March 20, 2017

Clean Eating at Ukafe, ISETAN The Japan Store

Today, lets dive into Japanese cuisine. A perfect place to start this journey is with ISETAN The Japan Store, Lot 10.

There are actually so many restaurant to choose from at Lot 10, but I went to this place (ukafe) with my friends, because we are on budget and I think this place is affordable than others.

Since its affordable, how about the taste? Without further ado, lets start this journey.
Seats at ukafe
Environment: I love decoration of this place, especially that wallpaper where they showed Mount Fuji (that would be great for a selfie).

Menu Board of ukafe
If you zoom in this picture you can see clearly that they have a different choices of food. Move on to the food display: at first I was like, does this amount of food can make me full and does it taste good? But at least I know that this cafe cooked with an organic materials.
Special Menu of ukafe
Another thing is, this cafe seems like they only served light refreshment, but they also have a heavy meal like Udon and chicken teriyaki plate on their menu.

During that day, we picked Set 1 which consist of 2 Onigiri, 2 Okazu, 1 Soup for RM24.40. We also add on dessert to our meal, and for drink, we just sip on plain water that they provide for free. 
Our choices at ukafe

Onigiri is a Japanese rice ball that come with different type of flavours. I usually eat the basic one either with tuna or chicken. At ukafe, they served some unique type, but we decided to go with this two, which are:

Smoked Salmon Onigiri: It doesn't taste and smell fishy for me. As ukafe serving organic material and clean eating, this onigiri made it to the list. 

Stewed Minced Chicken Onigiri: I would say that this is different from what I usually eat. Most of the time I would eat fried chicken but this one would be my new favourite because there are a lot of flavour in it.

Onigiri! Onigiri!
Let's move on to Okazu. So, what is Okazu? According to, its a Japanese word for a side dishes to accompany rice. Most of the dictionary online would say that, but there are few people doesn't agree with the definition, here is one them.

Stewed Hijiki Seaweed Okazu: I love Nori and I can eat lots of them in one day. Again, relate with clean eating, on this dishes there are soy bean, dried mushroom and others. Therefore, its clearly healthy and it does taste good too.

Roasted Chicken in Shiokkoji Okazu: We meet again chicken! I think between this two Okazu, I prefer the seaweed one because I don't usually eat seaweed for everyday meal. This one just taste normal for me.

Okazu that available on that day.
Soup: Just a normal soup but less salt but full of seasoning.

Matcha Cheesecake: I choose this one because I like green tea, and I think the combination with cheese would be great. But, I found out that the aftertaste is a little bit bitter. If I revisit this place again, I would try different dessert.

Desserts at ukafe
Overall I love this place because its fancy, but still served an affordable meal. It suitable for just chilling around and have a great conversation with your friends or family.

For more information about this place, click Ukafe and you can visit this cafe that located at ISETAN Japan Store, Lot 10, Level 2F.

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  1. Japanese is a really nice cuisine. Its showing the skill of its individual chef. But, if any restaurant offering any fugu (puffer fish) dish, beware, ok? Eat with extremely precautions. hehe..