April 9, 2017

Obsess Cosmetics: Syedewa & Nuex Rosli Liquid Matte Lipstick


Starting last year, I can see number of Malaysian cosmetics product rise up, and I'm proudly present to you about one of them, which is Obsess Cosmetics.

The owner of Obsess Cosmetics, Hafizatul Atikah (She's so pretty!) has been in cosmetics industry for quite a while now.

Starting off with DD Cushion Foundation and variety of liquid matte lipstick, Obsess Cosmetics decided to collaborate with two of our talented local makeup artist (MUA) to came out with something special for the fans.

The long awaited has come and a special edition 'Mattely In Love Liquid Lipstick' was born as the heart and soul of Nuex Rosli and Syedawa

Consider Obsess Cosmetics as a special cosmetic line because all of their product consist of Argan Oil and Vitamin E, which help to get rid of dark lips. Due to that, it won't dry out your lips and still last long.

I have been using this special edition for quite a while now, and I will tell you the good and the bad side of it.

The applicator is a little bit different from what I usually wear. This one is the flat-version which great for bigger full lips, but I find it hard for my small lips. 

'Mattely In Love Liquid Lipstick' consist of two colours, brown-ish (Nuex Rosli) and soft pink for Syedewa. Although it was only two colours but you can mix this both and get another awesome colour!

Swatched Obsess Cosmetics on Hand

Obsess Cosmetics Swatch on Lips
As you can see from the picture above, I look better in Nuex Rosli colour just because I have a darker skin tone. For texture, it feels light and I love the smell of this liquid matte. It does take quiet some time to dry since it contained the Argan oil.

I am impressed by the quality, in terms of packaging and the liquid matte itself. It does feel like I'm wearing an international brand and I didn't doubt to used this brand since it have a Halal certificate and approved by local authority, KKM.

I suggest you to get your hand on this Special Edition Nuex Rosli X Syedewa (RM 99 per boxthrough their Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/obsess.cosmetics/, or for fast action, WhatsApp Obsess Cosmetics at +6016 600 2969. 

Before I end today post, I would like to shout out to Nisa Kay because I received a tons of advice from her about blogging since I'm still new in the scene. I will make used of all the tips and tricks she gave me and I hope to meet her again soon. All the best for your future endeavours Nisa (I know she will be absolutely awesome in everything that she do)!

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  1. Wow. The shades are pretty and looks good even for everyday use. Good writing! Keep it up! :)

  2. The mix shade is interesting. I like the Syedewa shade, I think it will match well with my fairer tone.

  3. Lovely shades, I like the Nuex Rosli better too :)

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