One thing that you might not know about me, I've been watching tons of zero waste videos and been obsessing about it since last year. But, I'm curious about how the community create less waste or even zero waste during the movement control order (MCO) period. I tried, but it seems impossible. šŸ˜”

But no worries because I reached out to Zero Waste Malaysia (ZWM) and they are accommodating to answer my six questions and give me a clear direction of what we can do to produce less waste. So, here we go!

zero waste curitan aqalili
From left: Photo by Anna Shvets and cottonbro from Pexels.
The first two weeks of Movement Control Order (MCO) is done, but we still need to stay at home until April 14. By working from home,  I want to fill my time with blogging. So, here's to the Japanese restaurant that I went with hubby a few weeks ago before everything happened.

curee imbi kl curitan aqalili