As a traveller, one thing that makes me nervous is to pass immigration during the night flight. When I came to Japan for the first time before, it was haywire, and we grab a taxi, which my brother paid RM600 for us to be at Airbnb in Shimokitazawa. When I travel with a friend this time, of course, I want to avoid taxi 100% and grab public transportation and safely arrived at the hostel. So here are our experiences and maybe some tips along the way!
Fushimi Inari Kyoto Curitan Aqalili
Timeline for third Japan trip: Osaka - Kyoto - Miyajima - Hiroshima - Tokyo - Yokohama - Hakone! 

This is a post where I contemplating a lot to share on my blog, well one because I'm not that open about my personal thing in my life on my blog and two, it's just to avoid any kind of questions. Well, pessimist right? Just precautions. But the more I think, I should just share it because I believe that if you are the person that loves to plan everything on your own and only comfortable to work with your friends, maybe this can give you the guideline.

pre-wedding photoshoot Curitan Aqalili
One of my favourite!