April 27, 2017

'Mayo Magic: Burger Kat Mane?' A Platform For Burger Operators & Lovers!

'Burger Kat Mane?' is really catchy terms for me, but still very direct to the point. Anyhow, this platform is not just for Burger-trepreneur (I just made that up) but also for you burger lovers!

I urge you to be part of Burger Kat Mane clan by register at www.burgerkatmane.com.my (FOR FREEand I can show you how easy for you guys to register by watching this video below: 

Already registered? Now let me tell you what are the benefits being part of this Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) website for the sellers and also the consumers.

Family Clan of Lan Burger already be part of Burger Kat Mane, how about you?


1. Real time opportunities (publicise and post their own offers to consumers)
2. Save time, effort and cost by tackling digital platform.
3. Interact and connect with diners.
4. Widen their customer range beyond neighbourhoods. 

Consumer received free burgers on 17th April 2017 by registering at Burgerkatmane.com.my


1. Wide options of the local burger.
2. Go for foodie adventure as the site is map based (easy to find locations).
3. They can rate and appreciate at Burger Kat Mane.
4. Share with people via the Burger Kat Mane Facebook page.

Burgers has become a lifestyle for many Malaysian consumers and I'm pretty sure there are some pretty tasty burgers waiting to be known. 

UFS really want you guys to make this work and just sharing the goodness of local burgers. They target around 10,000 burger sellers to registered www.burgerkatmane.com.my nationwide.

I know that all burger operators are working hard by showcasing their creativity and innovative to make their burger taste great in a unique possible way. By being part of this website you can provide that to the diners for free.

From left: Lan Burger Owner, Mohd Hazlan Yusop, Angeline Ho, Nadia and Alessandra.
Its time to forget about international fast food burger and replace it with local, authentic dining experiences. It somehow it showed that we are aware about what they put on the burger by using appropriate ingredients such as, Lady's Choice Mayo Magic. 

Honestly, I really like this idea because its helping out a starter and senior of burger operators to bring them to the next level. 

I'm looking forward on this platform because of their ongoing process to be the best local burger platform for consumers and burgers operators. I already be part of Burger Kat Mane, how about you? Jom Burger Kat Mane!

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