June 4, 2017

Start Your Raya Shopping At Althea To Get Your Hands On Limited Edition Goodness!

*Cue Raya Music*

Imagine when you wake up during your first day of Raya, everything was prepared, new clothes, shoes, shawl and many more. But not just that, your beauty regime and makeup routine become much more easier when you get all of the items that you shop at Althea beforehead.

Everything become much more easier with just one click, no hustle and bustle. No need to fight with aunty at the store when the product there is only one product left!

Get your LIMITED EDITION Ramadan Box Now at Althea!
I love Korea beauty product, and it shows when I write an entry post on '5 Time-Saving Makeup Products: Natural Edition'. Without a doubt, I have put my faith on Althea because they delivers authentic K-beauty products to the world!

At just the right time! Althea came out with not just ONE but TWO Raya promotions. The first one, is that you will get their Limited Edition Ramadhan Box when you shop on their site (while stock last).

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get yours too because I might be get my hand on this so I can put all my Althea goodness inside here (specially for you, Althea!). But, do take note that the order packaging is depend on the order size. So, if you buy in small quantities or light weight items it may be delivered in bubble air package.

I will make things easier for you, just click my.althea.kr/ to start shopping. I already done surveying and put some of my product wish list on the carts! (Will do unboxing blog post about my purchase soon)

All of my wish list products, but which one will I choose?
All I have to do now is 'Check Out' right? But wait, I feel that something is missing. Oh ya! The second Raya promotion.


The second promotion is going to excite you beauty lover, because Althea decided to giveaway ONE FREE Raya Gift called as 'Raya Giveaway Festival'Take a peek all of the giveaway items here, click and proceed to checkout (the item will be discounted off during check out). *While stock last

So many goodies to choose from!

I got my eyes on you, Absolute Tok Tok Tip Blusher.
Alright, now let's get real and proceed to check out. I'm so excited and can't wait for the packaging to arrived! 

Hope you will get your Limited Edition Ramadan Box and One Raya Gift. Don't forget to share your thoughts on the comment section below and I would love to know what is your experience, haul on Althea!

The offer is AVAILABLE on Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia!

In case you forget, click my.althea.kr to start shopping. For more information, head down to their Facebook & Instagram account! 

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