August 22, 2017

Get that Signature Flower Crab Porridge at Kungfu Steam, Puchong

Right now I'm taking time off to update this blog direct from Korea just for you guys! Actually I have been planning to write about Kungfu Steam since last week, but time won't let me do it but hey let's start the feast right now!

Look at that delicious signature flower crab porridge that served hot to the customer.

Basically we all know about steamboat and I can assure you that Kungfu Steam is not your typical steamboat restaurant to dine it. Usually, when we eat steamboat we put everything inside a broth right? But this time, all the broth is coming from steaming all the seafood and vegetables!

The best part of all there is no additional seasoning, in the end that crab porridge is going to be filled with fresh seafood taste. Not just that, the ambiance are also really calming and comfortable. As you can below, the place is spacey (three floor building) and I pictured that this is the right place to have family dinner.

Kung Fu Steam
Spacey and comfortable space at Kung Fu Steam, Puchong.

Before we start moving on to the seafood dishes, just want to let you know that you can enoy your food with more than 10 types of sauces. I tried four out of it and it was incredible especially the sambal one, it gets really spicy which I find oddly satisfying even though I can't stand heat that much.

Variety of sauces that they offered. Self service!
Alright, here is what we are waiting for! For this seafood section I will try to write according to what we ate until we get to our main dishes, Signature Flower Crab Porridge!

Live Clam (Kepah)

Price: RM 4.80 / 100 gram

Live clam!
Starting price for clam is from RM4.80 per gram, and you need to order at least 300 gram (minimum). The seafood is catch right at their aquarium (in front of the store) right after you order.

What I like about this concept, it doesn't take too long for it to cooked. Our first dishes took around 3-5 minutes and it was really refreshing!

You get that sweet taste from fresh seafood and also the ginger and red dates are not to overpowering.

Garlic Scallop with Glass Noodle

Price: RM 19.80 / 2 pieces

Garlic Scallop with Glass Noodle.
I do ate scallop before but this is my first time seeing it live in front of me. Again, they put a little bit of ginger, jujube and glass noodles.

I'm not so sure the function of glass noodles, don't hate me, I do love glass noodles and it doesn't effect the taste of scallop. The scallop is just fine the way it is but it's fine to add texture to the mix.

Live Tiger Prawn

Price: RM 12.80 / 100 gram

Look at that gorgeous tiger prawn.
Wello hello hello gorgeous tiger prawn, it nice to see you again! I really love prawn and my mom masak sambal is the best I have ever ate. But, you know sometimes we have to ditched sambal and look for a healthy option and this is one of the way, steaming.

No salt and pepper whatsoever and it took less than 5 minutes to cooked, the after taste was just too amazing. You get to suck all the juice on the head and that freshness is enhance by celery leaves.

Mixed Vegetables

Price: RM 13.80 / Small or RM 19.80 / Big

Looks healthy with mixed vegetables.

Don't forget to balanced out your meal with some vegetables! We have lotus root, potatoes, pumpkin, brocolli and many more. When I see this dishes, my eyes are on the lotus root because usually I only ate the small one only.
Nothing much to comment, but I do feel refreshing right after the whole meal of seafood. It is good to take few minutes break after that.

Live Red Snapper

Price: RM 9.80 / 100 gram

Live red snapper.
Everything is alive and served to you right away. After last healthy meal, we continue our journey with fish! Red snapper or Ikan Merah in Malay is great for steamed.
It may look big but it took around 3 - 5 minutes to be cooked and you will get to taste the fresh soft meat dissolving into your mouth. For fish lover make sure to try this one and judge it for your self.

Enoki Chicken Roll

Price: RM 16.80


Enoki chicken roll.
This is the most fancy looking dishes among others but tastewise is regular. I think it's because there is no seasoning so the chicken taste a little bland. But I do like the texture, I got a crunchy bite from the vegetables and strechiness from enoki in one bite.

Mix Mushroom

Price: RM 13.80 / Small or RM 19.80 / Big

Mix mushroom and corn!
We got a family of mushroom here (oyster, enoki and etc) and each of the texture and taste is different. I like all of it but my less favourite is enoki because it can be hard to chew due to it stretchiness.

Signature Flower Crab Porridge

Price: RM 23.80 / Small or RM 33.80 / Big

Signature flower crab porridge at Kungfu steam, Puchong.
If there is a definition for a perfect porridge, I think this would be it. I love porridge, and I bet everyone do too! It's versatile and can mixed around according to your taste bud. What Kungfu Steam made here is they put the crab and rice (with salted white radish) first, then steaming all the dishes stated above and save the best for last.

I'm excite for this one because I have seen my friends trying out first, it was really tempting. When I see it with my own eyes, it makes me drooling. You get the sweet, salt and a perfect taste from every bite of it. I do recommend you to try this out!

After all that bite you take, you will end your meal with watermelons (served to the guest as complimentary).

Bloggers food review at Kungfu Steam, Puchong!

Before I end this post, I want to tell you there is a video coming right up on this post, I will put the link here once I finish editing. Make sure to look out for it!

Thank you so much for spending your time here and make sure to look out for more blogpost. If you have dine it at Kungfu Steam before, do let me know your experiences on the comment box below. 😏😏😏 


Address: No.G-13A, Jalan Puteri 7/13A, The Cube, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Opening Hours: 10.30 AM - 2.30 PM (Lunch) | 11:30 AM - 11.00 PM (Steam Seafood)
Contact: +6016 213 2828

Kungfu Steam,Puchong.

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