December 1, 2016

Nafas Cube @ Mardi, Your 2 In 1 Accommodation

Psst! Ever wanted to experience staying in Culvert? Container?
I will bring to you , your one stop centre, Nafas Cube@ Mardi!

Nafas Cube @ Mardi started to build just two month ago, and will be open starting today.
In conjunction with Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism (MAHA) festival 2016, this place will bring new life into this festival.

I get to see the preview of this site due to work and for me it was interesting, so that's why I wanted to share with you guys.

Take note that if you want to visit this place, you can check them out during MAHA 2016, from 1 until 11 December 2016 at Mardi, Sepang.

INFO UPDATED 8/2/2018. Thanks to Luqman Zakaria for sharing the info!

Nafas Cube @ Mardi is a project under National Farmers Organization (NAFAS), but the site is under Mardi, so yeah that's how the name was born.

It all started when Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry, Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, give this idea in order to provide new attraction during the festival.

There are three concept of accommodation on 2016 which are culvert, container and tent. But, since this past few years only culvert and container are available for booking.


I was not able to experience the accomodation, but I get to see all the room and get all of the info.

So here we go!

Nafas Cube offered three types of accommodation, such as:

1) Container

In this category itself will be divided into two, VVIP and Executive Container.

Premium & Family Container
  • There are three container for this type, two located on the second level, and one is on the ground (for family).
  • Space: 40 feet (length), 8 feet (width) and 9 feet (height).
  • Every VVIP room complete with one queen size bed, air conditioner, sofa, television, mini bar, toilet with heater. It will be additional small freezer for premium type.
  • For family, there is no mini bar but there will be one double decker bed.
  • Price: RM200 per night (Weekday), RM 250 per night (Weekend)
Double Decker for VVIP Family
Aircond and Television in VVIP family

Another Room in VVIP family
Toilet in VVIP Family

Bed view from one of the VVIP Room

Mini Bar for VVIP Room
Executive Container
  • Four executive container provided at Nafas.
  • Space: 20 feet (length), 8 feet (width) and 9 feet (height)
  • Every room complete with one queen size bed, dressing table, air conditioner, closet, television and toilet with heater.
  • Price: RM150 per night (Weekday), RM 180 per night (Weekend).

    2) Culvert

    • There are 10 culvert available at this place.
    • 5 of them with one queen size bed, while another 5 with twin sharing bed.
    • Space: 2.5 metre (length) and 2.5 metre (diameter).
    • Each culvert equipped with plug, storage for beg (under the bed), air conditioner, sharing bathroom outside and storage box (for twin sharing is the middle, on the side for queen bed)
    • Price: RM 120 per night (Weekday) & RM150 per night (Weekend).

    3) Tent (not your average tent!) 

    • Nafas Cube provided 10 of this concept.
    • Space: 12 feet (length) and 9 feet (width).
    • Each tent complete with 2 single bed, plug, a lamp, table, fan and two chairs.
    • Price: RM120 per night.

    They also provide additional facilities such as toilet (for men and ladies), space for solat, mini bar (Cube Cafe), mini mart (The Cubic) and parking space.

    Interesting part about Cube Cafe and The Cubic is, they will fill it with Mardi product, and you can get to taste our fresh local product!

    Oh lili, but what about activities?
    Alright, right now they didn't provide any package yet, but there will be a outdoor activity such as water sport and so on.

    Other than that, visitor can spend their time visiting all the farm in Mardi itself, and there are also nearest shopping mall, which is IOI City Mall, Putrajaya.

    By the way, let me know, if you guys already tried to stay in and experienced each type of accommodation at Nafas Cube @ Mardi.

    To booked your place at NAFAS, get your enquiry & reservation done at,Email: OR khairibaharuddin00@gmail.comWebsite:

    Last but not least, below there is a video from Lensa (mStar TV) about Nafas Cube @ Mardi, so you can the feel of the place!

    Till then!


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