Ta na na na na na na na ~ (me trying to sing Harry Potter theme song)

When I heard the song it reminds me of all the Harry Potter movie that I have watched repeatedly and the truth is I am excited about this movie, but I watched it a little bit late because I'm quite busy last week.

But hey, its another movie review and I will try to make this as honest as I can. (This going to be hard).

As soon as the movie started I'm getting all rushed up and looking forward to watch this movie all the way.

Well, to started this things, the movie setting is in 1926 at New York. So that was long ago before Harry Potter even born. So don't worry if you are not watching other Harry Potter movie, it's okay.
This is like a new chapter for you to discover and maybe watched back all the Harry Potter movies.
Because there are few "jargon" or word that you might not know, but yeah its quite easy to understand.

I didn't get the opportunity to read this book, and due to that, I found out there are some terms that are new for me.

Like No-Maj, it was actually an American for Muggles (non wizard), so I was like aha, new things coming ahead once again, and yes there are tons of it.

I am fond by all the shots and editing, it was REAL for me.
I feel like there are an actually happened in our live, but yeah obviously it just an imagination.
J.K. Rowling and David Yates just came out with such realistic and the result doesn't disappointed at all for most of us.

Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander (Magizoologist)
Katherine Waterstone as Porpentina Goldstein (Macusa Auror)
Alison Sudol as Queenie Goldstein (Legilimens)
Dan Fogler as Jacob Kowalski (No-Maj)
Colin Farrell as Percival Graves (Director of Magical Security)
Samantha Morton as Mary Lou (Leader of Second Salemers)
Ezra Miller as Credence (Second Salemer)

All of the characters done a great job, everyone play their part well and its enjoyable to see a different things from each of them.

My favourite in terms of 'If I had a power' is Queenie Goldstein, act by Alison Sudol who is a Legilimens.

She can read others thought and if I was given a choice, I would like to have this throughout my life.

The most interesting character for me is Credence (Ezra Miller), because he played as a quiet, quirky character and at the end it was a shock for me, because he died.

He is the Obscurial (the host of Obscurus) in disguise, at first I thought it was his baby sister who had it, but naah.

Source: Entertainment Weekly
How about Eddie Redmayne? He is perfect! Played that character just like Daniel Radcliffe. Each of them have their own unique and things that I like to watched.

Aha, as you all might know, the most surprised things is the plot twist at the 'very end' of the movie. It is Percival Graves (Colin Farrell / Johnny Depp).

As I watched the film, I feel like this character looks very fishy but I didn't get to guest what it is.

So, I wait till Newt throw some sticky beast to Graves and spell some magic, tadaaa its Johnny Depp.
Another disguised, another new things.

Lots of viewers doesn't agree of Depp appearance due to abused his ex wife, but as for acting I would say that he is great. I'm looking forward to watch his appearance on the next four movies.

Overall, I kind of see this is an introduction for Fantastic Beast.
Just like Deadpool and others, but this movie are overwhelmed with a lot of characters.
There is so many things in one movie, and I can't guess what will happened on the next one.

Usually, I can imagine.
But, this one is tricky and I hope I get to see more Newt, about his relationship with Leta Lestrange and Tina (maybe a flashback) because I would love to see how Howgrats looks like back then.

Another thing is Queenie relationship with the No-Maj, I'm rooting for them and if he is going for a wizard school and so on.

And of course, Newt journey on catching all the Fantastic Beast.

Thumbs up for this movie and I recommend you to experienced the magical world of Fantastic Beast.

P/S: There is no after credit and vote on this poll!

How do you think of Fantastic Beasts movie?

I love it!
Naah, just another wizard movie

Sha la la! The third post is coming down today!


We were awake late but still on time for the third day (barely lol). After all groomings had done and had our breakfast at the city centre, by around 10am, we reached Mari-Mari Cultural Village. The location is quite far from the city, it took about 40 minutes to get there.

Definitely, we had an enjoyable time here with Chell (our team guide soon became like our own personal guide ?! haha). Chell is a local Sabahan, he is friendly and utmost hilarious! He explained in detail about the 5 major tribes in Sabah which include Kadazan, Rungus, Lendayuh, Murut and Bajau. Each tribe favors their own culture and foods, how they survive, taboos and et cetera.

Mari-Mari Cultural Village
Expenses : RM90 per person
P/S : Check on their schedule at http://marimariculturalvillage.com/

A male of the Rungus tribe trying to put on fire traditionally using dried tree barks.

Oh yes you must take a bite of every nourishments prepared from each tribe. Some were leveraging, some were mediocre and some were...... no comment. Put you taste buds on the test! My ultimate favorites were the Pandan juice and the tender Sweet Potato dip in sugar made by the Bajau and the Lendayuh tribe respectively.

At the end of the tour, you will be brought under one roof with other visitors to catch up with their traditional dance performance. You even have the opportunity to learn the basic steps of the dance just do not be ashamed when they persuade you.

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park
Expenses : RM10 per person

After spending our time at the cultural village, we moved on to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park which promptly located at the other side of Kota Kinabalu. Hey Proboscis Monkey and Orang Utan, I were very glad to be able to meet you realistically!!!!!

As the sun fading, we decided to have some sort of picnic by the beach. So we drove to Tanjung Aru beach. Watching the sunset by the ocean was a wonderful way to end our day.
Greetings back to all of you readers! I'm back with the sequential days of my trip in Kota Kinabalu!


Oh yes, we did wake up super early at 5.00am and started driving to Kundasang without even munching anything for breakfast. We were internally too excited for this ?!

Kundasang is 92 km drive away from the city of Kota Kinabalu, approximately took an hour and twenty minutes conjoint with Hanafi's driving skills though the road was extremely crooked. (He drives flashly fast!!) We stopped at certain points along the way to admire the view of Mount Kinabalu.

Our first pit stop was the prominent visit to Kundasang Desa Cattle Dairy Farm which made us feel like we were in New Zealand (claimed by other visitors too). The weather was nice and windy. It was fortunate that we came early in the morning cause the sun scorched up at around 9am and tourists presence were little paucity.

We got to see how the workers squinched (is that the term ?! idk) the milk of the cows and the cows are undeniably massive to be compared to me.

Kundasang Desa Cattle Dairy Farm
Expenses : RM5 per person for entrance fee

We moved down from the hill and visited Kundasang War Memorial Park just to flee ourselves from the subsequent tourists coming.

Kundasang War Memorial Park
Expenses : RM2 

Next, stopover at the Poring Hot Spring where I warmth my feets to get rejuvenated (Hanafi did not cause he thought the water was too hot but it was not!!). The location was beautiful and refreshing, surrounded by naturally grown rainforest. If you plan to have some leisure time here, you can hike the hill, soak yourself with waterfall or even stroll through the butterfly park.

Poring Hot Spring
Expenses : RM3 per person for entrance fee

Another 30 minutes drive ahead, brought us to the  Fish Spa in Kampung Luanti. This feet spa was extremely fun!!!!!! The fishes are so huge and it tickles you.

Fish Spa at Kampung Luanti
Expenses : RM5 per person for entrance fee

On our way back, we visited Kota Kinabalu Park but it was raining so we hold off our plan to hike the hillside of Mount Kinabalu. There is always next time. We dismissed the place and continue about an hour of a journey back to the lowland. The experience was terrifying, the road was slippery (we skidded a few time) and it was full of mist but what an experience! 

We paid our last visit at Jambatan Tamparuli on out way back, the most well-known bridge in Sabah. It is just another ordinary bridge in Sabah but it is made famous by the largest indigenous tribe of Sabah, the Kadazandusun. For an unknown clarity, locals introduce it as "Lover's bridge".

Done for the day!
Spread the red carpet people cause Afiq is back from the land below the wind!

Sabah has definitely offered too much exquisite natural beauty. From the moment we landed to the day of my returned to Kuala Lumpur, every scenery was jaw dropping. To those who do not know where Sabah is, let me give a brief introduction.

Sabah is one of the 14 states in Malaysia, located at the Borneo, the third largest island in the world. Famous for its natural beauty, the greenish ambiance offers total tranquility, Sabah is a must visit spot for travelers all over the world.


As a budget traveler, I preferred to travel as light as possible, saving bucks from my pockets and do not fancy extravagant wander. I just brought my backpack and off I went to the airport with Hanafi, a friend of mine together in this journey. Thank you to AirAsia for the cheap fare too!

Return Fare : RM210.12 per person (without insurance)
P/S: I believe you can grab it at a cheaper price than this! Effort man!

Our flight was scheduled at 6.45am. 2 hours and 30 minutes later we arrived in Kota Kinabalu. Retrieved our car at the airport and we immediately went to eaaaaat!

Car Rental through Thrifty
Car : Hyundai i10
Expenses : RM483 for a week (RM241.50 per person)
P/S : Pre-book your car for the best rate! 

Brunch @ Kak Nong Restaurant
Mee Pangsit
P/S : It was appetizing!

After we had stuffed ourselves, it was time to meet our host here in Kota Kinabalu! We booked our accommodation via Airbnb which saved us a lot of kaching$$. The place was better than expected. We paid for a room but seemingly it wrapped with a package, with the whole house were ours' temporarily. 

Host : Nora
Expenses : RM398 for a week (RM199.00 per person)
P/S : Nora was an amiable host! She helped us with our itineraries too!

We laid back to recharge cause we stood eyes for the morning flight. A few hours later, we jumped into our car and start our visit. We did not plan to go anywhere that day, much appreciation went to Mr. Google. With his help, we occupied our day.

Muzium Negeri Sabah
Expenses : RM2 for Malaysian | Free entrance for students
P/S : Utilize your student card anywhere you go!

After an hour spent at the museum, we drove to Atkinson Clock Tower. The road getting there was a bit crooked, be mind that safety is a priority!

I drove further up to the observatory centre to witness a glimpse of the sunset. It was stunning.

As a Malay, we did always plan on where and what should we eat for dinner during the day. Seafood galore is a must for everyone traveling to any parts of Sabah! Cholesterol served on a plate was genuinely prepared for you.

Pasar Malam Filipina

We headed home afterward to get some rest and plan for our days in Kota Kinabalu. Wait for next post coming!

Day 5  | 7/7/2016

Great Ocean Road Day Tour

Tour Price: 
$99 for one person
$94 for booking two or more people
$80 for a child (5-12 years old) & infant (0-4 years old)

On our first post, I had mentioned that we book the tour few days before, at Melbourne Visitor Centre (near the Flinders Street Station).

Just so you know, you don't need to worry to print the booking information because they will give it to you complete with an explanation where is the nearest place you have to wait for the tour bus.

If you bring a child with you, don't worry, they provided a child seat for them. You just have to informed them when you book the tour package.

This package include morning tea and biscuit, cafe style lunch, and National Park entry.
For more information about the tour, click here.

Pickup Point

Today will be a really long journey for us, because the tour start around 7.00 AM end at 9.00 PM. So we have to be at the pickup place around 6.30AM.

The thing is we woke up very early especially my mom, because we have to wait for a turn to clean our self out.

Our pickup point at Adara East (90 Albert St East Melbourne) which was few block walking from our apartment (very very early morning walk).

Take note that we are the first group that entered the petite bus (it's a mix of bus and a van).
Then, the tour guide/driver bus picked up all of the people until the bus was full, and then of course, we sleep because it took around one to two hours to arrived there.

Remember guys, they have their reason why they named it as a Great Ocean Road.

Great Ocean Road 

After few hours, we arrived at our first stop, Anglesea Visitor Centre!
This is where I found that this is the most peaceful tour that I have ever been.
We just like chilling around eating biscuit, with tea or Milo! (Australian have Milo okay)

You get a chance to enjoy the view or chit chatting with other tourist.

Then my tour guide also stopped at the side of the road, just for the purpose of taking picture of the view (very cool tour guide).

Another last stop before we headed to the next Kennett River Caravan Park, its the beach!
Again, not a good idea to go to the beach when winter, but just hold a little bit and enjoy the nature.

Kennett River Caravan Park

Yeap! I never seen any caravan before, so this is basically great but actually, the main goal we went there is to spot koalas in the wild.

We did spot the koala, but I thought its going to be near me where I can hug them so tight, but to bad, all of them are up on the tree. (Sob Sob Sob)

Spot The Koala!

Then we headed to one of the restaurant in the coastal town of Apollo Bay.
Guess what we are having today? Fish and chips, of course!

Maits Rest

This park is part of Great Otway National Park and its just a nice transition from lunch to walk in this quick and short trails.

"This 30 minute walk along mixture of board walk and gravel paths takes you along a valley floor in part of the ancient rainforest. Giant myrtle beeches rise through the mists and create a canopy for the amazing array of tree ferns and moss on the forest floor.  Many of the beech trees are hundreds of years old and form an important part of this cool temperate rainforest within the Great Otway National Park.  Look for a wide range of birds, including 43 species found nowhere else in the world."

Along the trail, you get to see Giant Eucalyptus Trees up to 300 years, and the best thing is we are walking in rain, so its just a good vibe all the way.

Twelve Apostles - Visitor Facility
click here

Basically you have to option when arrived here, either walking or experienced helicopter ride!

We choose helicopter ride, the London Bridge Scenic Flight.
The price is $145 per person, and we get to see 12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, The Sentinel, The Arc and London Bridge.

The view was really great, I can't really expressed it through words, maybe I will just post a video here or soon.

For more information or booking, click here.

Lorch Ard Gorge: Historic Shipwreck Site

This is part of Port Campbell National Parks, and the park is actually huge included Gibson Steps (which was in the itinerary, but we didn't get a chance to walk there)

By the way, this place have its own history and its actually a very long trail, but we were only given good 40 minutes to one hour to enjoy the view because we are headed home after this. For more information about this place,  just click here.

I didn't get enough of it, if you guys want to visit here and experienced nature by just walking trail and so, you need to have at least two to three days to really enjoyed it.

I hope I get to stay here longer, but I can't because tomorrow we need to focus on family time.

Other options that we missed due to weather and lack of time is to visit London Bridge and Cape Otway up closed.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this third post because I myself enjoyed writing and experienced this so much.

When I wrote this entry I feel like I want to fly there one more time, but maybe someday I will come back again.

You know, life is full of adventure, and I hope this small attribution will give you something valuable.

Well then, see you on the next post which will be the last post of Melbourne Trip.

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