard school and so on.

And of course, Newt journey on catching all the Fantastic Beast.

Thumbs up for this movie and I recommend you to experienced the magical world of Fantastic Beast.

P/S: There is no after credit and vote on this poll!

How do you think of Fantastic Beasts movie?

I love it!
Naah, just another wizard movie

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