June 13, 2018

Looking for Corell & Tim Tam in Perth? I Got Your Back!

Perth WA, Australia
3 month ago, I went to Perth and it was great! Although I was driving again, it wasn't as rushed as I did in Jeju last year. This was more like a go with a flow trip and that's why I made this post because I shop A LOT! Here are 5 places that I keep coming back to shops 😘

perth city murray street curitan aqalili
Murray Street in an early morning

June 8, 2018

Review: Its Coll Spa Water a First Gel Cream in Malaysia!

It's time for another beauty product reviewing and today we going local! It's my first time heard about its Coll and one of their products, Spa Water and honestly I'm skeptic about it. And my inner Bunny aka grav3yardgirl came out and said does this things really work? Let's find out then!

spa water its coll curitan aqalili
I love purple and that's why I love this packaging!

June 3, 2018

Why Staying At A Sarawak Longhouse Is Worth Your Malaysian Trip

Sarawak, Malaysia
If you are looking to immerse yourself in an authentic Malaysian experience, it doesn’t get better than Sarawak. It is here where you can meet the former headhunters, witness deadly crocodiles and primates in their natural habitat, and see amazing flora and fauna that is endemic to the region. Don't forget to stay at their longhouse!

Iban longhouse sarawak culture village curitan aqalili
Iban Longhouse / Credit: scv.com


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