Monday, May 29, 2017

In Just 10 Days Consuming Sukkiri Cha, My Digestive System Works Like a Charm!

I have a really bad digestive system. I poop like one or two per week (It's really bad). So, I realised when I didn't throw away all the toxin in my body I get sick very easily. 

All I can say is I know what constipation feels like and this year I'm trying to make a change and here comes Sukkiri Cha tea come to the rescue.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Get Your Nasi Dulang at Melur & Thyme This Ramadhan Season!

It's a first day of Ramadhan and I'm pretty sure you already have a plan where you should breaking a fast at! So, I'm here trying to be part of the solution and suggest you to try Nasi Dulang Set Menu at Melur & Thyme.

Dulang Set B

Friday, May 26, 2017

I Found My Hair Solution at Hairdepot!

I just coloured my hair and I'm in need of solution to get back to that healthy hair look. 
'You know right when you coloured and bleaching your hair it will get damage?'
Yup I am very aware of that but I can't let one of my dream slip out.

So, I try to take care of my hair by doing a lot of research and found that most of the product that I want is at Hairdepot website.

Finally got my hair product that I wanted!

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