August 13, 2017

Variety of Dim Sum at KL Seafood Market

As we all might know, Din Tai Fung is famous for its Dim Sum (especially the Xiao Long Bao) but I can't consumed the food there since its not halal. So, right now I'm on mission to look for halal dim sum in Malaysia.

Right now until 31st August 2017, KL Seafood Market came out with variety of halal Dim Sum. Let see does they have what it takes to capture my heart? 😉

Some of the Steamed Dim Sum at KL Seafood Market

Seafood lover, you will be excited because this new spot might be one of your favourite seafood place to eat in Kuala Lumpur. Why? Because KL Seafood Market have 21 tank of fresh seafood that they restock daily. 

This 'No Pork, No Lard' restaurant can served up to 350 pax in one time. When I ate at this restaurant, it's stress free and calming for me, parking spot is also easy to find. Advisable to park inside of the building and the fee would be RM4.00. After done eating you can walk around the area (psst, Taman Tasik Perdana is nearby).

Inside of the restaurant.
KL Seafood outdoor seating.
21 fresh seafood is ready to be served!


As I informed you earlier, this Dim Sum dishes is available until 31st August 2017 only! They have great discount deal for this dishes: 50% during weekdays (Monday until Friday) and 20% on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

By the way, the only served Dim Sum for lunch only from 11 AM until 3 PM, if you are planning to have Dim Sum at this place do take note that information. 

To be honest it was really systematic to order dim sum at KL Seafood Market because they printed out order form specifically for Dim Sum only. All you need to do, is put the quantity and you are done. 

Up to 50% discount for Dim Sum dishes.

Efficient and systematic order form for Dim Sum.

I think that's enough of information, now let's move on to our main focus today 'the food' photo. There are tons of choices to fully enjoy this promotion, from steamed dim sum, steamed bun, porridge, salad, deep fried, noodles and dessert. 

If you are getting confused, I'm here to ease you to order since all the menu that I stated is based on their staff recommendation, leggo!


KL Seafood Market
Wanton Noodles with Shallot Oil - RM 8.00

There are 6 choices for noodles, and Wanton Noodles with Shallot Oil (RM8.00) is one of them. I would say that the smell of shallot oil is really strong, but as I get a bite it wasn't that bad and the noodles is fine too. But if you are not big fan of shallot I didn't recommend you to order this due to strong smell.


Cuttlefish Leg with Salt & Paper - RM16.00

Breaded Chesee Ball - RM 9.00
Yam Cake - RM8.00
Who doesn't like fried food? Especially when it is fried seafood. Since I went to this food review with Mommy Cici, it was just a nice amount for us to finished it.

If I were to picked between this three dishes, cuttlefish leg with salt & pepper, breaded cheese ball or yam cake I would choose the first dishes. All I taste the freshness of seafood and it was cooked simple by seasoning with salt and pepper only. Although I'm fan of cheese let's keep it real when it comes to seafood.

The Yam Cake was okay for me but I feel like it was missing something (seasoning) but it would be nice if it comes signature chilli dipping sauce.


Homemade Bean Curd Salad - RM9.00
I was quite surprised when I saw this on salad sections because it looks like fried meal to me. This dishes is garnished with carrot and also apple salad. So you get the sweet of apple and also the melted homemade bean curd.

Personally, I like this dishes because I just love tofu. It soft and it can be cooked with variety of style from fried to steamed and when it goes straight to your mouth, it will just melted. It's nice to have at least one healthy meal when you consumed too much of seafood.


Curry Chicken Bun - RM 8.00
To be honest, I'm not a big fan of curry so I didn't looking forward of this dishes. But, it was actually quite good. I like how the curry taste like: not too fragrance, have a little bit sweet taste to it and the bun is soft and fluffy. 

If I want to find something wrong about the dishes it might be about filling. For a big eater like me, it wasn't that much to be honest. But if you are having other meal this is just enough for you to just get a hint of it.


Chicken Siew Mai - RM 9.00
Shark Fin Dumpling - RM 9.00
Salted Egg Chicken Siew Mai - RM 9.00
Shrimp Ball - RM 16.00
Bean Curd Skin Roll with Sweet Sauce - RM 9.00
Here is five out of 20 choices of steamed dim sum and I felt really full after consumed this goodies. Here are the list name and prices on dim sum that I ate during the food review: (the list is according to the picture above)
  • Chicken Siew Mai - RM 9.00
  • Shark Fin Dumpling - RM 9.00
  • Salted Egg Chicken Siew Mai - RM 9.00
  • Shrimp Ball - RM 16.00
  • Bean Curd Skin Roll with Sweet Sauce - RM 9.00
My favourite on this menu would be shark fin dumpling and shrimp ball. Don't be shock because there is no real shark fin inside the dumpling, it was named because it looks like shark fin only. If you are going to eat this, make sure to consumed before its cool down otherwise the dumpling will get soggy to eat.

Some of the dim sum that were served is from a supplier, while some of them is handmade by the chef at the restaurant itself. This lead us to the shrimp ball, I like this dish because it full and compact with seafood.

Other than this two, the other three is just normal for me and there is no va va voom factor to it. But I do feel a little bit disappointing on the salted egg because I didn't get the salted egg flavour that much.

Apart from that, there is nothing more for me to elaborate. All I just want to say is thank you for this opportunity KL Seafood Market. I will make sure to come again to taste their seafood dishes. Till then!


Social Media: Facebook 
Address: Restoran 1, Aras 5, Ruang Letak Kereta Bertingkat, Jalan Tanglin, Taman Tasik Perdana, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 11 AM - 3 PM | 6 PM - 10 PM
Contact: +603 2276 0066

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