March 26, 2017

Movie Review: Power Rangers

Your childhood superhero just keep coming back this year, and one of them is Power Rangers! (Go go power rangers).

Obviously we know who is Power Rangers and I still remember that we watch it on TV3 (Malaysia cable television) for numerous of time. But, at that time I didn't know the storyline and all I know is they are bunch of superhero saving the day.

When I heard that this series adaptation is switch to movie franchise (for second time), I was like what make this difference from before? So, I Google and get my answer here.

In terms of storyline, its a story of five ordinary teenagers from town called Angel Groove, become something extraordinary. They are fighting with a villain named Rita and there are some twist in terms of sex orientation, but let me clear this up.

Malaysia have clearly received a lot of attention due to film censorship: First, with Beauty and The Beast and Power Rangers because of LGBT representation in the film. For me, it was not that hard to notice but I bet there are some people that will not realised about it at all. Because of the media brought it up, now everybody (include children) know about the 'thing'.

It will be heart breaking for me if this hype were due to some sort for an 'advertisement work', because it somehow stopped myself from enjoying the movie and I see it as a spoiler that doesn't need a much of attention (focus on the art of making the film please).

Back on the track, here is the simple review about this film:

a. Storyline: For me its cliche, because I can guess what is going to coming up right next (remember that there are another movie of it on 1995). 

Despite that, I thought this movie will not have any humour but guess what, I love humour in this movie although it was a little bit cheesy (I like cheesy humour, don't judge).

b. Cast: It was first time saw some of the actor/actresses except for Becky G. So, I assumed they are new in the industry.

The funny thing is when I see Dacre Montgomery (Red Rangers) I thought that he is Zac Efron or maybe related to him, but naah I'm wrong.

He looks light Zac Efron right?
By the way, to see new talent in a big movie franchise is interesting and ballsy move. Other than that, I can feel the teamwork and a big amount of fun time filming this movie.

c. Visual Effects: Its not fair if we compare this film with the 1995 franchise because of technology advancement from time to time. For this movie, it was okay and acceptable. There are other movies visual effects are far more better.

d. The most remembered scene: This might be a little bit of spoiler, so for those who doesn't like it, not advice to read this section.

My favourite scene is the water scene, where they all crazily jumped of the cliff and each of their power rangers colours started to glow/appeared. This scene is so nice that I feel like I want to swim right away after the movie ended (exaggerate).

e. After Credits: Please stay because you get to see a little bit of hint about Green Power Rangers.

P/S: As for all my movie review, I didn't give any rate because I'm afraid that will stop from enjoying this movie. Make sure watched it will a clear mind and make a personal review about them, because we have a different opinion, individually.

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