“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

So here is the thing, I went to Bali from 21st January until 25th January 2015, which means I procrastinate a long time to do this post.

Well, nothing much to say, I need to have a good mood, clear mind away from my hectic semester... and here we go:

21st January 2015 (Wednesday)

Since our flight is on early of the morning, we need to get to KLIA 2 three hours before our flight taken off. 

After Subuh prayer, my dad sent us off but there is some misfortunate incident...the car have a flat tyre. Well, I'm started to panic inside and overthinking that maybe this is the sign to not get into the flight, but my dad managed to pull it off quite fast and changed the tyre (SUPERDAD).

-fast forward-

We (Mom, eldest brother, younger brother, second brother with her wife and son) managed to get into the airplane, and enjoyed our flight to BALI!

Since, this is my first time getting on the airplane, I am really excited and overwhelm and honestly, I didn't throw up or  do anything that might offence the other passengers.

Proper picture of us upon arrival

We didn't do backpacking style since it is a family vacation (exclude my dad because he told us that he went to Bali for countless time). Therefore, we hired a tour guide, who named is Pak Dita, I would recommend Pak Dita for your first timer vacation to Bali, if you guys interested, just leave a comment below or send me an email to aqalili.azizan@gmail.com.

Our itinerary was full for the all four days but we didn't cover one part which is where we can enjoy the view of dolphins. Basically, this is our itinerary in simplest form:

  • Pick up at Bali international airport at 12.30 pm
Good thing that Pak Dita can pick us up from the airport, if not I wouldn't guess where we will be headed to.
  • Lunch local food malioboro (ayam tulang lunak)

I enjoyed eating their ayam tulang lunak where, we can eat the chicken including the bones. It was so soft, and it just melt in my mouth when I eat it, and it was a good start for the day upon the arrival.

  • Tanah lot temple
On our original itinerary, we didn't get to visit any place on our first day, so this is a last minute decision, which was AWESOME! The view are just outstanding, and the waves that run through all of the rocks was just mind blowing. I'll just let the pictures do all of the talking.

  • Check in at POP hotel
For a first timer in Bali, I know this will sound cheesy but it's open my eyes to whole new world since this is my first time and I being so 'jakun' all the time because it's outside of Malaysia. It's something that we can't see every single day.

So back at the hotel, we just charging our gadgets and prepare for the next day.


It's the end for the first day at Bali, I will post it accordingly and there might be a long post so I will put a lot of pictures to not make you bored. See you at Bali Trip #2 post!

By the way, all of this wonderful picture was taken by my eldest brother.
I know I might be so outdated or something, but since BuzzFeedYellow post a video about it on YouTube. Why not I share this with the readers!

Oh and I like this article from Syafiyyah Thoqifah blog.

Selasa | 10.11.15

Hampir dua tahun dah berjanji dengan orang, semalam baru dapat peluang untuk pergi Gua Damai Extreme Park. Nasib baik dekat dengan rumah, boleh lalu jalan belakang daripada nak redah masalah lalu lintas dekat jalan raya, sebab hari selasa itu juga merupakan Hari Deepavali. 

Sebenarnya sudah lama aku tak buat aktiviti lasak macam ni. Kalau masa zaman Pengakap dahulu hampir tiap-tiap minggu pergi berkhemah dekat Rawang itu. Jadi, sejujurnya aku gementar sikit sebab dah berkarat, menelaah buku sahaja dan lakukan aktiviti yang tidak berapa lasak.

Sebelum nak bertolak, aku pun tertanya-tanya nak bawa apa atau tidak? Nak makan nasi terus ke macam mana? (makanan ni penting buat aku)

Jadi, kawan aku ni dia WhatsApp "Tak payah bawa apa-apa, bawa diri sahaja.". Ye lah, baru pertama kali kan nak cuba rock climbing ni kita ikut kata pro.

Sampai sana, sebab dah lama tak buat aktiviti macam ini memang ada rasa teruja atau orang cakap 'jakun'.

Masa aku sampai ni dah ramai orang dah, boleh tengok video di bawah ini:

Sebenarnya kalau datang sini dengan kelengkapan dan keterbiasaan main sukan lasak ini, kau hanya perlu sewa tapak. Kalau tiada kelengkapan tidak mengapa, datang sahaja dan ambil pakej yang ditawarkan dekat sini.

Daripada kasut climbing, tali dan lain-lain, yang aku faham barang-barang ini adalah penting untuk anda yang baru sahaja mahu berjinak-jinak dalam aktiviti seperti ini.

Dekat gambar atas ni, tak silap cubaan yang ke-empat aku. Tetapi sebab dah cubaan ke-empat dan sebelum ni guna tenaga banyak untuk naik, jadi yang ni suku je lagi aku tak dapat sampai.

Kelengkapan yang aku sedang pakai ketika ini adalah climbing shoes, harness dan chalk bag. Kalau seperti dekat gambar bawah ni, mereka memainkan peranan penting untuk menjaga keselamatan orang di atas. Kalau anda jatuh ke apa, jangan risau, mereka akan jaga. Kelengkapan orang di bawah adalah harness, tali, belay dan lain-lain.

Yang aku buat ni kira starter pack la, sebab kalau dah biasa, mereka akan panjat dan mencangkuk tali dengan quickdraws atau dekat Malaysia dipanggil sebagai runner. Senang cerita, kira manual punya cangkuk dan apabila terjatuh dia akan tergantung dekat tempat kita cangkuk tali itu.

Kalau macam aku dekat bawah ni, kalau penat je tergantung je la, sebab rakan dekat bawah ada untuk menjaga kita.

Verdict: Pertama, walaupun baru pertama kali mencuba, tetapi tak menyesal buat keputusan macam ni dan mungkin akan kembali lagi untuk rock climbing sekali lagi.

Kedua, Permainan ini sangat memerlukan kerjasama dan kepercayaan sebab dekat bawah menjaga orang di atas. 

Ketiga, kekuatan dan keazaman. Rock climbing ni sebenarnya mencabar kita untuk capai target, so it's actually a really good extreme sport.

Kalau sesiapa nak tahu maklumat lebih lanjut mengenai Gua Damai Extreme Park, sila klik sini : http://guadamai.blogspot.my

I love contest and most of it involve entertainment like movies or concert, it's kind of my sweet escape from this hectic internship (but I don't sigh about it).

Thanks to Fly Fm, I get to bring my dad for a movie that worth of my weekday (coming back from work day!)

We skip few minutes because we arrived late at the venue.

But I've never experienced where it felt enjoyable although we have skips few section earlier. 
Before head, I didn't that know that this movie is actually a remake/reincarnation of the old series, which the same title as this movie. So, thanks to my lovely parents I get to know about it a little bit before I watch this new and fresh touch.

Mix with seriousness, funny and actions at the same time, the audience seems to love it, and their timing to every expression no doubt capture our attention.

I know some of you will said 'Ha, it's just the same as mission impossible, blah-blah-blah' but no, this movie have something that others action movie don't. 

It got a retro touch, might brought you to that age, because they have included some songs that are related to it. And the way they dress up, and how they talk and the plot, it's really well written.

I do enjoy every bit of it, and this movie worth to watch for endless of time.

So here, I put a trailer for this movie, hope you have a plan to watch it!

"If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story." - Orson Welles

It's not a crime at all to start your morning weekends by went to cinemas. 
I, myself enjoyed watching a movie in cinema because of HD version and perfect sound system.
But if I didn't have time (pretending to be busy), I would  pick a random movie to watched on my laptop.

Papertown was a first movie I have been watched in August.
I might said that it's a 50-50 movie choice to start your weekend.

For an emotional girl like me, I am not quite happy with the ending but somehow I agree because it shows reality, that you don't always get what you want.

There is no such thing as happy ending all the time. In real life, you have an ups and down moment, and it's not wrong to going through that.

The starting in the movie was a good way to start the movie and along the way you will discover that 'oh, that girl is not the main character for this movie'. As for me, the main character would be the guy and his friends.

I just loved how they shoot their journey to find the girl which was played by Cara.

And it's not fair to compare this  with 'The Fault in Our Stars', because they told two different stories but still it's related to life.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed how the movie was set-up. 

If you are looking for simple, chill out movie, this is the perfect choice.

But warned to a girl that have a lot of imagination towards happy ending, because this might be killed your imagination.

P/S: I will not giving a stars in every review because everybody have their own opinion, and I'm afraid that my opinion might stop you to watch this 'movie'.


Cepat, jimat wang dan tenaga, itu adalah tiga ciri bagi penggemar online shopping.

Sejak tamat Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), saya menghabiskan masa saya kebanyakannya melayari internet. Pada masa itu, blogspot sangat popular dan terdapat beberapa individu yang menggunakan medium itu untuk tujuan perniagaan.

Saya juga mempunyai blogspot bernama 'Getaway Preloved' bagi menjual barangan (baju, kasut, beg dan lain-lain) yang tidak diguna pakai lagi, tetapi masih dalam keadaan yang sempurna.

Saya sangat gemar untuk membeli apa-apa barangan secara online, tetapi dahulu sebab tiada akaun bank sendiri, kena minta ibu untuk membuat transaksi. 

Saya masih lagi ada barang pertama yang saya beli, iaitu coat. Alasannya, murah dan saya menyimpan cita cita menggunakan coat itu untuk pergi ke negara yang bersalji. (angan-angan yang bakal dicapai).

Kalau diikutkan pada zaman sekarang, ia lebih mudah, sebab ada portal yang dibina, dan sistem check out dengan menggunakan kaedah shopping cart.

Bagi melakukan pembayaran pula, anda tidak perlu pergi ke bank untuk cash deposit atau pindahan. Hanya perlu menggunakan iPay88 yang kerap digunakan bagi melakukan transaksi, pelbagai pilihan bank juga memudahkan pelanggan.

Baru-baru ini saya ada cuba membeli di Zalora, yang sebenarnya merupakan pengalaman yang pertama saya. 

Barang yang diterima setimpal dengan apa yang ditayangkan di website tersebut.

Transaksi yang cepat, dan juga boleh refund atau tukar jika saiz salah. Ia mengambil sedikit masa tetapi Zalora punya servis sangat cepat dalam mengatasi pelanggan-pelanggan mereka.

Kasut dan jam di Zalora
Kedua, saya cuba membeli di Instagram. Selain berfungsi dalam berkongsi gambar seharian, Instagram juga terletaknya pelbagai usahawan menjalani perniagaan.

Pelanggan sama ada boleh hubungi melalui WhatsApp, Telegram, Direct Messages (DM) atau komen di gambar yang anda mahu.

Saya pasti, sekarang ramai pelajar serta suri rumah menggunakan Instagram untuk menjalani perniagaan.

Murah!! 4 stoking untuk RM10. Harga tidak termasuk postage.

Setakat ini, pengalaman saya dalam membeli barangan online tidak ada yang negatif, semuanya positif. Cuma ada barang yang tidak menepati saiz, contohnya kasut.

Saya nasihatkan kalau hendak membeli kasut, sila ukur dulu. 

Kalau ada refund ataupun exchange tidak mengapa, tapi kalau tidak ada? Susah juga.

Tetapi jangan risau, anda boleh menjual balik ataupun post ke akaun Facebook anda sendiri, atau join carboot sales :)

'Setiap masalah ada jalan penyelesaian'

Having a watch when going for primary school is consider as growing up (in my own world, I think). And it's a practical training for children (sort of) to always learning about numbers after their kindergarten days over.

Recap back the memories such as, buying a watch at night stall with your parents when you was a kid. There are variety of design of cartoon and strap to be chosen, and sometimes that watch are much more bigger than your hand.

But when we becoming a 'women', everyone knows that watches can never go out of style and is a must-have piece especially for any women to own. This is because not only are watches a time telling instrument but it also acts as an accessory for women. 

The best part is watch designers have created various design of watches for women to choose from depending on their personal taste. For the ladies who want to know the trending watches for women design this year, below are three women watches that are getting a huge attention among the ladies:

1.     Gold stainless steel

No woman can resist the luxury expensive look of gold watches has on you. No matter what brand the gold stainless steel watches are from, the classic gold gives woman a feeling of power and sophistication in their look. The gold watches are a common choice by women to wear to work, formal events and dinner parties as they certainly will give you a boost of confidence.

'Gold with gold, never go wrong'

'Exclusiveness without wearing another bunch of accessories. 
It just enough by wearing watches'

2.     Leather simple

Meanwhile this leather simple strap watch will never be forgotten by the ladies especially as it gives women that soft appeal. Whether a woman chooses to wear a brown or black leather strap watch, the piece is versatile to be matched with anything you have on. Women can match it with a dress, formal wears, jacket and even tank tops without looking out of place. 

This is a must have on every women wardrobe due to versatility, especially with black strap. Black can't never go wrong with anything, it suits everything.

Which one is your favourite?

3.     Statement watches

"Be one of a kind"

Nowadays, the watches women choose have a funky twist and it adds that focus towards the accessories compared to the normal stainless steel and leather watches. 

Statement watches are designed with the purpose of making others view your watches as part of your outfit. 

With various elements and watch designs in the market, women can simply have their favourite pick and show it off with the right ensemble.

It's okay to be different

This three trending watches for women are the choices for you to made,  by suiting your individuality style. 

I personally think that watches are part of my daily live, whenever I go I always wore it, maybe I inherent it from my parents. Because my dad love watches, and most certainly knows about it because his hobby is to collected 'old' and rare watches and same goes the same to my mother. 

And It doesn't matte either digital or analog, as long you can cherish the time that you live in. You should be alright :)

Let's start the adventure to the world of food, Bert's.

1. Welcome to Bert's!
Firstly, I would like to thank to those that brought me here. 
(To whom who not be named, you know who you are! Thanks!)

It's like been a week or so I've never taste a good food, and a great environment to eat.
Due to that, Bert's is a great for a-kind-of head start for me.

This is a great start because, it's build up your hunger to taste their food.

2. Yes, what you are up for grab?

Bert's is a self-service cafe, which the moment you step food at Bert's, you went straight to the counter, order, pay & wait for your order. Simple as ABC. 

And yeah, if you are student, you can get 20% off (just show your student ID!)

3. Let's eat!

The one that brought me here recommend me to tried their specialty, which is Butter Chicken. To be honest, I'm so satisfied even though I've got stomachache on that day.

On that Butter Chicken, they put curry leaves and few small cut of chillies with thick sauce. And to be eaten with rice, will just fulfil your hunger in just a nano seconds (exaggeration ALERT!)  

On the other day, I went with my friends.
I'm so nervous because it's kind of subjective to be talking about taste of food.
So there, along the way, I've asked and they say, 'it's good!'

After ate main course, we are up for deserts!
Since the only deserts that available was Meringue Sundae, we just order it.

Again, it melting in my mouth with that cream, ice cream, strawberries, chocolates and that meringue! It's not that sweet, it's just fine. 

We finished it within 1 minutes which was like 'ah I would like to order it again!'
But naah, we too broke to purchase another one, maybe next time!

I love banana! 
Well who doesn't its fit mostly on everything (milo, ice cream, milkshake, etc.)
and it's good for you too (but just don't over-eaten it).

So yeah, 'Free Banana, Please take one!' while stock last :)

If you are eager to taste their butter chicken and meringue sundae 
with a great environment, head down to:

36, Jalan Selasih K U12/K, Seksyen U12
Taman Cahaya Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Malaysia

Tuesday - Sunday
12.00 pm - 11.00 pm