August 2, 2017

Review: DD Cushion Foundation by Obsess Cosmetics

Obsess Cosmetics is one of the Malaysian cosmetics line. Personally, I love seeing people put their heart and soul in making these kind of products - from packaging, ingredients and such. But, does it does what it claims? Let's find out on this post.

Obsess Cosmetics
I love their packaging, thumbs up for that!

Writing a review is my favourite thing to do, I get 100% satisfactory giving my honest opinion on every product I have tried but before I start, let me tell you something about this cosmetic line.

All Obsess Cosmetics products contained Argan Oil, and this DD cushion is their first product to launched. Their latest product is a collaboration between Nuex Rosli and Syedewa Special Edition Liquid Matte Lipstick, I have done a review on that so make sure to check it out.

Obsess Cosmetics
Sponge is included with the compact powder.


Let's talk about the packaging first. I love their packaging design because nothing could go wrong with geometry with all that pastel colours. The compact powder itself was actually pretty comfortable to hold on and the sponge was pretty okay too. What I meant is, the sponge is soft and absorbs the products efficiently.

According to their site, the cushion contained Argan oil serum and Vitamin E, it should help to reduce acne scars and freckles at the same time cover and even out your skin tone. 

Other than that, this cushion claims are:
  • If you used it consistently you will get a silky smooth skin. 
  • Keep your skin fresh and will not become oily.
  • Doesn't sticky and absorb into skin without leaving any residue on the shawl.
  • Give that natural, smooth look without putting on heavy makeup.
  • Doesn't give that cakey and blotchy on your skin when you are sweating.
  • Last 2-3 months.
  • Halal and KKM approved (NOT161100904K)
Obsess Cosmetics
Up closed 'Obsess Cosmetics DD Cushion'.
I start wearing the foundation from 4:07 PM until 9:17 PM, it's around 5 hours. First impression matter the most and too bad this DD cushion didn't give me that natural, smooth looks. First it doesn't cover my pores and my white head is visible especially in the nose and chin area. 

I'm not that impressed at all but I still want to give it a try so I went out (run some errands) to test this product. As you can on the picture below, there are slightly differences in terms of my skin tone, it's brighter at first but then it seems to absorb or disappear on my skin.

I didn't not know why but maybe one of the factor is I didn't put any primer and I have a reason for that. In order to test the product ultimately, I don't want to used on it owns without depends on other products. 

In terms of 'keeping my skin fresh and will not become oily' this one is a big no to me. I have combination skin, so the T-zone area should be the most oily but it seems it distribute to my whole face. I even ask my younger brother how my skin looks like, and he was being really honest and tell me 'Kak, you face looks super oily'. 

Would I repurchase this again? NOPE. It doesn't work on my skin at all and they only provide one colour to choose from. I know that it will absorbs and become your real skin tone, but at least you need to have a big range of colour selections.

The only thing that I like is the smell. The smells of argan oil is refreshing for me.

Before and After using DD Cushion Foundation by Obsess Cosmetics.


  • The packaging is pretty.
  • Love the grip of compact powder.
  • Soft sponge and absorbs the products efficiently.
  • Refreshing smells of Argan oil.


  • Didn't give me that natural, smooth looks
  • My whitehead and pores is visible.
  • Makes my face become oily.
  • Only one colour to choose from.

So, that's my full review on DD Cushion Foundation by Obsess Cosmetics. How about you? Have you trying this already? If YES, let me know your thoughts on the comment below, if NO, would you want to purchase and try this soon?

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Obsess Cosmetics
The difference between my skin tone and the DD Cushion.
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  1. Hi! Thanks for the review. I thought of buying it but now i know it will not suit my skin either. I have similar problem with you the whitehead around nose and chin area. How do you overcome it when using foundation and do you have any recommendation of suitable foundation? Thanks in advance :)

    1. Hi there Innorizz! Thanks for visiting my blog, nice to meet you btw. So far I didn't found any suitable foundation but I tried swatch the Fenty one and it's seems really promising. Since it was a little bit out of budget, I will purchased Maybelline one soon. To minimised my pore, usually I will clean it with pore strip. Hope it will help you! All the best for your blog ;)

  2. You look so nice and your makeup makes you perfect. I also like deep makeup. Makeup is an important part of women's life and Liquid Matte Lipstick is the main pert of it.

  3. Hi, can u send me the full ingredient of this product? Thank you

    1. Hi Adele,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I look out for the ingredients, here it is: Argan oil, Aloe vera, Titanium dioxide, kernel oil, Glycerin, Marine collagen. You can check out more about it here: ;)

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