June 24, 2019

Steps to Apply for a Marriage in Selangor for the Ladies!

As a Muslim living in Malaysia, this is the process that I'm going through to get married. Girl, I can understand that it tends to be a bit complicated (I lied, it is really confusing at first) but, here I am sharing things that you need to prepare to have a really smooth journey in terms of marriage documents for a local 

majlis pertunangan curitan aqalili
Our engagement day 

It is really possible to settle 'the documents' part in a day, I did it and
what I can suggest to you is to know your district first. Why? So you would know where the office that you need to go three months before marriage! I have a friend that couldn't be able to settle everything in a day because he went to a different office. From his story, it just clicks in my mind that I need to know where to go.

Since I live in Gombak district (Selayang), the process is smooth because the mosque that I will be performing the Nikah and the Pejabat Agama Islam Daerah Gombak (PAID Gombak) is near my house. But, before you submit all the essential documents, you need to do these things first! 


Even when I lived in Gombak district, it's okay to join in pre-marriage courses outside of the town! So, no worries your certificate will be valid as long as it is your first marriage. If you are planning to do polygamy (which I don't encourage if you are not responsible enough), you need to attend another one.  

My fiancee and I attended the courses last year in February, we paid RM100 and need to sacrifice our weekend because it took our full Saturday and half of the Sunday. But, it will be a breath of fresh air once you get the certificates at the end of the courses.

There are two tips that I want to give you while attending the courses - be patient and came early. If you missed your classes, prepared to be moved to another week. 

👉 Check this link here to know more about the courses scheduled. 


Since I went UTC Pudu Sentral in the early morning, we don't have to wait a long time to do the test. For Selangor, I didn't have to bring any forms, but for Kuala Lumpur, you need to print the form online. 

What you need to know is the test is valid for six months, and you need to do it at any government health clinic. RM1.00 is all you need to get the results on the same day! Make sure to bring the forms back for the documents process. 

 HIV Test Malaysia Curitan Aqalili
HIV Test Malaysia Curitan Aqalili
Negative HIV test.


What is NCR? It stands for JAIS Online Marriage, Divorce and Consultation System. Take note that all of the forms that I mentioned (Borang 1, 2C and 2D) below need to be printed from this website. It's crucial for you to register first, don't forget your password and fill in the forms.

Before heading to PAID Gombak make sure you already get the bridegroom consent form along with other documents. It's better to refer to this checklist here


This is the beginning of the process of getting marriage consent. Once you are done with registering and printing, it's time to get all the forms signed! 

For this part, it may not be a crucial thing for some people. Unless your current address is different from your identification card (MyKad) or like my situation, address in Selangor but my state code on the MyKad stated as 14 (Kuala Lumpur). 

The process is easy, take the Borang 1 (Form 1) and a witness to either Penghulu / Ketua Kampung / Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kemajuan dan Keselamatan Kampung / Nazir / Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Penduduk / Pengerusi Taman Perumahan – get the signature and let's move on to the next thing! 

Extra information: Some people said that you don't need to bring along a witness for clarification. But, different places may have a different way, so it's better you call for confirmation first! 


I don't remember how many times I checked all the documents before going to all of these places – countless! So, here's the checklist for the materials that I need to acquire, there may vary to a situation like if your Wali passed away, you need to bring the death certificate. Make sure to double or triple check everything here.

After you get the signed for Borang 1, go to your Mosque, or if you have contact directly the Imam Jurunikah, that would be much easier to get the signed for Borang 2C and 2D. But, make sure he is from the mosque or area that you will Nikah. 

I brought two witnesses (have to) for the Borang 2C – the criteria would be 18 years and above men and responsible enough to come and signed the form in front of the PPP or Imam Jurunikah.  My two brother is my witnesses so it would be a smooth Nikah, insyaAllah! 

Here is the checklist based on my situation.


This is the real deal! If you have all your documents ready, it will be an easy process! Make sure to take your queue number and wait for your turn. There is only one form that I missed which is the Persetujuan Wali dan Wakalah Wali and the person in charge was kind enough to print it for me so it will be easier for the office to process for the permission. 

After the staff has checked your complete documents, get RM10 ready to pay for the process documents. The final game is to wait and be patient! 

I notice that PAID Gombak have all the computer and printer, in case you forgot to print the whole thing, as for me, make sure to prepare everything before so you don't waste your time.


This is the last process, and you or your representative send it to the person that will be responsible for the Akad Nikah (Pendaftar Nikah Kariah). If the person in charge is available in the office on the same day you settle everything, send all the forms straight to them. 

Since my jurunikah isn't available on the same day, I get the help from my father to send it to him the day after. By the way, when you received this form, my jurunikah told me that I shouldn't fill in anything. So, just send the empty documents with others.

Sijil perakuan nikah sementara Curitan Aqalili
Let this form be empty - Sijil Perakuan Nikah Sementara
Borang 4A Akad Nikah Curitan Aqalili
Let this form be empty - Rekod Catatan Akad Nikah

There you go! I admit there is a lot of preparation to do for your big day but know the priorities first. Personally, this procedure is crucial because it's the determination of whether or not we could get married on the plan dates. Hope this post will help you in any other ways if you want to add more info or questions, leave a comment down below! 

PAID Gombak Curitan Aqalili
There will be a lot of people on Monday!
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  1. akak ni belom sampai lagi nak kawen. tapi when i read all above ni ya Rabbi !!
    complicatednya hahaha..

    1. For Selangor looks complicated, but insyaAllah kalau ada orang tolong cepat siap ;)