September 5, 2017

Review: Em Cosmetics Infinite Lip Cloud (Faded Clementine)

I have been wanting this lip cream the moment Michelle Phan announce she is going to re-launch her brand, Em Cosmetics. Honestly, I am not that excited when she launch her old products (it seems like not authentically her baby) so I'm glad that she made a successful comeback after long hiatus.

Em Cosmetics Faded Clementine
Welcome lovely Em Cosmetics Infinite Lip Cloud!

Some of you may ask, how do I get my hand on Em Cosmetics products. Actually I have been searching all over Instagram who take a order for this brand. It's really hard to reach since Em Cosmetics didn't ship their items internationally (I'm praying they will be soon).

For now, I suggest you to visit Sleekchic Instagram. There were two people running this business (siblings power!) which one of them live in United State of America (USA) and the other one live in Malaysia (Sabah). I actually found this Instagram out of the blue and decided to take all the risk to do pre-order with them.

Why pre-order? There are few ready stock colour for the infinite lip cloud but they don't have Faded Clementine. Hence, I waited around end of July until received the parcel (I make the order around June). 

Yes, I ordered with my own money because I really want the colour and products. By the way, Sleekchic service are pretty good and they are friendly too! So, if you are looking for Em Cosmetics products and decided to order through them, let them know that Aqalili Azizan send you there. 😉

Packaging and unique wand.
By they way, if you want to see the packaging details make sure to slide at the end of the post!
When I asked the beauty community what they wanted EM to create, the overwhelming response was "a non-drying liquid lipstick!". this inspired us to create out beautiful, rich but comfortable formula. By bldnding the lip-cocooning, line filling properties of a lip primer with the colour saturation of a liquid lipstick, Infinite Lip Cloud was born." - Michelle Phan
There is nothing better to start something by quote her inspiration towards creating the lip cloud. Before I start to write my opinion, let me break the products info to you:
  • Long-wearing lip creme
  • Product volume: 4ml / 0.13 fl. oz.
  • Velvety, air whipped creme that glides on, and saturates your pout in rich colour.
  • Magnetic formula clings to lips for all-day wear without drying or cracking.
  • Luscious matte finish.
  • Applies as a vibrant liquid lipstick, and wears to a beautiful stain.
  • Cruelty free & Vegan.
  • Product ingredients, click here.

Soft tangerine colour taken with light or without light.
Disclaimer: I didn't prep my lips with lip scrub or any lip product to see an authentic results.

My expectations towards this lip product is high and I hope I won't be let down harshly because I believe in Michelle Phan vision. So, this will be an honest review from myself as her fans.

First impression: The moment I open my parcel, I really love how she and her team design the packaging. It was so aesthetic pleasing with new logo (geometry shape) which I was like 'THIS IS HER PRODUCTS!', I can see Michelle Phan made this.

The applicator is a bit different which I like because it distribute the products all over my lip perfectly. But, I notice that I need to build up so I can get that soft tangerine colour pop out on the lips.

It smells like vanilla-ish which was really good, it makes me feels like I'm eating dessert (metaphorically). I do agree with one of the claim which is the 'Velvety, air whipped creme texture'. Honestly, I never feel hydrated when I'm wearing lip creme but this one is sure do.

Me wearing the Faded Clementine!
Detailed timeline of me trying out the products.
Not to praise myself, but I do look good on this colour. I though it would be too light but it just nice and I'm sure that it will look great on every skin colour (you owned it!)

As you can see on the picture above, I capture a very detailed timeline wearing the product for one day. It was really bump because it was not that last long. Plus, if you eat food it will came out fully like mine on 3:30 PM photo. I re-apply back because I want to see if it stain gracefully like Em Cosmetics claims. 

Well, it does but I think I take the photo at the wrong time. By 8:00 PM I was actually have arrived at home for couple of minutes and I forgot to capture a photo between the time stated.


To be honest, its a 50-50 chances for me. I really like the texture and this colour is kind of hard to find (due to my liking). But, it will be a no for me because it doesn't stay that long on my lips for the price I pay. 

Overall, it was a really great experiences and I would love to try the rest of the colour and their eyeliner too (I heard it is really great eyeliner!).


Em Cosmetics Infinite Lip Cloud Packaging Details.

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  1. The em cosmetics sure look good. I personally am a makeup lover and love to try all types and brands of makeup. Thess lipstick colors are to die for.

    1. Hi there! Yup, the rebrand of em cosmetics are really exciting! Hope you get to try their lipstick because the texture is really good :)

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