September 23, 2017 Kampung Paya Pasir, 26500 Maran, Pahang, Malaysia

Weekend Getaway: 3rd Hammockers Gathering at Lubuk Yu Eco Park!

Weekend is really important because that's where we take a rest from a work. I understand the situation as I just started working but I really satisfied about my daily life because I get to do what I love. Here you go, my long overdue post on my past few weeks getaway.

Hammockers Gathering
Welcome to Lubuk Yu Eco Rimba!

To start of this post, let me tell you one thing: this is my second hammock camp. Last year was my first time and it was incredible! 

When I was invited by the founder of Hammockers Malaysia, Laili Basir again. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart for always invite me for an adventure, it was really refreshing and outdoor activity will always be my ultimate favourite.

Lubuk Yu Eco Park, Maran view.
I'm not sure if you have heard about this place or not, because it's also my first time visited the place. Due to that, I get to know the history of Lubuk Yu. 

Back in 2010, Lubuk Yu is actually a black area because there are tons of cases here including Leptospirosis found in water. But, throughout the year the area is save and they try to rejuvenate back Lubuk Yu with hammock camping and it's working! 

I was actually surprised about their history because the view are just breathtaking. Just look at the photo above, you all know what I mean right?

16 hammock swinging by the tree.
Now, you get a bit info about Lubuk Yu, let me tell you my 2 days 1 night adventure here shall we?

I was introduced to their Hammock Tower last year. If I'm not mistaken they break a record of 11 hammock tower but for this camp, they went for 16 hammock! Beside that, they also tied up the giant hammock on camp site.

All the 3rd Hammockers Gathering participants!
Largest hammock are up on the camp site.
Well, another normal things to do is to climb the hammock. Thank god this time I'm on the fifth floor only (I just pretend to be okay by the way). It was a bit different this time because I get to meet new group of people from Tekoyong Hikerz Club.

For those who are looking to joined a group of hiking lovers, I recommend you to join them because I personally know one of the members, Vee. If you read my last year post you know who I'm talking about! 

View from below because I only capture myself from the upper view. 😂
I was fortunate enough to joined them because it was a bit last minute to joined the camp without any equipment. So, I could say that it was a spontaneous trip.

They have prepared activities through out the day such as Leap of Faith, Tree Climbing, lucky draw, sharing session and Fly & Drop. Oh! There are also few booth selling outdoor equipment including hammock, bags and many more.

Who can guess which bag that I want?
Hiking pants, windbreaker are up for sale!
After roaming around and doing some window shopping, it's time to get active. I joined all of the activities accept Leap of Faith because who on earth will jump from a tree by your own? Naah, definitely not me YET.

So, Tree Climbing (CHECKED) and Fly & Drop (CHECKED). The most challenging part of these activities involved my stamina. If you know me from the old times, I was really active back then. My weekend is full of outdoor activities but I stop doing all that when I continue studies.

Due to that, I get less active and my stamina was like 👎 .  All I do is regret and I try to get active back as much as I can.  

Let's climb a tree (safest way).
Say hello to Vee! Here is our nervous face before Fly & Drop
As last year insane Rope Swing handled by Rentas Adventure, so does for this high rope activity! If I want to be honest, I'm pretty nervous because you need to do things by your own. Without further explanation, make sure to watch my video below:

Look exciting right? I can assure you that it was really fun to do because I did it twice. Another one is before we heading home on the next day. After drop yourself in the river, it's time to continue with some water splashing! 

Tekoyong Hikerz Club members!

Posing for Instagram worthy picture.
The cold water and great company sums up everything. It was calming, the cold breeze coming through and we was just an adult feeling stress free in the middle of the woods.

After we have a time of our life, it's time for sharing session! I actually really excited about this session because the topic is on point. I get to hear an extraordinary experiences from THREE person:

1. 19 days lost in Gunung Tahan with Mai
2. 60 Days Solo Bike-packers with Jaja
3. A man with Dyslexia (Nadge) that travel around the world and can read, write and speak 7 languages.

All of them sharing a compact and detailed input, I like all of them because I hear every single things that they saying. There's a certain mood that I encounter when I listen to their story. It would be nervous for Mai, exciting for Jaja and proud with Nadge.

By hearing from their own mouth I wonder when I will get to be as adventurous like them (except from Mai, because I could not survive while lost 19 days in Gunung Tahan).

With my buddies for 2 days 1 night sweet escape.
And that's the end of my weekend getaway. I would like to say thank you for those who are care and inviting me, it was a sure FUN-TASTIC (so cheesyyy) days to remember. 

I hope I can spend my time more doing outdoor activities before I settled down. My goal would be climbing Gunung Kinabalu and Mount Fuji. If I get to achieved both of that, it would be just perfect. 

But before that, I need to practice by doing a right way. Tips for beginner: Make sure to hire a guide or join a group of hikers. You can't control what will happened and it would best to minimise incidents.

That's all from me, till then see you on my next post! For more information about this event, visit here.

Congratulation to all the hard worker, you did it again!
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