September 13, 2017

DIY Egg Sculpture for 388 Eggmonium Campaign!

In conjunction of World Egg Day, Avenue K are hosting a campaign called 388 Eggmonium. It's for a good cause and I was really interested to be part of it! It feels like painting my own easter egg but for a good cause. Let's make a magic on empty canvas shall we?

An empty canvas is going to be full of surprises.

I actually took a really long time thinking what should I do with the egg. As it is for charity, I want to make sure that my egg will get adopted so I can give back to the charity organisation.

Do take note that, if you spend at any stores in Avenue K, you can adopt any egg sculptures and all the proceeds from the adoption will be channeled to Charity Right Malaysia.

Holla! If you are a fan of graffiti artist, Kenji Chai this will be a great time for you to get his artwork! Spend RM30 to get 1ft egg sculptures by art students, RM188 for 1ft and RM388 for 3ft egg sculpture by Kenji Chai.

Back to the egg art...

388 Eggmonium
Process of making an egg art for 388 eggmonium

After long consideration, I decided to hand paint my two favourite prints: flamingos and watermelon. It took me good 4 hours to make this artwork including time for it to dry. Do take note that I didn't have any art background and I did this in rush mode since I need to sent before went for a trip.

Thanks for insomnia, I was able to finished it on time and I felt really calm and achieved something great that morning. 

Tutorial: Based on the picture above, I showed you the basic things. I do double layer to get that bright blue to match the flamingos and watermelon colours. To be honest, I refer to a YouTube video to paint flamingos so, make sure to click this video to watch the tutorial. For watermelon, my inspiration come from makoccino video.

The final product ...

388 Eggmonium
You will get best of both world if you adopt this egg!

One details on the egg!
I would say it was a really simple but meaningful to me. I do wish that my egg art will get adopted. If you see this egg at Ground Floor Atrium, Avenue K, let me know because I didn't have the opportunity to go there and see it by myself. I also didn't get to attend the opening ceremony because I just started a full time work on that week (will let you know the details soon).

That's all for today post, it was short, simple but meaningful and I feel really bad for not updating these past few days. I really need to make sure I always update because this is my safe space. Basically it means that you are part of me. 

So, thank you so much for endless support and keep on tuning in!

For more information about 388 Eggmonium, visit

What DIY project next?

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  1. In my opinion, the finished work has turned out to be quite successful and unusual. Despite your unprofessionalism, the egg was painted in an original way