August 11, 2017

Here's What I Think When I Received My Order From Printcious

Previous post on Printcious, I elaborate about my wish list for travel needs and wants and also tips for you to start customised at Printcious. This post is basically my feedback on how I think about the Printcious in so many aspects. If you want to know honest and fair opinion about it, make sure to give this post some love by clicking read more button!

My order from Printcious

Among six items on my wish list, I only managed to get two out of it which are luggage tags and basic button badge with bottle opener. But before I start to review about that, I want to tell you that it's so easy to register at Printcious. You can either register with your Facebook account or fill in short sign up form.

Once you be a member, you can start customised any items that you want (Printcious have more than 10 categories for you to choose from)

Now, if you already made up your mind let's move on to the next step, ordering.

Email that I received from the Printcious about my order.

It was rather quick transaction because they accept online banking, debit and credit card as well. I ordered my items on 2nd August 2017 and I choose Ninja Van as my delivery method out of nowhere. If you insist on a reason, maybe its because I rarely used this service (I always used Poslaju and I know how SkyNet services were).

Along the way, I was informed if my order is ready to post out and honestly I was quite surprised about how quick it took for Printcious to print out my order. I know that maybe some of you thought like this: "You only order two small items, that's why its quicker.". 

But, I thought that since they also open for bulk order, my order suppose to be like the last resort but I was wrong about it (kudos to Printcious).

Delivery status email from Printcious team.
It stated here I supposed to received the items on 4th August 2017, but I received the items on the next day which is 5th August 2017 (came in early morning). Again, I was okay if the mail came late because I think customised print items takes time to make.

The items received in a great condition with bubble wrap and thank you card. About the quality, I prefer the badge rather than the tag because the printing was a little bit blurry. Quite disappointing because I really want the luggage tags since I browse the site.

In terms of pricing, Basic Button Badges (Magnetic Opener) nett price is RM14.10, and RM35.60 for the luggage tag. My total order was RM59.70 include RM10 shipping. 

If I want to compare the quality with price tag, I would say it was a bit expensive but I understand why, because I didn't order in bulk. My best advice is if you want to purchase in small amount, do lookout for sale on their page because it's really good deal.

Explanation from Printcious team:

After the review, the team realised that the luggage tag doesn't meet my expectations and she explained to me why the result may different between this two items. Here is the answer:

"The reason that the printing is different is that both products are using a different method of printing as the material of both products are different.

Luggage tag used sublimition method (using sublimation ink). While button batch used dye ink."

I hope this explanation will make you guys aware about the results as the process is different between luggage tags and button badge.

Currently, they have Youth Day sale up to 30% off until 12th August 2017. So, if you want to customise items for your friends and family, head down to and key in YOUTH for promo code.

My items are save with bubble wrap!
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