March 4, 2017

Premier Clinic, Bangsar: Carbon Laser Peel Treatment

Dr Jaswine and I.

I think its important to treat yourself by going to spa or aesthetic centre every month. I personally think this pampering session is one of a way to reduce stress.

For this month I get a treatment from Premier Clinic at Bangsar Baru, which offers range menu of aesthetic treatments such as skin lasers, botox, dermal fillers, chemical peel, tattoo removal and many more.

I'm lucky enough to get to try one of their treatment, Carbon Laser Peel. This treatment is recommended to me because I have a large pores on my T-zone area. 

I know it's a bit of scary because of the laser part. Due to that,  I will show you the process of this treatment and how painless it would be.

1. Consultation with Dr Jaswine

I have never been to a consultation for my skin before, and this is totally new thing for me and I like this session. The moment I step into the room, Dr Jaswine begin the consultation session by asking few questions to me. 

She want to know what is my skin type and routine.
I have combination skin type (oily and dry) and my skin routine start from cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sunscreen.

After I given my answer, she begin to explain about my skin, skin layer and how the product that I used only help on the surface of my skin only. She also explained clearly about the procedure of the treatment which is Carbon Laser Peel.

2. Apply Numbing Cream 

I think the most time consuming is this part. After applying numbing cream, I have to wait around 20 minutes before begin the treatment. 

I do feel numb especially around my mouth area, and my face feels really tight. After the treatment, this numbing cream will last around 2 hour, depends on how active you are (example like eating).

3. Applying Thin Layer of Carbon 

Applying carbon is part of the treatment, the carbon particles helps to absorb the laser beam and cleansing the pores throughly because the rate of growth of connective tissue increases and skin will be exfoliated by the particles. 

For more information about this part, click here.

4. Laser Treatment

Honestly, I'm quiet nervous at first because Dr Jaswine said there will be a loud 'pop' noise as she begin the treatment. At first its a little bit shock for me, but throughout the journey, I began to feel comfortable.

After finished the first round, she will do another round to clean up all the carbon residue. 

Along the way, it's a bit pain around my T zone area (bearable), but she explained its because of the thicken layer of carbon. Plus, that is my pore problem area, that's why she focus more on that zone.

The laser itself only took around 10 minutes to do, and it is totally painless and there is not side effects such as prolonged redness and swelling.

5. Moisturiser and Sunscreen

The last step of the treatment is applying moisturiser and sunscreen. Shout out to Sophie, one of the staff there for treating me like a friend that day. 

She also advice me to wear a lot of moisturiser and sun block, because I need a lot of hydration after the treatment. Furthermore, she also said to wear mask 4 to 6 days every night, also to add moisture to my skin.

6. Post Treatment Results

I am satisfied with the result, my skin look brighter than before and feel so smooth. In terms of my pore problem, I need to do this treatment regularly to get a better result, because the results will be gone after 28 days. On the first try, I think the result is very satisfying. 

Before I end this post, I would like announced that who ever wanted to treat yourself at Klinik Premier, just quote my name and you will get 10% discount.

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Premier Clinic Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) Branch
Address: 31 Jalan Wan Kadir 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 6000 WP Kuala Lumpur
Clinic hours: Tuesday - Saturday at 10 AM - 7 PM.
Closed: Sunday / Monday / Public Holiday

Premier Clinic Bangsar Baru Branch
Address: 40, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 WP Kuala Lumpur
Clinic hours: Tuesday - Saturday at 10 AM - 7 PM.
Closed: Sunday / Monday / Public Holiday
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