November 19, 2016

Bound to the land below the wind ! #2

Greetings back to all of you readers! I'm back with the sequential days of my trip in Kota Kinabalu!


Oh yes, we did wake up super early at 5.00am and started driving to Kundasang without even munching anything for breakfast. We were internally too excited for this ?!

Kundasang is 92 km drive away from the city of Kota Kinabalu, approximately took an hour and twenty minutes conjoint with Hanafi's driving skills though the road was extremely crooked. (He drives flashly fast!!) We stopped at certain points along the way to admire the view of Mount Kinabalu.

Our first pit stop was the prominent visit to Kundasang Desa Cattle Dairy Farm which made us feel like we were in New Zealand (claimed by other visitors too). The weather was nice and windy. It was fortunate that we came early in the morning cause the sun scorched up at around 9am and tourists presence were little paucity.

We got to see how the workers squinched (is that the term ?! idk) the milk of the cows and the cows are undeniably massive to be compared to me.

Kundasang Desa Cattle Dairy Farm
Expenses : RM5 per person for entrance fee

We moved down from the hill and visited Kundasang War Memorial Park just to flee ourselves from the subsequent tourists coming.

Kundasang War Memorial Park
Expenses : RM2 

Next, stopover at the Poring Hot Spring where I warmth my feets to get rejuvenated (Hanafi did not cause he thought the water was too hot but it was not!!). The location was beautiful and refreshing, surrounded by naturally grown rainforest. If you plan to have some leisure time here, you can hike the hill, soak yourself with waterfall or even stroll through the butterfly park.

Poring Hot Spring
Expenses : RM3 per person for entrance fee

Another 30 minutes drive ahead, brought us to the  Fish Spa in Kampung Luanti. This feet spa was extremely fun!!!!!! The fishes are so huge and it tickles you.

Fish Spa at Kampung Luanti
Expenses : RM5 per person for entrance fee

On our way back, we visited Kota Kinabalu Park but it was raining so we hold off our plan to hike the hillside of Mount Kinabalu. There is always next time. We dismissed the place and continue about an hour of a journey back to the lowland. The experience was terrifying, the road was slippery (we skidded a few time) and it was full of mist but what an experience! 

We paid our last visit at Jambatan Tamparuli on out way back, the most well-known bridge in Sabah. It is just another ordinary bridge in Sabah but it is made famous by the largest indigenous tribe of Sabah, the Kadazandusun. For an unknown clarity, locals introduce it as "Lover's bridge".

Done for the day!

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