November 22, 2016

Bound to the land below the wind #3

Sha la la! The third post is coming down today!


We were awake late but still on time for the third day (barely lol). After all groomings had done and had our breakfast at the city centre, by around 10am, we reached Mari-Mari Cultural Village. The location is quite far from the city, it took about 40 minutes to get there.

Definitely, we had an enjoyable time here with Chell (our team guide soon became like our own personal guide ?! haha). Chell is a local Sabahan, he is friendly and utmost hilarious! He explained in detail about the 5 major tribes in Sabah which include Kadazan, Rungus, Lendayuh, Murut and Bajau. Each tribe favors their own culture and foods, how they survive, taboos and et cetera.

Mari-Mari Cultural Village
Expenses : RM90 per person
P/S : Check on their schedule at

A male of the Rungus tribe trying to put on fire traditionally using dried tree barks.

Oh yes you must take a bite of every nourishments prepared from each tribe. Some were leveraging, some were mediocre and some were...... no comment. Put you taste buds on the test! My ultimate favorites were the Pandan juice and the tender Sweet Potato dip in sugar made by the Bajau and the Lendayuh tribe respectively.

At the end of the tour, you will be brought under one roof with other visitors to catch up with their traditional dance performance. You even have the opportunity to learn the basic steps of the dance just do not be ashamed when they persuade you.

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park
Expenses : RM10 per person

After spending our time at the cultural village, we moved on to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park which promptly located at the other side of Kota Kinabalu. Hey Proboscis Monkey and Orang Utan, I were very glad to be able to meet you realistically!!!!!

As the sun fading, we decided to have some sort of picnic by the beach. So we drove to Tanjung Aru beach. Watching the sunset by the ocean was a wonderful way to end our day.

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