April 10, 2017

Dashi Dining Saya: Underground Japanese Cuisine

You might have heard "Dashi" word if you are into a Japanese cuisine. But, if you are not its okay and let me explain to you briefly about Dashi.

Dashi is a Japanese stock (broth), made from kombu (dried kelp), bonito flakes (dried and smoked skipjack tuna that is shave into thin flakes), anchovies/sardine (iriko or niboshi), or a combination of all or two of them.

At this restaurant, they made their Dashi fresh every single day and it used in many different Japanese dishes, such as miso soup, chawanmushi and many more.

I went to this place with my blogger friend, mommy cici and I find that this place is great to have a catch up session with friends. For me, it is really easy for me to move around and have face to face conversation at the round dining table.

So, how about the food?  
I love round dining table, because I can have face to face conversation to the person beside me efficiently!
Since it just two of us, we decided to order one meal for each of us to avoid food waste. Thankfully, it was a right decision because one meal can feed two person. Look at those picture below, it may look small but it can make you full in just a second.

Rice with Hot Dashi Soup Grilled Salmon & Salmon Roe | RM31

Up closed on the meal
If I were given one word to describe this meal, it will be healthy. We tend to go for chicken rather than fish and I consider Salmon as expensive fish. 

When I have the opportunity to eat fish, I usually picked the one that I rarely ate which in this occasion, Salmon.

There is no fishy smell, but there are taste of it. Other than that, I find it crunchy and flavourful when you mixed the ingredients all together. I consider this as healthy meal because it was not salty but its not bland.

To those who doesn't like to eat dry food, don't worry because this meal come with free refill dashi (broth) that you can just sip it alone or mix it with rice.

Take Set | RM38
Up Closed on Take Set
For this next set, I will tell you what are on this set accordingly based on the picture above (start from left up, end at left down): 

1. Grilled Mackerel with Eryngi Mushroom "Saya Style"
Its easy to eat in sushi form because the ingredient is compact. It contained mackerel which taste overwhelmed and hid the taste of the mushroom.

2. Tomato with Dashi Ginger
I never taste this in my whole life, and it was unique experienced for me. I thought the ginger will be overpowering but its actually taste like an apple juice, sweet and sour. But, it was a bit strange when I bite into the tomato, was not favour of the taste.

3. Tofu and Kinoko Mushroom with Dashi Sauce
Tofu is like best friend for me, I love the softness of it and the sauce is just perfect for it. 

4. Fried Chicken "Saya Style"
Before I ate this, I'm quite sceptical about how it will taste. But, it is nice to have this to washed out all the fish and seafood. The fried chicken is very light and made with their own style.

5. Japanese Traditional Stew "CHIKKUZENNI"
This one is pretty similar to a Chinese cuisine, maybe just because I see it contain lotus root. 

6. Hokkaido Beef Croquette
Well, this is my first time eating croquette and hope to eat more soon! I love this, and usually I don't like fried shell but this one is not that thick. Ingredients inside this croquette is compact and generous.

Steamed Egg and Dashi Soup "SAYA STYLE" | RM7

When I ate at new Japanese restaurant, I must taste their chawanmushi and miso sup and so far this is my favourite. 

Usually, the egg taste inside the chawanmushi are too overwhelming, but at Dashi Dining Saya, its full of flavour. I can taste the combination of the softness, broth and egg at the same time. Same goes to miso sup (RM7), the base is all it takes to make it taste different.
Mommy Cici, Me & Director of Dashi Delica Saya Malaysia, Masao Shimizu.
Beside the dining experienced, I get to take a look at their other store (which located just beside Dashi Dining Saya), Daishi Delica. The store consist of Japanese dishes with a concept of take away, but you may also eat at their dining table too.

The best part is they also sell octopus ball. With RM 12, you have to choose between Sauce & Mayonaise or Dashi Soup.
Some of the food that they are selling at Dashi Delica.
Before I end this post, I hope that all of you will visit and try Dashi Dining Saya one day (hopefully soon) because the environment and food is something different for me to experienced. Plus, Dashi Dining Saya and Dashi Delica Saya is pork free.

Let me know on the comment below if you already try the food at this place, or if you have any suggestion for place or food that you want me to try and review.

Till then, have a great day!
How To Go To Dashi Dining Saya, Lot 10.
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