If you are looking to try out local natural and organic skincare, get to know about ORGGA here first! Psst! I wrote a first impression and showed the results photos. 👀

Orgga Malaysia Curitan Aqalili
Orgga Libra Basic Set

Konnichiwa! My third time in Japan is full of ups and downs hiking up to Fushimi Inari summit, lost my Suica card at the waterfall and saw my best friend reunited with her mother and grandmother. There are so many good things that happened, and hopefully, this itinerary will help you to create your own memorable trip to Japan trip.

Minoo Falls Curitan Aqalili
Sitting in front of Minoo Falls.
I have struck one more country from the checklist of mine - Bangkok. A city that never sleeps, full of exciting things to discover with good food and great hospitality. My 3D2N work trip in Bangkok is welcome by the cosiness of my stay at The Peninsula Bangkok.

the peninsula bangkok curitan aqalili
The view of Chao Phraya River at The Peninsula Bangkok.

The moment after I watched Morgan Adams video, I knew that it is possible to do my own version of Coachella! Turns out, The Butterfly Project make my dream come true first, and it was such a wonderful weekend to spend time with all the community members – catching up with the old and get to know the new ones.

Butterfly Coachella Party Curitan Aqalili
Let's rock and roll!

No matter how sleepy you are, getting rid of your makeup before bed is crucial! Personally, my daily makeup mostly involved lipstick, and if I didn't wipe it off, I would get cracked lips. So, let's find a quick option for busy career women like me, shall we? 😆

Laneige Vitamin Brightening Cleansing Water Curitan Aqalili
Grab a few cotton pad and let's clean your makeup!

"Konnichiwa! Watashi Wa Aqalili Desu~ Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu." ↑🙇 If I translate it, basically it means Hello, my name is Aqalili. Please be kind to me. Oh gosh! I wish I learned these greetings before I went to Japan trip and I could fit in as local, but it's okay, there is always next time. Before I plan another trip, let's read my experiences when I joined sneak peek class at Dreams Language Academy (DLA)  last Saturday.

Dreams Language Academy (DLA) Wangsa Maju Curitan Aqalili
Beautiful decoration at DLA.

As a Muslim living in Malaysia, this is the process that I'm going through to get married. Girl, I can understand that it tends to be a bit complicated (I lied, it is really confusing at first) but, here I am sharing things that you need to prepare to have a really smooth journey in terms of marriage documents for a local 

majlis pertunangan curitan aqalili
Our engagement day 

It is really possible to settle 'the documents' part in a day, I did it and
what I can suggest to you is to know your district first. Why? So you would know where the office that you need to go three months before marriage! I have a friend that couldn't be able to settle everything in a day because he went to a different office. From his story, it just clicks in my mind that I need to know where to go.

Since I live in Gombak district (Selayang), the process is smooth because the mosque that I will be performing the Nikah and the Pejabat Agama Islam Daerah Gombak (PAID Gombak) is near my house. But, before you submit all the essential documents, you need to do these things first! 

One of my favourite country to visit, Australia! Been to Melbourne and self-drive in Perth but there are still so many things to discover. This time, let me offer a trip that fit for a nature lover, and it will be a relaxing road trip for families, friends or couples in Australia's Golden Outback!

Great South West Edge Western Australia Perth Curitan Aqalili
Get ready for a nature road trip!

With Perth only being a five-hour flight away from Malaysia, your adventure begins the moment you passed the arrival at the airport and grab that rental car key! It's time to start the trip down to the Great South West Edge, and it's going to be an 11-day epic drive with these five top sights.
Travel and beauty, two favourite topics that surprisingly can be combined into one. I'm a skincare junkie everywhere I go, but I wanted to find something that multipurpose and more straightforward for travellers to use, especially when you're all dolled up on the journey. 

Daily Skin One Step Oil Cleansing Stick Althea Curitan Aqalili
It comes with 50g of a stick and a box.

It will be one year in August since I have been part of #AltheaAngels! It's such an honour to be in the community that gave me the chance to enhance my creativity in product shooting and let me give a real deal review to you guys. Here's to mark off to a cute collection from Althea A'Bloom!

Althea A'bloom Curitan Aqalili
Clearly, I love that box! Thank you @nurafifah for capturing this photo!

As a traveller, one thing that makes me nervous is to pass immigration during the night flight. When I came to Japan for the first time before, it was haywire, and we grab a taxi, which my brother paid RM600 for us to be at Airbnb in Shimokitazawa. When I travel with a friend this time, of course, I want to avoid taxi 100% and grab public transportation and safely arrived at the hostel. So here are our experiences and maybe some tips along the way!
Fushimi Inari Kyoto Curitan Aqalili
Timeline for third Japan trip: Osaka - Kyoto - Miyajima - Hiroshima - Tokyo - Yokohama - Hakone! 

This is a post where I contemplating a lot to share on my blog, well one because I'm not that open about my personal thing in my life on my blog and two, it's just to avoid any kind of questions. Well, pessimist right? Just precautions. But the more I think, I should just share it because I believe that if you are the person that loves to plan everything on your own and only comfortable to work with your friends, maybe this can give you the guideline.

pre-wedding photoshoot Curitan Aqalili
One of my favourite!

I was making up the missed fasting last year before going into the new one, and oh my, this delicious Souffle pancake makes me drool! It's time to reveal that jiggly puff and share my thoughts about it with you.

Fuwa Fuwa Pancake Neighbour's Coffee Bar Curitan Aqalili
It's tea time!

Ramadhan is near, and soon after it will be Raya! So, this is the perfect time to look for your baju Raya, and maybe you might want to change it from Baju Kurung to Baju Kebaya this year? Well, let's see if there are any design from Byhisdaisy that will capture your heart!

Love the embroidery and the comfort while wearing this Kebaya.
First of all, I'm so honoured to be invited to this fashion show because I get to witness the beautiful design and wore pario for the first time in my life! You might not know this but, I'm an active girl, pants are my daily attire, and I'm comfortable with that. So, to be able to wear the kebaya and pario the whole time during the runaway show and be confident in it, it's an achievement unlocked for me.

They have FOUR collections which makes it around 30 designs! I know it's a lot and I'm pretty sure you will have a hard to choose within that! But, what makes it different for every collection is their embroidery (kerawang). You can also notice there is long and short kebaya, makes it body hugging a little bit (kutubaru aka Indonesian styled kebaya), in total comes with two types of kebaya. 

From L to R: Kutubaru, Kebaya, Kebaya and Kebaya. 

So, which one is Kutubaru & Kebaya? 

What do I think about the Kebaya?

I've got myself the Qaleeda Kekaya Sulam. During the choosing process, they got all the chart ready, and it's easy for me to measure myself, plus the staff is amicable and help me to get a perfect kebaya. So, I got myself size S, and honestly, I like how the material feels like - soft, comfortable and really great for Malaysia weather which is hot and humid right now. The pario is also convenient to wear, especially when they have a tutorial video here and they provide you with the buckle.

Other than that, I like how it also loose because I'm not into fitting kebaya. Most people said, Kebaya is astounding when you wear it fitted, but it depends on individual preferences, same goes to wearing high heels or sneakers. As a whole, I urged you to be confident and comfortable in whatever you wear. So, throughout the day, you can have fun and mingle with people that you meet around you.

Their embroidery is fascinating!
All of them are beautiful inside out, nice to meet you all!

How to grab one for yourself?

There are so many ways to get the Kebaya for yourself or your family and friends! Here's how you can order via FOUR methods below: 

  1. Visit www.byhisdaisy.com
  2. Order from BYHISDAISY #bhdapprentice
  3. WhatsApp BHD HQ at +6019 606 1751
  4. Walk-in to BYHISDAISY Showroom at Byhisdaisy HQ, Alam Damai, Cheras.
The price range for this collection starts from RM199 to RM159 for Kebaya, while the pario is from RM95 to RM119 according to their website, and watch out because it's Raya promotion now, so you can grab quality pieces at discount prices! 😉 

Thank you...

To people that I met that day, it was nice to meet you that day and hope to bump into you again. To Grandeurempiremy Cookies for  Florentine Cookies Mixed Nuts (I brought back home, and it's gone in a minute), Ferra Rossa Beauty, Telekung Aleena, Sofea Rose, HN Perfume, Daisy and Luth and especially Byhisdaisy for all the beautiful Saturday!


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Ramadhan is coming this 6th May, and there are still a few days left to replace our last year Iftar, so it's a note to me to get it done right away. Let's get this opportunity to discover Ramadhan buffet that will run throughout the Muslim holy month.

Khazanah Sajian Desa Buffet Dinner Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar Curitan Aqalili

Khazanah Sajian Desa Buffet Dinner Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar Curitan Aqalili

This is my first time trying out the buffet at Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar, and it was pretty impressive to see more than 150 varieties in front of your eyes. I tried to eat and taste as much as I can but I was defeated on my fourth plate, so here's what I think that you shouldn't miss out at the Ramadhan buffet!

1. Western Cuisine

I know that if you want to be a buffet expert, don't take carbs first! But, take note that you can eat according to what you want in a small amount so you can taste almost everything (a portion is a key). I took a baked spaghetti and a white sauce spaghetti just to feel how was the western cuisine like in general. 

So far, both of them are good especially baked one, not that cheesy and still good to eat when it's kind of cold.

Khazanah Sajian Desa Buffet Dinner Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar Curitan Aqalili

2. Dessert Corner

I love this corner! Especially where all the Malay kuih located. They have a really vast range of cake choices! I grab some tapai, creme brulee, bahulu, kuih lapis and some sticky rice ball. The least favourite is the creme brulee because it's too sweet for me but other than that is perfect! 

Khazanah Sajian Desa Buffet Dinner Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar Curitan Aqalili

Khazanah Sajian Desa Buffet Dinner Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar Curitan Aqalili

Khazanah Sajian Desa Buffet Dinner Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar Curitan Aqalili

3. Fresh Charcoal Grilled Seafood Galore!

I take time to talk to one of the chefs there, and I heard this corner is open since last year. They've got a variety of seafood and most of the time I can see that they cook to order. 

We talk about cuttlefish, stingray, shells and lots of other seafood to choose from. I get the cuttlefish, and it was delicious! The burnt smell and taste of charcoal just absorbed into it.

Khazanah Sajian Desa Buffet Dinner Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar Curitan Aqalili

Khazanah Sajian Desa Buffet Dinner Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar Curitan Aqalili

4. Nasi Ikan

This is a famous dishes that you need to try! Like the chef said, it's one of the favourite recipes that everyone needs to try, especially if you are a first timer here. Nasi Ikan is a mix of rice with three kinds of fish - sea bass, catfish and tilapia.

If you think it would be too fishy, fret not, it smells so lovely and tastes really good too. My mom would mix leftover fish and make it into bergedil, and for me generally, Nasi Ikan tastes like a home cook for me.

Khazanah Sajian Desa Buffet Dinner Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar Curitan Aqalili

5. Get Your Durian!

Save the best for last! Durian is a very exotic fruit for some people, but I find it as a comfort fruit instead. For me, it's a get-together fruit where you open one, take one chunk and just dig in and talk with others. It's a sharing fruit per se.

I like that they only allowed people to eat on the terrace and it's open at 9PM every night. So, make sure to empty your stomach for Durian!

Khazanah Sajian Desa Buffet Dinner Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar Curitan Aqalili

Khazanah Sajian Desa Buffet Dinner Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar Curitan Aqalili

Khazanah Sajian Desa Buffet Dinner Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar Curitan Aqalili

This is some of the things that I think you should try when you are at Link. I love to be very strategic when it comes to buffet, to eat worth the pay but at the same time don't overeat because the break the fast happened during Maghrib prayer and you don't want to throw up all the food. So make sure to eat some before and grab some more while enjoying the live Ghazal performances throughout the night!

Khazanah Sajian Desa Buffet Dinner Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar Curitan Aqalili


From 7 May until 3 June 2017, the price for an adult is RM 168 nett (Adult) and RM 84 nett (Children). Early bird 25% discount for bookings is before 7 May 2019!

If you are interested in doing a reservation or enquiries, please contact 03-2298 1888 EXT 5000 or email to H796-FB5@accor.com.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/PullmanKLBangsar/

Khazanah Sajian Desa Buffet Dinner Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar Curitan Aqalili

Khazanah Sajian Desa Buffet Dinner Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar Curitan Aqalili

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The first impression matters even if it just one-hour flight journey from your hometown! As a passenger, we all need excellent service and to be a good passenger itself, so, it's a win-win situation. Let's see if Malaysia Airlines is up to the par, enough for me to enjoy my short hour work trip flight! 

Malaysia Airlines Langkawi Curitan Aqalili
I like where it's an open space because I feel like I just came out from my own personal plane.

In Kuala Lumpur, we have two airports, KLIA1 was the first one, and KLIA2 is merrier than the other one. Personally, I love KLIA2 because if I arrived airport early, I can hang around and ate at Family Mart or do a window shopping. If you would like to go back forth from this airport,  you can buy KLIA transit pass, if you are diligent enough. Let me know if you disagree or agree with me regarding this in the comment down below!

Services, Amenities & Comfort

To be honest with you, I am still a noob regarding different airlines besides Air Asia. For me to have an opportunity to fly beside them, it's a dream came true because their flight ticket is out of my budget. So, yay for a bargain and free stuff!

I heard good and bad things about Malaysia Airlines. Some of them are, their leg space is good, their flight fare is included with 20kg baggage which for me is fantastic because there is no hidden charge. By the way, I used the check-in because I bought a cookware set for my own home this year, but I need to pay for 10% tax out of my expenditure because I didn't stay there for minimum 24 hours.

Malaysia Airlines Langkawi Curitan Aqalili
Langkawi again! Prepare your sunscreen.

The total amount that was paid for this flight is RM217.98 (fare - RM167, Tax: RM16 YQ, RM0.98 D8, RM22 MY, RM2 H8 and RM10.02 D8) - 12 January 2019 to 13 January 2019.

Everything went smoothly since it's a local flight! I only need to show my identity card, and it's a piece of cake. I have been to the local destination by flight a couple of times since it's my own hometown, it's comfortable for me.

The service was okay, I still remembered that all the flight attendants greet us warmly, but you are on your own once the plane departs. The leg space was okay too, not as huge as I was also expected, maybe because it's a local flight.

Malaysia Airlines Langkawi Curitan Aqalili
For a petite girl, the leg space was okay.

Entertainment & WiFi

Alright, I clearly know that I cannot compare this flight to Emirates because of the duration of the trips, it will be unfair. So clearly, this flight don't have any WiFi that I can use since...come one... it's a one hour flight.

Regarding in-flight entertainment, they do have a screen in front of you, like it depends on how you know to use it or not. I didn't realise at first, so from KL to Langkawi I just scrolling Instagram on my phone and knowing that it's a dumb move, then I switch to just looking at videos on my phone gallery. *sigh*

Malaysia Airlines Langkawi Curitan Aqalili
This is when I get stuck. 
Malaysia Airlines Langkawi Curitan Aqalili
Okay, let's just take the picture first and just staring at the window.
But, I urged to discover the screen from Langkawi back to Kuala Lumpur. So, I just press on and ask the flight attendants where should I plug my own handsfree (they don't provide one). Dude, it just beside me the whole time and I said thank you so much to him, and in my head, I said to myself, "Lili, why you don't have a common sense?."

Honestly, I don't remember what movie I watched, but I know that I didn't get to finished that one movie at all because of the short period flight. But, overall they have a great wide range of new films, and you can make the screen small and scroll to discover more.

Malaysia Airlines Langkawi Curitan Aqalili
I tried to remember what movie I watched but I just can't.

Malaysia Airlines Langkawi Curitan Aqalili
Just want to tell you guys that you can plug your heads free here.


When you received your electronic flight tickets, you will notice this:

The meal will be served on flights where the flying time is more than 60 min, meal service may differ on MASwings and codeshare flights.

Make sure to eat before or after, whatever that suit you. Because I don't and I regret it because I only had peanuts and orange juice in flight. Don't misunderstand me, Malaysia Airlines peanuts are great, I even want to bring some home which I did but just hope that at least I could try one of their in-flight dinings to other countries after this. 

Malaysia Airlines Langkawi Curitan Aqalili
I always bring a bottle with me whenever I go, so I can refill and go sippy sippy.
Malaysia Airlines Langkawi Curitan Aqalili
This is not enough to fill this girl's stomach.

MH1446 & MH1145, I will remember you even it's for a short trip because it's my first time to fly with Malaysia Airlines. But, to be honest, it doesn't have that much impact as Emirates due to the short duration, but I would definitely want to hop on for a long hour flight. What do you think about Malaysia Airlines? Do you love it? Or it just meh? Share your thoughts on the comment down below!


The whole familiarisation trip was sponsored under the company that
I worked with. Either sponsored or not, the write-up will be 100% my personal opinion. Btw, this post contains affiliate links make sure to check DISCLOSURE for more info.

Malaysia Airlines Langkawi Curitan Aqalili
Enjoy the view of Langkawi with the yacht.

Malaysia Airlines Langkawi Curitan Aqalili
Or just look at the beautiful sea or me.

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I named my Saturday as my entertainment day because at 3PM I went to Q2HAN meet and greet and at 6PM, I rushed to Ong Seong Wu 1st Fan Meeting in Malaysia! Let's see how I can bring you to this journey with these remarkable and enjoyable events.
q2han ong seong wu malaysia curitan aqalili
📸: Q2HAN @jdinkoreasince2012 & ONG SEONG WU @hatchery_th


I am so freaking happy when I saw the news that Qwon & Qjin are coming to Malaysia and doing meet and greet (M&G)! I followed them for a while now and seeing them did M&G at Singapore and Indonesia makes me like 'Erghhh, it's so closed yet so far'! 

So, I drove to Grid Space and found parking, arrived around 1PM and lined up. I have to admit that it's hot, but I met a couple of new friends, and we talked along the way until they open the gate, so the hotness it's kind-of-forgotten.

q2han meet and greet in malaysia curitan aqalili
They are very friendly!

q2han meet and greet in malaysia curitan aqalili
Gonna keep this as the best memories this year!
q2han meet and greet in malaysia curitan aqalili
Nice to meet you Jay, Mama QQ and Dava!
They arrived quite early because they need to do some quick Q&A or they called it Media Session - so yeah, when the gate was open at 3PM, the aircond just save my life. 

Initially, I have so many questions that I want to ask when I met them, but I forgot every single thing because I was too happy and nervous at the same time. Like they are an inspiration for me to keep going and their videos just made my day. Truthfully! 

I took a few pictures with them, give them some present. Honestly, I feel like I need to give something, but I don't know what to get them. Since I did my pre-wedding photo shoot at Muzium Bank Negara, I get them a sketchbook, and a card - all of the covers are design by a local artist, and I think it's going to be cool to show them the great designs. With a Rice Milk Soap from Thailand because I just came back from Kelantan and I want to share the goodness of the soap. 

Overall, it was such a happy moment from me because I get to meet them after I talked about them a lot with my friends and also post about them on my social media. Hopefully one day, I will get to do an interview with them or something for my blog, just need to think some of the ideas and plan it thoroughly. #mybucketlist.

q2han meet and greet in malaysia curitan aqalili
Thank you for the gifts and ice cream!


After saying goodbye to Qwon, Qjin and Mama QQ (it was a sad moment), I rushed to Axiata Arena to attend Ong Seong Wu 1st Meeting. This is my first time going to an organised fan meeting in a stadium, I went to Seventeen before in Pavilion, but this one is different.

The event started at 6PM and ended around 8PM, and since we get to Hi-Touch with him, it's officially finished around 9-ish something. The fan meeting was okay, and it's worth it if you really like the idol because of the interaction, question and answers are kinds of intimate and long. It was exciting to see the events were being run through and for me it's a new thing because I only went to concerts before not the official fan meeting. 

Thank you @nuriyarisa for the tickets!
One with the flower boy!

I just knew about Hi-Touch yesterday and oh boy I got to high five and saw Ong Seong Wu really up closed - like seriously - his skin is flawless and bright! At that moment I just want to his skincare routine.

To be honest, I almost missed high five him because all of the staff and securities were wearing a black shirt which same as him and I got confused. So, yeah, I kind of want to laugh because I almost missed him and showed a really shocked face. Oh yeah, and he wore a glove because in Malaysia it's known as an Islamic country, but I also want to say that Malaysia is still a melting pot of culture and races. 

I think it's cool that he did that plus we cannot to document any memories of the Hi Touch or else, we cannot experience the Hi Touch. I think it's also best to not record it to avoid any misunderstanding or what I called 'Mak Cik or Pak Cik Bawang' regarding K-POP. Because you know, everyone has their own inspiration and some of the songs might keep them through a hard time, we don't know. I'm personally okay and very open with them loving the idol as long it was not too over (FYI, everyone that I saw followed the rules and very calm yesterday). Everything has to do in moderate.

Overall, it was a good experience despite very tight security and a loud voice from the management. I just hope that Winner will do the fan meeting in Malaysia soon but let's leave the shouting, away. Finger cross!

We had fun! He was such a funny and cutie during the fan meeting. Love when he did the popping dance!

I'm so happy to share these two events with the readers because for me it's a dream come true meeting Q2HAN and more to a new experience with Ong Seong Wu Fan Meeting. Plus, I want to record or write good and bad memories on this blog because that's why this blog is called Curitan Aqalili.


q2han meet and greet in malaysia curitan aqalili
Thank you so much for coming all the way here Q2HAN! Hopefully, get to meet you again soon.

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