March 2, 2020

T'way Air: How to cancel flight from Seoul to Jeju due to Covid-19

This is extremely hard for me to write, but I need to do this because I want to help people that going through the same thing as I did. If you already book your flight from Seoul to Jeju using T'Way Air, here is how to cancel your trip and get a refund.

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Source: Chiang Mai One
We know that Spring will start in Jeju first next month, but on Feb 28, 2020, the viruses in South Korea approaching 2,400 cases, which a bit nerve-wracking for locals and travellers. 

Hence, there are always two sides of the story, A said you should go, but you need to take the precautions steps, while B said, are you crazy? Naah you shouldn't go. 

Of course, this decision was made with a heavy heart because... I just got married last year (August) and been planning so hard to experience our honeymoon during Spring. But, since I didn't have a lot of Annual Leave to quarantine myself for 24 days, this may lead me to lose my job and affected my health because, to be honest, it's risky. No doubt about it. 

So, here I am explaining to you how to cancel your domestic flight from Seoul to Jeju if you booked through T'way Air.

1. Download the T'way Apps

Surprisingly T'way apps are quite user-friendly, for me, I prefer to download apps because I don't have to print the flight itinerary (save the earth)! Plus, the language is in English, which convenient for travellers all around the world to book for themselves. Make sure to download T'way air via the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Go to My Trips

Have you sign-in already? Click the right bar and go to My Trips. Then, click the Find With Reservation Information. It will be easier this way because you don't fill in the reservation period.

Done? Now, fill in the reservation number, last and first name. If you have another passenger, click that plus (+) button.

Found your booking? Click the cancel button and voila you will get your refund in a few days. I cancel the booking on Feb, 24 and they completed the case on Feb, 25. Yes, it's a very fast response but there is a KRW 2,000 CANCELLATION FEE that you need to take note.

T'way air Curitan Aqalili

This is a short blog post that I have written so far. I might share with you the amount that I lose before travelling to South Korea due to COVID-19 virus on this blog, we will see. But, I think almost everyone going through the same as me because some things cannot be refunded. Of course, we are so sure about the trip that we pick the non-refunded choices, which are absolutely nothing wrong about it. But, I just hope all of the countries will close the borders for now, avoiding the numbers to hike up. To the individual that have the symptoms, please don't be selfish and turn yourself in so you won't affect others.

jeju Curitan Aqalili
Ah... Jeju.
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