November 6, 2016

Melbourne Trip #2: Train Day!

Day 4 | 6/7/2016

Selamat Hari Raya!
We did bring our baju raya, but its so cold I couldn't even wear it inside of the house.
My sister in law and family managed to took a family picture outside with their baju raya, but not for us because we were just too lazy and cold, LOL.

So at first we planned to visit our cousin and celebrate the festive, but something came out so we get to a Plan B.

Puffing Billy

Ticket price: 
There are three different prices, such as
Belgrave - Lakeside or Emerald / Lakeside - Gembrook | Belgrave - Gembrook | Belgrave - Menzies Creek / Menzies Creek - Lakeside
Click here for the price.

So, we travel from East Richmond to Belgrave by Train (Using MyKi), and they were some works going on along the train, so we need to stop at this one shopping mall, and take the bus to Puffing Billy.

And when we arrived there, we need to walk a little bit, but overall it was a good day to walk and see new things.

Then, we purchased ticket from Belgrave to Lakeside at 11.10 AM. 
So it was like 9.00 AM or 10.00 AM if I'm not mistaken.
While we waiting for out train to arrived, we decided to grab some food! 

It was hard for us, because we didn't know whether the restaurant served Halal food or not,
but logically, fish is technically like a save food for you to eat, because you didn't have to worry about how it were slaughtered and so on.

So yeah, we decided to eat at this one restaurant that served fish and chips!

Although we have been here almost 3 days, but it was my first time eating fish and chips, and it was a really good one.

They served huge amount of food.
I get like 2 fish, coleslaw and french fries in one plate, and to top it off with a hot chocolate, just mind blowing.

After  eating, we ran over to Belgrave station and took the train.
You know what, this experienced of having out feet linger around in the air, was freaking me out but exciting as well.

I may look really happy, but that scared of height are still within me.

We stopped like three times, well to go the restroom of course because it was freezing cold and it was a bad idea to let the feet lingered around.

But, it was a good experienced though! I'm totally recommend you to visit Puffing Billy.
First, because you can get that Harry Potter vibe and second, which this is the first time that I know about a train that let you sit at the window and let your feet be free in the mid air.
Thumbs up!

Brighton Bathing Boxes (Brighton Beach)

After that pleasant experienced, and the day was still bright, why not we brighten our day with Brighton Beach (sounds cheesyyyy).

Please take note that it was a bad idea to went to a beach during winter, but we didn't know when we will be coming back again, so just hoping for the best!

Brighton Beach is very popular attraction for tourist because of their colourful beach house.
Clearly during summer, this place will be such a hit for them to just chilling around and all of that, I know because I would love to do that.

So, again we went there by train, you have to take that Belgrave Station, and went back to Richmond/Flinders station and arrived at Brighton Beach.

It took a bit of time, but don't worry just enjoy the scenery outside of the window.

So we stayed there until night, and to add on to our adventure, it was raining and like heavily pour.
Thank God, my mom brought a umbrella, but still, you can't run from the wind.

Flinders Street Station

Remember on the last post I told you guys about the food sold in that station?
That day, we decided to taste it.

We kind of do our research, like looking which stalls served most of the people, and it was Lord of the fries! Click here for more info about it.

Well, most of their menu already sold out at time, but we are so lucky to get to taste a bit of it and because we are too hungry, my younger brother bought churros at Spanish Doughnuts (Click here).

I'm so in love with food, so this two combination are just too die for.

Walk around the city

Again, we walk around the city, looking for restaurant to dine in, and buy groceries once again.
I don't know why, but their supermarket seems very interesting for me.
And yeah we headed back home by train and walk a bit, and have to sleep early because... tomorrow will be a tour date.

Great Ocean Road Day Tour coming soon at the next post!

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