February 15, 2016

Do It Yourself : Sugar Wax

A first timer to wax and looking for it in an affordable way? This might give you something!

Usually, I always shaved and sometimes plucking with tweezers, but never tried waxing. But, two weeks before, I managed to try this by myself and since 'it's time to clear it all day', I am up to post it for DIY corner!

First, you need all the ingredients from below picture to make sugar wax. Sugar wax is a bit different from normal wax. Normal wax, they used strips while there is no need for strips for sugar wax.

  • If you don't have a white sugar, you can use brown sugar instead.
  • If you don't have a jar, store it in a bowl.

Next step, cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juices out. I used one small lemon to make into that 1/4 cup.  

CAUTIONS! If you are underage, make sure to have adult supervision because it involved a very sharp object.

The third step, it's time to cooked! Boiled it around 5 minutes, and make sure it gets that honey-like texture. If the texture is still runny like water, add around 1 to 2 minutes to boil.

Satisfied with it? Put it in a jar. Be careful, the wax is really hot, so make sure it doesn't get into your hand whilst you put it in a jar.

Let the wax cool, around 10-20 minutes before using it.

After it cools down, it's time to apply it to your own desired area. Make sure that area are clean and dry.

All the items below might shock you, but this is my own way for this without having spending my money quite a lot. Don't worry! I also stated an alternative for you.

First, put face powder on that area. (Any brand would do)

Second, used a butter knife (make sure used the same butter knife all over again) or wood sticks to apply the wax. If the wax is in sugary form, you can use your hand all the way. 

That A4 paper cut is an alternative if you don't have that not so 'sugar wax' form, you can still use the wax by strip it. It's better to have the original strips (you can DIY it too). 

Pull the wax at the opposite of the direction of your hair grown.

Apply oil (alternative, it's better to have aloe vera lotion) after you have done waxing to soothe your skin. Don't skip this step!

Tips for home wax:
  • Do a lot of research by watching youtube, google or ask any friends who are doing this regularly.
That's all for today post if you happened to try it let me know in comment section below. Happy waxing!

Sources: Buzzfeed and Galaxy Dreaming 

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