January 1, 2019

Flight Review: What is it Like to Fly with Emirates Economy Class?

This time I'm looking at the window of one of the middle east country and I felt really grateful to be able to write two-long articles on a media platform [PURSUIT, Focus Malaysia]. To extend my first time visited Dubai, I said to myself 'Why not I try to review the 7-hour Emirates flights?' 
and this is how it all started.

Dubai Curitan Aqaili
Selfie with the Creek at Al Seef.
I never would imagine visiting Dubai anytime sooner! Truthfully I'm so thankful with the opportunity to discover my first Middle East country in Dubai, especially flying with Emirates.

It's my first time to fly with Emirates and knowing to be in Dubai for the business trip makes me feel as nervous as ever. But, thank god I met and clicked with another journalist from my hometown, Malaysia and just enjoy the 7-hour flight.

Emirates Dubai Curitan Aqalili
Take-off view with songs from one of my favourite K-POP band, iKON.
To be honest, I didn't put a high expectation because I was so tired and planned to sleep throughout the flight. Oh boy, that's just a dream! Instead, I woke up the whole flight, excited by all the latest movies that I didn't get to watch before with an interactive screen that showed the took off.  

After we are being lifted from the ground, my economy flights with Emirates started to get pretty interesting.

Services, Amenities & Comfort

My mindset is as long I get to arrive at the destination, I would be super happy especially when it doesn't kill my budget. I agreed to say that Emirates flight is a bit pricey than what I normally go for but what you pay is what you get. 

Estimated return flights from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA 1) - Dubai International Aiport (DXB) - KLIA 1 is around RM7,000++ (all-in) but take note that I was sponsored due to a business trip. 

The moment you walked inside, you will see a blanket, two-pin headset and a soft pillow. These items the aircraft property so make sure to ask the flight attendant if you can bring the blanket home!

Emirates Dubai Curitan Aqalili
Amenities provided by Emirates Economy flights.
Speaking about the flight attendant, they are really helpful and makes me feel like I'm at a business class seats. Indeed they are very attentive and friendly. 

The leg space for me is quite 'okay' but I expect to get more space because it's kind of similar to the aircraft that I usually get into. 

Entertainment & WiFi

Never had I experience in-flight entertainment until this trip. I couldn't be happier to not open my laptop and just have a screen in front of me consist up to 40,000 channels. From KL to DXB, I watched Patrick Melrose, Mamma Mia, Ocean 8, listen to iKON songs and even playing games.

To kill more time, I connect my phone to complimentary 20MB of free WiFi. Seriously, the connection ends pretty quickly after checking on Instagram, WhatsApp and googling. After the 20MB end, you need to pay in order to get connected. I don't think it was necessary since I have the flight entertainment. 

From DXB to KL, I watched The Greatest Showman, Misson Impossible: Fallout and Along With The Gods. Again, I listen to iKON songs to killed time. These are some of the movies that I remembered watching and it might be more than that because there are tons of drama and movie choices.

Overall, I could live without WiFi for 7-hours as long there is a wide range of in-flight entertainment. In fact, I didn't get to sleep because of it and it was fantastic!

Emirates Dubai Curitan Aqalili
I remembered to screenshot this site to connect WiFi in the flights.


My favourite things to talk about! I have a mentality that flights food will just be ordinary but not with Emirates. This time let the pictures and captions explained it all.

By the way, all of Emirates meals are halal but they also served alcoholic beverages.

Emirates Dubai Curitan Aqalili
My meal from KL to DXB. From left to right: Lunch and before landing meals.
Emirates Dubai Curitan Aqalili
Snacks (salted pretzels) and water that comes twice a day (if I'm not mistaken).
Review meal flight from KL to DXB (above):
I like how they explained each of the menus very detailed and I would say the food quality and taste is pretty top notch. From salad, main course (grilled perch with red pepper sauce) to dessert, everything just tastes great. 

Review meal flight from DXB to KL (below):
My favourite meal is lunch time! Because the sandwich is a bit dry and it's really good with chilli sauce but too bad they don't have it. So yeah, very balanced diet during lunchtime, we have fibre, protein and carbohydrate. The only thing that I don't like is the desert because I just don't like cherry. 

By the way, if you bring your own bottle you can ask the staff to refill and save the world!

Emirates Dubai Curitan Aqalili
After take-off meal: A smoked turkey sandwich with a selection of beverages.
Emirates Dubai Curitan Aqalili
Lunchtime! Pasta salad, grilled chicken and milk chocolate mousse.

With the slogan 'Fly Better' I would absolutely love to fly again with Emirates for my next trip to Dubai. The services are excellent which led me feeling comfortable moreover with scrumptious meals. I hope you will get a chance to fly with them and if you are planning to, click the link below! 


The whole familiarisation trip was sponsored under the company that
I worked with. Either sponsor or not, the write-up will be 100% my personal opinion. Btw, this post contains affiliate links make sure to check DISCLOSURE for more info.

Emirates Dubai Curitan Aqalili
Would love to visit Dubai once again with Emirates!
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  1. great experience !! i have this 'i want to try flying with Emirates' in my wishlist. n few other airlines. hehe.. seronok. the food all look very inviting.

    1. It is! Please try at least once in a lifetime, it was a really great experiences flying with Emirates. Let me know how was it when you fly with them ;)