August 3, 2017

Air Asia Offering Promotion Flights To Indonesia and Here is The Reason Why

Now everyone can fly to the country of your dream because of AirAsia. I still remember my love for travel started when I went to Bali for the first time ever. Since then, Air Asia have been our main airline choice for travelling outside of Malaysia. Make sure to read this post if you want to know more about the promo for Indonesia flights!

(From L - R) Robert D. Waloni, Senior Advisor to the Minister for Air Accessibility, Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia; Aireen Omar, CEO of AirAsia Berhad; Judi Rifajantoro, Professional Staff to the Minister on Tourism Infrastructure, Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia; and Rifai Taberi, Commercial Director of Indonesia AirAsia, at the official launch of the partnership between the Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia and AirAsia. 
On the first of August, Air Asia brought some good news for you out there who are craving to visit Indonesia immediately until 25 February 2018 as Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia and AirAsia commemorates partnership.

I know that this both country have been a partner for quite some time now since they open a route between Indonesia and Malaysia. But this current collaboration is focusing more on marketing efforts in terms of advertising and promotional activities.

According to Professional Staff to the Minister on Tourism Infrastructure, Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia, Judi Rifajantoro, it is more than just a collaboration with airlines and the community.

This collaboration is aimed to boost tourism industry in Indonesia and Malaysia and also promote social cohesiveness between both countries.

CEO of AirAsia Berhad, Aireen Omar said, the beauty of AirAsia lies in our connectivity that offers an extensive network covering unique routes beyond the metro cities in many of the countries that we fly to.

Aside from flying from Kuala Lumpur, Air Asia also offer a flight from Kuching, Penang and Johor to Indonesia with additional Fly-Thru points (it is true that everyone can fly!).

Beauty of Bali. Photo courtesy of Curitan Aqalili 2011-2017
Therefore, you can now visit Indonesia frequently as they provide 350 times weekly flights to 15 different cities such as Banda Aceh, Bandung, Bali, Jakarta, Lombok, Medan, Pekanbaru, Palembang, Padang, Pontianak, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya, Makassar and Yogjakarta (Phew that such a long list).

AirAsia also recently added more frequencies to several routes in Indonesia and have launched direct flights from Kuching to Pontianak as the growth of travel demand between both country.

Due to the partnership, AirAsia is offering a flights to Indonesia with fares starting at RM79* (promotional all-in fares quoted are for one-way travel only inclusive of taxes. Terms and conditions apply). All you need to is to book your flights from 1 August until 6 August for immediate travel until 25 February 2018.

Don't forget to download AirAsia apps on your phone to get a quick update on special promotional fares and what are you waiting for? Let's travel and see the world!

Visit AirAsia on:

One of the place that you need to visit in Bali. Photo courtesy of Curitan Aqalili 2011-2017
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