November 11, 2016

4 Malaysian Organic Beauty Product You Should Try!

Trying new things is good especially if all of the beauty product stated as organic.
I still remember, the first product that I use right until now is rice soap by irissential.
Before head, I used bodyshop face wash, but when I heard that rice soap is good for your face and on your body too, I switch it up for a change.

So this four product, most of them that I have consumed it for a month even for a years.
Take note that I'm not sponsored by any this entity, its just an honest review for you, who might like to try the product but in doubt, or just like to try new things like myself.

1. Rice Soap by Irissential

Earlier I already introduced you about how I get into this product,
but here I want to review about this.

At first I have that typical thoughts that it will not work, and
I have never been so happier to see how great it turns out.

But did you know, that rice milk soap is suitable for most of the skin type, especially for oily and acne type, but, its not that suitable for dry skin because its absorb all of the oily residue.

They have a lot of function such as:
1. Whitening your skin
2. Reduced acne
3. Reduced body odour

This product is very versatile because you can used it for your body too.
Other than that, it last long, especially if you cut into a cubes.
In a year, I will purchased it like two to three times only, and its really affordable!

If you are interested to grab one, here is the details:
Price: RM18
Contact: Temyracle | Arosa 

2. Whitening Body Scrub by Irissential

I have that one year where I really want a white skin, but clearly I didn't achieved that because I can't changed what god have gave me skin like this.

Girls, you have to be proud of what you have on your body.
Don't get into all of the media and stereotype that white skin is beautiful, truthfully everyone is beautiful just the way you are.

So back to the topic, for now I used it twice a week to get rid all of the dirt on my skin,
and after thought, my skin feel very good and smells good too.

There are three flavours:
1. Mixed Fruit
2. Tomato
3. Milk and Yogurt

Last time I used Mixed Fruit and right now I've been using Milk and Yogurt.
I prefer Mixed Fruit because its smells fruity while its more like milky smell for Milk and Yogurt.

If you are interested to grab one, here is the details:
Price: RM20
Contact: Temyracle | Arosa 

3. Be Good Lip Scrub Mojito

The reason I tried this brand because I have actually finished my lip scrub at that time.
If I'm not mistaken, I encountered this brand at Jaya One Bazaar.
Everything just look good on the rack, and I just to bought one.

This product is good because:
1. They stated their expired date,
2. Leave a very smooth lips after using.
3.Smells good.

I bought Mojito which is the mix of spearmint and lime.
Their other ingredients in every lip scrub product is almond oil, beeswax and essential oils which obviously, this three ingredients is organic and very good for the skin.

Other reason I tried this particular flavour because I love mint.

Be Good have various type of product from head to toe, from face scrub to foot scrub.

If you are interested to grab one, here is the details:
Price: RM15
Contact: BeGood

4. Norah Wax

Usually, I made my own wax, click here for Do It Youself: Sugar Wax post.
But during internship, I get tired and have no time to made some.

So I have used Norah Wax for a month right now, and I have still so many left for another month.

What I love about this are:
1. It came with a manual, 12 reusable strip and four wooden sticks.
2. You hair won't growth for two weeks
3. Constantly using it, your hair will become less growth.
4. Leaving you with a smooth hair.

I have been waxing on my own for almost two year right now, and its change my life a lot.
It was a hair free thought, you don't have to be worry like when you are shaving.

Oh! Didn't I tell you that they have two types of wax, Cold & Hot!

If you are interested to grab one, here is the details:
Price: RM35
Contact: Norah Wax 

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