March 16, 2020

7 Tips To Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in Japan!

Have you noticed that our social media feed is full of pink colour right now? Yeap, cherry blossoms are already blooming in Tokyo, and we are sure you're going to look for more! If you're planning to do so, make sure to read these etiquettes to enjoy your first hanami to the fullest.  πŸ˜‚

Photo by Jenna Neal on Unsplash

1. Plan your sakura hunting

Japan is a vast country, and tons of parks offer the view of cherry blossoms trees. All you need to do is planning which city that you wanted to experiences the view! To do that, you can refer to this year forecast and where can you catch sakura around Japan.


2. Come early & bring your own mat

Spring is the most peak season of all times in Japan! Besides tourist, the locals are also looking forward to seeing beautiful blooming sakura too. It's one of the best time for them to spend with family and friends 8-). So, it's a perfect time to bring a mat, sit down and just relax!

Photo by JNTO

3. Give other people chances to enjoy hanami too!

We all know it's high demand during the spring season and everyone want a spot to be part of the remarkable view! That's why we need to left some places for them and become a win-win situation. πŸ˜€
Let's enjoy together the view by giving spaces for others / Photo by Tokyo Treat.

4. Let the Sakura trees stay as it is

Sakura tree is sacred in Japan, and it was part of their culture and tradition. So, we must respect their belief, and you shouldn't pluck, climb or even shake the trees to get an Instagrammable photo! If you didn't do anything to harm the trees, congratulations for not being caught by the cherry blossom police unit! *I wish they exist*

Sakura Japan Curitan Aqalili
Don't pluck the trees! Photo by Ikidane Nippon.

5. Check Permission for Barbeques

There are some of the parks that don't allow you to do barbeques. Due to that, you have to double confirm with the park management. One of the places that allowed you to do so is Maruyama Koen in Hokkaido, and they even have rent out grill services for you!

Double-check with the park management regarding barbecues. Photo by Unsplash.

6. Get your own Halal bento for a picnic!

If you can't do the barbecues, it's okay! Just bring a home cook meal and picnic with your loved ones. One of the #aqalilitips is to head to HH Bento Tokyo or Tokyo Halal Bento Facebook and place your Halal bento order before strolling around Tokyo to get the best spot for hanami!

From left: HH Bento Tokyo and Tokyo Halal Bento.

7. Be Trash-Free #lovetheenvironment

When you are done with all the foods and snacks that you bring along, keep it clean! One of the fantastic things about Japan is their cleanliness so gather all the rubbish, and throw it in separate bins. If there are no bins at the park, throw it away when you find one! Don't be intimidated by the Japanese language because got you covered.

From left to right:

不燃物 (ちねんぢ぀) - not combustible items
可燃物 (かねんぢ぀) - flammable goods
γƒšγƒƒγƒˆγƒœγƒˆγƒ« (PET bottles) - Polyethylene terephthalate plastic bottles and sometimes cans are gathered in this bin too.

garbage boxes
Throw your trash in a separate bin! / Credit: All About Japan

Congratulations for reading all the tips and you're ready to enjoy sakura right this second! If you are looking for cherry blossoms tour, your wish is my commend because there are few tours that available at Klook. Get an RM15 discount at Klook after you sign up through here.

Photo by Yu Kato on Unsplash

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