April 20, 2017

Bloggertalk X Sabah #2: Kundasang Is Calling!

Welcome to my second post for Bloggertalk X Sabah!
Thank you for waiting and I'm trying to get everything into a schedule, but it seems like it didn't work that much. 

I really want to write a really great content for this blog and I realise it takes time. From choosing a picture, editing, writing, re-edit and so on. I just hope that this second entry will benefit you guys, especially to those who want to visit Sabah soon.  

Place: Cowboy Town, Tuaran

Sabah State Mosque
Admission: FREE

Second day of our trip and it feels so great to start our early day at Masjid Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu aka Masjid Terapung. We spent short amount of time here because Kundasang is waiting for us!

Breakfast at Mee Tauhu Sedap
Mee Tauhu Biasa satu!

Above picture is how 'Mee Tauhu' looks like (Maggi Goreng and Tofu). If I'm not mistaken this dish is originate from Tawau, and clearly we didn't get to get from there. 

Therefore, I can't compare with anything for this dishes because never had I ate this combination of food.

The taste was okay, and its not that salty, but I wonder if I can cook a healthier version of it.

Clearly we can see a lot of Tauhu words on the menu.
Cowboy Town, Tuaran
Admission: FREE

Howdy cowboy! New spot for tourist to just emerged into Wild Wild West vibe. I'm so in love with this place because the decoration is just on point. By the way, there are actually few activities that you can do here at Cowboy Town beside wandering around, such as:

Beside this two activity, there are actually restaurant, and also walk in a mangrove forest. There are time for horse riding hours, which are 7am to 11am and 2pm to 6pm and you can book your riding by calling +6019 861 1160. For more information, visit here.

Lunch at Berugis Cafe
Specialty : Mee Tuaran

After a long and hot day at Cowboy Town, its time for us to eat! Eat is my favourite time of every trip to Sabah because I get to taste new dishes that I never ate in Semenanjung. 

Since its five of us, we order lauk (side dishes) with rice of course. And don't forget when you come to Tuaran, you must eat Mee Tuaran.

ABC and delicious side dishes ya'll!
Tuaran Mee at Berungis Cafe
If I want to compare between Mee Tauhu and this one, I still like the Mee Tauhu. But, if you are curious how this taste like, please when you visit Sabah try this both and make sure to go to great spot!

Eat (Check), Pillow (Check) its time to start our journey to Kundasang. Approximately of 2 hours of driving, its a wonderful journey and the scenery is worth every glimpse. Even this foggy-ness is beautiful for me. But, I do feel a little of scared because there are part, the fog is too thick that we can't see anything.

Pekan Nabalu
What to do here: Eat fruits and buy souvenirs (ole ole)

We almost arrived at our second accommodation, Walai Tokou. But, after few hours sitting on car its time to taking some break. 

On your way to Kundasang, just take a break at Pekan Nabalu. You can eat some fresh fruits (I recommend Mango) and walk on their souvenir lane.

Actually there are one spot here where you can see Mount Kinabalu, but since its foggy today, we can't get to see that beautiful view. So, we hit the gas and keep our journey back on track.

Since we can't see Mount Kinabalu, I think replacing that with this view is just enough for me. I don't remember what is the name of this place because its located at the side of the road. 

Just stop your car for a while and just breath in the fresh air.

Walai Tokou Homestay

There are a lot of places to stay at Walai Tokou and I'm sure you will not regret staying here. I'm just going to write just a brief about Walai Tokou on this post because there are going to be a stand alone entry for it. 

Just because there are a lot of things to say about this place here. I will update the link here and you just can click and go directly to a very compact and detail post about Walai Tokou. So stay tuned!

We are so lucky to be just at the right time and at the right place. During that day, there are group of exchange student stayed there and do a lot of fun activities.

But, before we start to be active again, we catch some break first, tidy ourself up and wait for night activity (culture night). 

To be honest, the culture night is really awesome! When I look at this exchange student, I became more appreciative and proud of what Sabah had offered to them, which is culture.
One of the group do a traditional dance of Sabah
Every entry must come to an end, and today I will be end this post by showing you guys Bloggertalk X Sabah team. From left, we have Adzril, Dhia Vivadea, Farah Dafri and I. Remember to check their post on Sabah too, I'm pretty sure it will be a great post!

Bloggertalk X Sabah trip: Adzril, Dhia Vivadea, Farah Dafri and I.

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