September 18, 2017

I Get To Witness "The Longest Fresh Fruit Cake in Malaysia" at Lulu Hypermarket!

In conjunction with Malaysia Day (16th September 2017), Lulu Hypermarket & Department Store decided to celebrate by breaking a new record of the longest fresh fruit cake in Malaysia! Let's see if they achieve their target which is 120 meters.

Lulu Hypermarket
Before Lulu Hypermarket team finished decorate almost 120 meter of fresh fruit cake.

Decorating the cake with fresh fruits.
Piping all the gel out for the longest cake!
It was almost a month since I didn't attend any event related to blogging, but last Saturday I get to witness something extraordinary! 

Yes guys, its real that Lulu Hypermarket attempting to make the longest fresh fruit cake in Malaysia. The current record was 90 metres with 8-centimetre-thick set by Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills back in 2014. 

Will they succeed? We will find out after they finished decorating and such. Before that, let's walk around the hypermarket!

Lulu Hypermarket
What the fish? 50% off?
Lulu Hypermarket and Department Store was launch by our Prime Minister, Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak on 25th June 2016 here, in Malaysia. Basically this store is already one year old and I can't tell you how surprised I am about this place.

On that day, they are actually doing a massive sale not just for clothes but also groceries, electrical items, and many more. You can get all these items at a really low price. Yes, I'm not kidding. So, make sure to follow their social media account to get a quick update on any promotion.

Lulu Hypermarket
Olive oil at a really affordable price!
Lulu Hypermarket
Sushi galore at Lulu Hypermarket!
Lulu Hypermarket
They sell healthy drinks at price as low as RM 2.75!
A picture is worth a thousand words and I'm pretty sure you get the geez of the hypermarket. I spend really long time when I when to any hypermarket and it's 3 times worsen when I walk around here. From my opinion, the hypermarket sells variety of things at a really affordable price.

Alright now let's move on to each of the level. They have grocery & fresh food department, fashion & lifestyle, home decor & household and last but not least digital department.

It was clearly that we spend most of our time at second floor because they sells some pretty Indian Traditional Dress, Saree. Without a doubt it's easy to bought saree here because it's ready made and have variety of choices!

Lulu Hypermarket
One of the blogger styling the Saree!
She is gorgeous right? I'm pretty sure you are too my readers! Looking at her remind me of my friends wedding where the theme is 'Bollywood'. Clearly, this colour is incredible!

Move on to my favourite section, digital department. I was actually planning to buy new MacBook because currently I used the old version and it was not convenient for travelling. Hopefully soon it will be mine, but right now I just need to dream about it day and night.

Lulu Hypermarket
My face expression say it all.
After roaming around until the upper level, I went back to the first level and did some groceries shopping. My total cost for 20 items are RM165.01, and I get everything that I want. One of tips that I can give to you for groceries shopping is list out all the items that you want. Therefore, you will not over spend.

Few hours went by, it's time to check the fruit cake back. You already know about the size of the cake, now I'm going to tell you all the specific details about the cake!

The Longest Fresh Fruit Cake in Malaysia.
Blue print of The Longest Fresh Fruit Cake in Malaysia.
The Longest Fresh Fruit Cake in Malaysia.
Here's to a starting point!
Size of cake: 120 Metres
Width: 50 cm
Thickness of cake:15 cm
Total weight: Approximately 1600 kg to 1800 kg
Ingredients: Sponge cake mix vanilla, white egg, refined sunflower oil, white crystal sugar, whipping cream, fresh fruits (mangoes, pineapples, apples, cherries, grapes, kiwis and strawberries), canned fruit cocktail, liqua gel colour (leaf green, rose pink & lemon yellow)

The Longest Fresh Fruit Cake in Malaysia.
The details of the cakes!
It looks and taste delicious too and I'm not even joking. The fruits is really fresh and the sponge cake is not overwhelm BUT it does taste a little bit sweet for me. Before they hand out all the cakes to the public, Malaysia Book of Records personnels will monitored and verified the records first.

I have witness their staff decorate from start until the end and now it's time to wait for it to be measure. While waiting I asked few of the staff how long they made this cake. They said it took around one week just to bake the cake and all the assembling started at 6AM on that day.

Clearly I was shook, like who can have all the patience to do this just to break a record? I'm not that type of person, but you know what it's also for good things because all proceeds at the event will go to Cheshire Home Selangor.

Measuring the cakes!
One of the Malaysia Book of Records personnels.
The moment we all have be waiting for *drum roll*


Congratulations to Lulu Hypermarket & Department Store for making it to Malaysia Book of Records! It was really great to witness such things with my own eyes.

Lulu Hypermarket & Department Store

Congrats Lulu Hypermarket & Department Store for breaking the record!

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  1. bestnyaaa semua murah murah. selalu je lalu kat Lulu ni tapi asyik lupa nak singgah -,-

    1. Murah sangat! Berbaloi pg sanaa, ni kalau nak beli groceries singgah lah nnti, ada promotion!

  2. Great savings if you shop at LuLu Hypermarket & Department Store. Lots of variety in the food section as well as the other department. Will definitely come back for more shopping here.

    1. Agree! Definitely will come back for the kimchi and healthy juices. :D