August 1, 2017

Customised Travel Needs and Wants With Printcious

I have this dream of making things by my own so it would be like 'the one and only product' in this world (big dream lili, big dream). Back in the days, I love to start a Do-It-Yourself project and to get my grove back into that world, I encountered Printcious which makes the process quite easy. Therefore, I want to show you how easy it was and what I have in mind before sending out the order!

Precious Gifts from Your Heart -
The excitement of travelling is getting into me these past few days and I was thinking how can I make this upcoming trip special than the rest? 😮  . The answer is personalised gifts for others and also a treat for myself.

Girls and guys, it's okay to buy something and acting like you shock because you earned it (love yourself) after all the hard work you went through, am I right?. There are 20 categories that you can choose from Printcious at Home and Living sections and I'm pretty sure one of them might attract your attention.

Printcious category
4 out of 20 categories to choose from Printcious
If you are getting confuse which items you should get, you can do it either like me: specific for travel needs and wants or you can just go click gifts and choose based on the recipients and occasions. 

Still making a decision? Take your time because I also get distracted by all the goodies. There are several categories that attract me in terms of functionality such as luggage tags, cushions, caps, phone covers, t-shirts and also bags.

The only thing that I can confirmed purchasing is luggage tags. I plan to customise this items for my whole family, and it seems like parallel with Printcious tagline which is "Precious Gifts From Your Heart".

Printcious customisation tool
Easy peasy lemon squeezy!


If you have your own design in jpeg or png form, just upload straight to the site, adjust and you are done. But, what if you want to put other people arts? You can do that too but make sure that you received permission from the art creator or just download from free stock photos website (I used Pexels tons of times).

You can also DIY using Printcious customisation tool. Honestly, it was pretty basic feature and easy to understand. Done? Didn't have any idea? Don't worry because they also provide a ready made design for you to order (just one click away).

Phew, I only finished design one item only. Remember there are other things to customise too! Honestly it was bit tiring to think and design but it's totally worth the time! I can't wait to share with you what I have bought from the website.

By the way, have you tried Printcious before? If YES, I would love to know your experiences, if NO would you try using Printcious in the future? Let me know on the comment below 😉

Printcious luggage tags customised
Part of advertisement for my blog, Curitan Aqalili 😂

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