November 16, 2016

Melbourne Trip #3: Great Ocean Road

Day 5  | 7/7/2016

Great Ocean Road Day Tour

Tour Price: 
$99 for one person
$94 for booking two or more people
$80 for a child (5-12 years old) & infant (0-4 years old)

On our first post, I had mentioned that we book the tour few days before, at Melbourne Visitor Centre (near the Flinders Street Station).

Just so you know, you don't need to worry to print the booking information because they will give it to you complete with an explanation where is the nearest place you have to wait for the tour bus.

If you bring a child with you, don't worry, they provided a child seat for them. You just have to informed them when you book the tour package.

This package include morning tea and biscuit, cafe style lunch, and National Park entry.
For more information about the tour, click here.

Pickup Point

Today will be a really long journey for us, because the tour start around 7.00 AM end at 9.00 PM. So we have to be at the pickup place around 6.30AM.

The thing is we woke up very early especially my mom, because we have to wait for a turn to clean our self out.

Our pickup point at Adara East (90 Albert St East Melbourne) which was few block walking from our apartment (very very early morning walk).

Take note that we are the first group that entered the petite bus (it's a mix of bus and a van).
Then, the tour guide/driver bus picked up all of the people until the bus was full, and then of course, we sleep because it took around one to two hours to arrived there.

Remember guys, they have their reason why they named it as a Great Ocean Road.

Great Ocean Road 

After few hours, we arrived at our first stop, Anglesea Visitor Centre!
This is where I found that this is the most peaceful tour that I have ever been.
We just like chilling around eating biscuit, with tea or Milo! (Australian have Milo okay)

You get a chance to enjoy the view or chit chatting with other tourist.

Then my tour guide also stopped at the side of the road, just for the purpose of taking picture of the view (very cool tour guide).

Another last stop before we headed to the next Kennett River Caravan Park, its the beach!
Again, not a good idea to go to the beach when winter, but just hold a little bit and enjoy the nature.

Kennett River Caravan Park

Yeap! I never seen any caravan before, so this is basically great but actually, the main goal we went there is to spot koalas in the wild.

We did spot the koala, but I thought its going to be near me where I can hug them so tight, but to bad, all of them are up on the tree. (Sob Sob Sob)

Spot The Koala!

Then we headed to one of the restaurant in the coastal town of Apollo Bay.
Guess what we are having today? Fish and chips, of course!

Maits Rest

This park is part of Great Otway National Park and its just a nice transition from lunch to walk in this quick and short trails.

"This 30 minute walk along mixture of board walk and gravel paths takes you along a valley floor in part of the ancient rainforest. Giant myrtle beeches rise through the mists and create a canopy for the amazing array of tree ferns and moss on the forest floor.  Many of the beech trees are hundreds of years old and form an important part of this cool temperate rainforest within the Great Otway National Park.  Look for a wide range of birds, including 43 species found nowhere else in the world."

Along the trail, you get to see Giant Eucalyptus Trees up to 300 years, and the best thing is we are walking in rain, so its just a good vibe all the way.

Twelve Apostles - Visitor Facility
click here

Basically you have to option when arrived here, either walking or experienced helicopter ride!

We choose helicopter ride, the London Bridge Scenic Flight.
The price is $145 per person, and we get to see 12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, The Sentinel, The Arc and London Bridge.

The view was really great, I can't really expressed it through words, maybe I will just post a video here or soon.

For more information or booking, click here.

Lorch Ard Gorge: Historic Shipwreck Site

This is part of Port Campbell National Parks, and the park is actually huge included Gibson Steps (which was in the itinerary, but we didn't get a chance to walk there)

By the way, this place have its own history and its actually a very long trail, but we were only given good 40 minutes to one hour to enjoy the view because we are headed home after this. For more information about this place,  just click here.

I didn't get enough of it, if you guys want to visit here and experienced nature by just walking trail and so, you need to have at least two to three days to really enjoyed it.

I hope I get to stay here longer, but I can't because tomorrow we need to focus on family time.

Other options that we missed due to weather and lack of time is to visit London Bridge and Cape Otway up closed.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this third post because I myself enjoyed writing and experienced this so much.

When I wrote this entry I feel like I want to fly there one more time, but maybe someday I will come back again.

You know, life is full of adventure, and I hope this small attribution will give you something valuable.

Well then, see you on the next post which will be the last post of Melbourne Trip.

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