December 10, 2016

Zacheela Collection: Anzalna Nasir The Ambassador!

On 4th December, I was given an opportunity to attend fashion show, and the brand is Zacheela.

Actually, this is not my first time attending event like this, while I was intern at this one place I attend KL Fashion Week and that was my first ever fashion show.

Enough of that, let's talking a little bit about this brand.

"Zacheela is an established Malaysia brand since November 2013 that produces and caters mostly on muslimah clothing and also few hijab and shawls. Our in house design selects only the best material/fabrics around the world and we provide quality women apparels and selling at affordable price."

They have two branches, one in Keramat Mall (but under renovation), and the other one is at Bangi Sentral.

The fashion show took place at Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur showed five collections, which 30 clothes in total. Their fabric for the clothes is Rasetti Silk high quality and Korean Polyester with some diamonds and beads details.

All of the designs are limited to 100 production only, can only be purchased through their boutique only.

All the five collections are inspired by baroque, flora, moroccan, abstract and geometric element.

'Beauty of Modesty' is a tagline of this company, parallel with all the name of the collections today like Fiorella, Bahira, Malena, Sophia, Alessandra and Blissful Blossom.

1. Fiorella

This collection inspired from flora patent with purple and dusty green colour. It showed a symbol of softness and elegance like a princesses.

Available in kurung plain, kurung printed, cardigan, blouse pants and blouse skirt form.

My favourite of all, the cardigan!
2. Bahira

Modern geometric are their ultimate inspiration for this collection with colour combination of dark blue and white.

Available in kurung plain, kurung printed, cardigan, blouse pants and blouse skirt.

Up Closed Dress of Bahira Collection!

3. Malena 

Pink showed Maleena Collection, with the design in abstract.

Available in kurung plain, kurung printed, cardigan, blouse pants and blouse skirt.

From left: Chief Operating Officer, Tengku Shaheela Tengku Abd Malek (in Malena Dress) and Chief Executive Officer, Zarkiah Awang Latip (Husband & Wife!)

4. Sophia

This classy Moroccan vibe suitable to wear at any type of occasions. With soft blue and green combined shaped this collection.

Available in kurung plain, kurung printed, cardigan, blouse pants and blouse skirt.

5. Alessandra

This collections can be seen as luxurious and glamour vibe due to baroque design and also with black in colour.

Available inkurung plain, kurung printed, cardigan, blouse pants and blouse skirt.

Alessandra Dress

Alessandra Blouse Pants 
Alessandra Cardigan
Blissful Blossom Collection

Of course, I save the best for last, the Couture collection entitle 'Blissful Blossom'.
This is an exclusive Zacheela product and limited edition!
Dress that worn by the ambassador, Anzalna Nasir were full of swarovski crystal and premium pearls.

This dress specially designed for a women who wanted looked nice on their wedding day or others.

Back of the clothes

Front design of the clothes.

This collection available from size XS until XXL, which was great and the price also affordable, range starting RM179 until RM 299.

For those who are interested, you can buy either at:

1. Visit their physical gallery at 5-5-02, Jalan Medan Pusat Bandar 8A, Bangi Sentral, Bandar Baru Bangi, 43650 Selangor (call/sms/WhatsApp for appointment).

2. Website:

3. Facebook:

Before I end this post, watch a short video of the fashion show, and see you next time! :)


  1. Wow~ What a lovely collection. Will inform my colleagues about this brand.

  2. I always would like to attend fashion show like this but too bad I always not invited. They have a glamorous fashion and colorful show, I guess everyone enjoyed it s much

  3. Gorgeous outfits all. Love the soft shades, the colors are really soothing.

  4. OMG such a glamorous fashion show. I have attended those western kind of fashion show but never a muslimah one. I hope I am given a chance for that :)

  5. Bahira, Sophia and Blissful Blosson are so so pretty! Omo! I am obsessed. Blissful Blossom is a perfect wedding / evening dress. Love it