Another movie for the month, it's a Divergent Series: Allegiant. It just came out few weeks ago and I kind of feel that this movie acquired a 50-50 of likes and hatred towards it.

Honestly, I am one of that 50% who likes it. 

Just like the rest of the popular books that make movies, on the last books, they will break into two parts. Example: Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows), The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Twilight and coming soon The Maze Runner.

I have watched all the movie stated above, to compared it to The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner, was not that fair because each of that movie have their owned way to captured the fans.

Moving on to my comments section here:

# I adore the relationship between Four and Tris, (well who doesn't?) and to know their continuation in this form would be lovely. It couldn't go wrong with that actions and romantic scene!

# Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) on this movie was really cool and upgrading from before. 

# I have to admit, their actions scene was not that much but who knows, they are keeping it for the last movie, Ascendant.

# Peter character is the most entertaining to watched since their actions scene was you know, cut off a little bit. With that twist vibe of him, he does play the character well.

I think that's all about movie reviews on Allegiant, please guys don't look out for the spoilers. Keep that suspense going on till the last movie!

I know, not all of us agree on converting the books into movies, but to watched this characters from our imagination into big screen was impossible and hard to pleased everyone. So, just enjoy the creativity of each of the medium.

I have been a wall these past few weeks due to re-entering the new semester of a bachelor degree. Since I have academic writing for this semester, it is really important to secure my place for practical which will be on my last and foremost, next semester!

Enough with the insight of studying things, moving on to the post which I will post about, 'Buku Jalanan'.

The first time I heard about Buku Jalanan is when I'm in UiTM Lendu. There are a bunch of guys that hanging around at the side of Tasik Tun Fatimah (which was famous for it 'story').

Click here for Buku Jalanan Lendu insights. 

I encountered this community at the right time because it was fun with the weekly theme like berbuka puasa or even cleaning the lake! 

But the important objectives of Buku Jalanan is like an open library, where they open for borrowing or donation for books. This effort is to encourage people to read and share their thoughts with layback environment. 

Therefore, I will tell you two places of Buku Jalanan that I have visited last month. 

Buku Jalanan Keramat

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When I went visit last month, it was their second time there. Same concept like I told you earlier, it's the place where you can borrow and donate books to them!

I was lucky because, during my visit, they just happened to perform. Plus, the places are just ideal for this activity, you can jogging, play badminton or football, grab some foods and all I can say is, just give it a try when you are nearby. They are very friendly and who knows you might bring back good reads to your home!

Buku Jalanan Chow Kit 

Let me tell you something. After BJ Keramat ends, we went to BJ Chow Kit after that. So yeah, it was a productive day. 

At first, we didn't found the place, but when we walk to the alley, we found it! If you have happened want to visit them, it's nearby Tune Hotel just walk towards the 'soup kitchen', it's at the alley.

When I saw the view, I was surprised and kind of touch because there were kids all over the places!

If I'm not mistaken, this community just happened around September last year and it teaches the kids of Chow Kit. Not just that, when having a conversation with the people around, they just opened a class for the older people, where they will learn to recite the Quran. It was really educating but in relaxing and fun mode.

Click here to contact this community.


So, that's all for this week update, I will try to take care of this blog more and will update a usefull post for you guys.

Till then, have a nice day ahead! 

There is this one day which I watched movies back to back, and both of the movies that I decided to watch are this two, Deadpool and Ola Bola. 

Tips: Used your Maybank card and get RM10 movie ticket at TGV. T&C apply.

This both movie are totally different and doesn't have anything in common, especially in language, but I am going to compile to become one post and follow the sequence of movies that I have watched. So, let's go!


One of the most anticipated movie on 2016! The marketing was really on point and capture almost everyone to watch this movie at the cinema. Before the trailer came out, I didn't know about Deadpool at all, once I watch the trailer, it's kind of excite me. 

Honestly, I was not expected actions scene too much because 'it was just the first movie', of course, they want to tell about anti-hero origins first. Without origins, some of us that didn't know about that character will be such a waste because I know the real deal fans know about Deadpool from A to Z. 

My comment on this movie are:

# The movie was really full of swear words, it was fine for me. 
# Their jokes were on point. 
# Ryan Reynolds are the perfect actor for that character, no doubt about that. 
# Breaking the fourth wall character with that attitude was just a fun thing to watched for me.
# The storyline kind of jumpy, it jumps towards another but accordingly.

If someone asked me should I watch this movie? Yes, you should and experience it and tell it to the people because it was not a typical hero movie, it's Deadpool.

Ola Bola

After 'Polis Evo' become a hit, astro shaw came with another which is Ola Bola. This movie is an inspired from a real agenda. 

Out of topic for a while, I didn't agree that this movie was being sued. The person that doing that simply doesn't understand what it meant by 'inspired story'.

My comment on this movie are:
I like all the new actor and actresses
Storylines were really good!
Bront Palarae absolutely entertaining to watch in this movie
Actually, it's kind of bring back to the old time due to their place set
The cinematography was really good especially their training scene which they run on the mountain.

Overall, this is a much watch movie, it was really good and I honestly cried due to proudness (yeah, I'm quite sentimental).

That's all for this simple update, I hope you enjoy reading it!