Right now I'm taking time off to update this blog direct from Korea just for you guys! Actually I have been planning to write about Kungfu Steam since last week, but time won't let me do it but hey let's start the feast right now!

Look at that delicious signature flower crab porridge that served hot to the customer.
Well hello there! I'm here to bring to a good news to all of you that Pokka and Giant is collaborating and giving you prizes worth up to RM 10,500 and here is how you can be part of it.

Peraduan Meriahkan Sambutan Hari Kebangsaan Bersama Pokka
These past few weeks, my face is getting really sensitive so I stop using new products and stick to my routine. That's why it takes long time to get this things right. My only hope for today is to make sure that this Nano White product will soothing out my skin so I could do more beauty product review on my blog soon!

Nano White
Complete set of Nano White products, but the newest one is the Dark Spot Corrective Serum.
Genius, exciting and the most thrilling movie I have watched in a while. But before I start with the review, make sure to click play button to watch the trailer below 😉

As we all might know, Din Tai Fung is famous for its Dim Sum (especially the Xiao Long Bao) but I can't consumed the food there since its not halal. So, right now I'm on mission to look for halal dim sum in Malaysia.

Right now until 31st August 2017, KL Seafood Market came out with variety of halal Dim Sum. Let see does they have what it takes to capture my heart? 😉

Some of the Steamed Dim Sum at KL Seafood Market
Previous post on Printcious, I elaborate about my wish list for travel needs and wants and also tips for you to start customised at Printcious. This post is basically my feedback on how I think about the Printcious in so many aspects. If you want to know honest and fair opinion about it, make sure to give this post some love by clicking read more button!

My order from Printcious
I really missed eating Ramen in Japan and when I heard that Amaimono Japanese Pantry have that, I just have to tried right away. What are we waiting for? Leggo!

This cafe is full of fun spot to capture for your Instagram photo!
I wrote few diary-itinerary post on travel sections, and I will make sure to write it for every single trip that I went to including this 11 days journey in Japan. I hope this first post of Japan trip will help for those who are going to Tokyo soon! It's really big city, tons of things to discover and their food is amazing, let's check it out.

Flying with AirAsia X.
Now everyone can fly to the country of your dream because of AirAsia. I still remember my love for travel started when I went to Bali for the first time ever. Since then, Air Asia have been our main airline choice for travelling outside of Malaysia. Make sure to read this post if you want to know more about the promo for Indonesia flights!

(From L - R) Robert D. Waloni, Senior Advisor to the Minister for Air Accessibility, Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia; Aireen Omar, CEO of AirAsia Berhad; Judi Rifajantoro, Professional Staff to the Minister on Tourism Infrastructure, Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia; and Rifai Taberi, Commercial Director of Indonesia AirAsia, at the official launch of the partnership between the Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia and AirAsia. 
Obsess Cosmetics is one of the Malaysian cosmetics line. Personally, I love seeing people put their heart and soul in making these kind of products - from packaging, ingredients and such. But, does it does what it claims? Let's find out on this post.

Obsess Cosmetics
I love their packaging, thumbs up for that!
I have this dream of making things by my own so it would be like 'the one and only product' in this world (big dream lili, big dream). Back in the days, I love to start a Do-It-Yourself project and to get my grove back into that world, I encountered Printcious which makes the process quite easy. Therefore, I want to show you how easy it was and what I have in mind before sending out the order!

Precious Gifts from Your Heart - Printcious.com