Since sekarang ni umur I pun dah 20+ kena dah start pakai produk anti-penuaan tapi bukan untuk skincare je tau, barang makeup sekali. So, kita kena start dengan base dulu iaitu bedak asas ataupun foundation.

Zeniv Foundation DD Cream Moisturiser  curitan aqalili
Have you tried Zeniv Foundation DD Cream Moisturiser? Share your thoughts on the comment down below! 😘
Foundation ni function dia memang untuk tutup cela yang ada dekat muka kita. Bila produk Zeniv ni add-on bahan pelembap dan SPF 50, I macam okayyy this is interesting enough to try. Tapi, sebelum tu kenalah tahu juga fasal ingredients juga kan.


Basically, Zeniv Foundation DD Cream Moisturiser ni dihasilkan melalui kajian di Universiti Malaysia Terengganu oleh Professor yang bertauliah. Diaorang buat kajian mengenai satu teknologi nano yang gunakan ekstrak dari tumbuhan daun gelam (Melaleuca cagyput). 

Dah research punya research, dia found out yang daun gelam ni pula boleh mencegah jerawat daripada muncul. Kebanyakan bahan yang ada dalam foundation ni mengandungi pelembap, anti-oksidan, pH adjusters dan bahan pelindung matahari. Kalau korang nak tahu lebih lanjut, boleh check guna CosDNA.

Zeniv Foundation DD Cream Moisturiser Curitan Aqalili
Kalau kira-kira ada lebih kurang 39 bahan dalam foundation Zeniv ni.


Dalam ni kalau I kira ada lebih kurang 39 bahan tau, termasuklah daun gelam yang I mentioned tadi. Kalau ada banyak bahan ni mesti banyak kelebihan kan? Let's check it out: 

1. Mencerahkan kulit
2. Melembapkan kulit
3. Mengurangkan kesan parut
4. Membantu mengatasi masalah tona kulit tidak sekata
5. Mencegah jerawat sebab ekstrak daun gelam mengandungi anti-bakteria.

Zeniv Foundation DD Cream Moisturiser  curitan aqalili
A bit light for my tan skin tone.
Zeniv Foundation DD Cream Moisturiser  Curitan Aqalili
Perbezaan antara kering dan baru nak kering.



Benda pertama yang I perasaan adalah bau. I pernah cuba dua foundation ni and both it tak ada bau atau more to like chemical smell. Tapi ni first time I cuba yang ada bau herba. Kalau I nak describe more to like kunyit campur dengan oatmeal tapi bila blend dekat kulit, bau tu hilang.


Sebab Zeniv dia tekankan yang foundation dia moisturising, well I agree with that. Kalau nak create dewy look this is one of the foundation to choose from. Tapi dari segi variety of warna, I just harap dia akan tambah koleksi warna bagi kulit tan macam I.


Dia syoknya sebab botol ringan dan nampak ekslusif just I tak rasa dia travel friendly sebab lebih 100mL kalau nak dibandingkan dengan Garnier Micellar Water 125ml tu.

Zeniv Foundation DD Cream Moisturiser  curitan aqalili
Packaging dia not bad, ringan and nampak minimalis


Sejujurnya, kalau korang cari foundation yang ada SPF50+, moisturising dan lightweight this Zeniv Foundation is for you. Tapi memang lumrah 'Daily Defense' aka DD cream ringan, ada brightening effect dan mengandungi anti-penuaan.

Zeniv Foundation DD Cream Moisturiser  Curitan Aqalili
Nampakkan perbezaam warna kulit asli dengan foundation Zeniv ni? 🧐


Harga: RM 119 (SM) , RM129 (SS)

Kalau korang still ada soalan lagi fasal foundation ni, boleh klik :-
1. Laman sesawang:
2. Facebook: znbeauty_hq
3. Instagram: @zn_beauty_hq
4. Email:

Zeniv Foundation DD Cream Moisturiser  curitan aqalili

I am not a beauty professional, just love to try and write about beauty related topics. Bought the products myself and the review is 100% my personal opinion. Make sure to check the ingredients or consult before purchase 😉

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After that Phuket trip, I was looking for a mango sticky rice and green curry that similar to what I have tasted before and you know what! I think Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine might killing it and they have an affordable wide range of lunch set that you can enjoy 😻 가자!

Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine Curitan Aqalili
Do you know the name of this each dishes?
Thai food flavours are balanced, you will get a sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy in one dishes that makes you want to come back for more! I know I always posted about Japanese or Korean food on my blog but I kind of grow up with Thai food. 

Basically, when my family and I went out we always look for Thai food. Thank god there are a few delicious stalls in our area but it was a basic thing like Tom Yam seafood or steamed siakap (seabass). I'm honestly okay with that but since there are tons of delicious Thai food, I need to try ALLL OF ITT.

Since Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine served an authentic Thai Cuisine and they brought a Thai chef to the restaurant. Oh well, it's something to look forward!

For more info: Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine
Address: No. 21 (Ground Floor), Jalan SS 22/11, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya.
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun (11.00 AM - 3.00 PM, 5.00 PM - 11:00 PM) 
Mode of Payment: Cash, Visa & Mastercard
How to get there: Google Map

Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine Curitan Aqalili
Inside & outside seating
Based on my experience on getting there, it's easy to access by public transportation as it was just 8 min. drive from MRT TTDI. If you want to drive there also can but be patient to search for parking.

Once you arrived make sure to treat yourself here in maximum level. By the way, they offer tons of dishes like fish with 24-ish flavours but, let's focus on their Set Lunch, Set Meals, and maybe desserts 😘

mueang kao thai cuisine menu curitan aqalili
Set Lunch & Set Meal menu that will be available everyday~
mueang khao thai cuisine curitan aqalili

Both set will be available from 11:00 AM until 2:30 PM, and each dishes comes with a cup of italian hot coffee or hot chocolate. If you ask me I prefer hot chocolate because I didn't like coffee that much, but my friends said it was a delicious cup of coffee!

Set Lunch of Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine 

The lunch set are involving pasta and Thai taste with a bit of Malaysian fusion. We get to taste 4 dishes and let me tell you that all of them have their own uniqueness. I know that it might be weird to see Thai pasta-ish food style but I guarantee that you will like it. I think you might wanna ditch the rice and dishes style 😜

Take noted that you can choose either Chicken (RM13.90) or Seafood (RM15.90) pasta style:

1. Red curry pasta chicken & seafood: 

Don't be afraid of the name because it ain't that spicey. Both chicken & seafood taste really good.

2. Green curry pasta:

If you've taste green curry alone, imagine it was absorb into the pasta you will be tasting that creaminess, sweet and sour curry. They're generous with the chicken and peas, no worries!

3. Otak - otak pasta: 

If I could be one favourite out of this 3 dishes, it would be this and I think everyone would agree. I can't imagine that otak-otak that I always eat would be interpret in pasta dishes. It kind of replicate carbonara but on it owns unique way.

Set Meals of Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine 

Welcome to the rice valley where it was my fave part and I can't live a day without eating rice (true story). There are 7 dishes to choose from and it's included rice and fried egg. 

Take note that you can choose either Chicken (RM13.90) or Seafood (RM15.90). Out of the 7 dishes, the best part is Chef's Special because you will be surprise by the chef!

1. Pad Gra Pow 

Pad gra pow means thai basil leaf chicken. Usually, they will cut chicken in a small pieces, cooked it with soy sauce, fish sauce and others. It will be full of flavour and easy to bite with, I can say it's kind of melted in my mouth. 

2. Green curry 

It's similar to what I've tasted in Phuket and it just bring back those sweet memories. 

3. Red curry:

Cooked with red curry and coconut milk, this dish can't get any more delicious! It was full of flavour and the coconut milk aren't that overwhelming.

4. Dry curry:

Honestly, I can't taste taste any differences between regular curry about this dish. But, I would say it was less curry powder and spices which why I like the dry curry.

5. 3 taste aka 3 rasa:

Like I mentioned earlier if there are sweet, sour, salty and spicy then your 3 taste dishes has succeed. I like this dish because the chicken is crunchy and it makes everything taste delicious.

6. Sweet sour

Nothing couldn't go wrong with this dishes. It was complete with sweet and sour flavour, I just hope that the chicken will be crispy so it can create that awesome combination.

7. Chef's Special:

My chef's special dish that day is Yum Soba Chicken. Ya, I know soba originate from Japanese but the chef combine 3 country in one dishes. The sweet and sour of the sauce combine with the cheese made me feel really exclusive. Hope when I come back again, the chef will be cooking this one!

Dessert Menu at Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine 

I'm gonna create new rules: You can't leave this restaurant without trying one of their dessert! Since the chef originate from Thailand, we have mango sticky rice, red ruby, coconut ice cream and coconut tapioca. 

1. Mango sticky rice

I can't get enough of mango sticky rice at all, well it's the best combination ever! The dish aren't that sweet, generous sticky rice and it just complete your lunch course.

2. Red ruby

My friend said this dessert are very popular in Thailand, and it's because they made the ruby thingy from scratch. People said it's refreshing , I do agree with that and it's remind me of bubur cha cha!

3. Coconut ice cream

This is the winner for dessert. Forget your mainstream coconut ice cream shop, make sure to come here and taste the real deal one. It's super delicious and crunchy with all the condiments on the top.

Last but not least, you can't leave with this too...

The newest family at Mueang Kao Thai will be your next Tomyam and Pad Gra Pow when you dine here. With just RM25 you will get this juicy New Zealand BBQ beef. I'm in a really happy place when I ate this, with the special sauce my lunch basically ended!

bbq beef mueang kao thai cuisine curitan aqalili
Ala Carte BBQ Beef with Special Sauce - RM25
Overall, it is a satisfied meal that I have every had in such a long time. It's a treat for my self to forget about all the work #workhardeathard. So, out of this menu which one would be your first lunch dishes? Share your thoughts on the comment down below! 😻

mueang kao thai cuisine curitan aqalili

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We all agree that public transportation in Japan is top notch! With so many passes to choose from, your mind might get mind blown! So today we will get in-depth with the Japan Rail Pass and insyaAllah every doubt you have will disappear as fast as the bullet train.

bullet train japan curitan aqalili
The bullet train before taking off non-stop!
You might not know, but I kind of obsessed with Kpop and Kdrama and there's a proof for that statement. The proof is when I visit one of Fight For My Way filming location in Busan last year and I bought WINNER Everyday album last month. But, where do I exactly bought it? 

saokpop winner curitan aqalili
Credit: saokpop