June 17, 2017

Hurry Up & Get Your 'Raya Rush' Drink at Juice Works Now!

Once a year, Juice Works will bring some goodness to us especially in this Ramadhan season! From May 1 until June 30, they are bringing back 'Raya Rush' to the table for us to tried. I heard there are so many ingredients that good for your body. What are we waiting for? Make sure to click more!

Before drinking 'Raya Rush' from Juice Works!
Before I start with all the benefit inside this one healthy juice cup. Just want to let you know that, Juice Works offering a 'BUY 1 FREE 1 JUNIOR' if you purchased Raya Rush Drink and it will only valid from May 27 until June 27, every 6 PM - 8 PM. One for you and also one fresh juices drinks for your children, pretty awesome right?

Let me break it down what they have inside the drinks. Raya rush is made with crush cranberries and watermelon, a low fat vanilla ice cream sorbet and coconut water or juice. The moment you sip the drink, it feels like you almost eating ice cream, and you will taste the coconut and cranberries more than other ingredients.

Ingredients of Raya Rush: Crush Cranberries & Watermelon, Low Fat Vanilla Ice Cream Sorbet and Coconut Juice/Water
Alright you already know what is the ingredients right? Now, let me tell you what are benefits on each of the ingredients that you will get in this one cup. 

1. A very good source of Vitamin C, dietary fibre and manganese which is good for bone building. 
2. Rich in Vitamin E, which help protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals.
3. Vitamin K is important for blood clotting and again for building strong bones.
4. Copper is to help ward off infection and osteoporosis.
5. Vitamin B5 (also known as pantothenic acid), help convert food into energy and help your body use protens and fats.

1. Made up of 92% of water - which is a great source of water.
2. Also have significant levels of Vitamin A, B6 and C, and lots of lycopene. Which is useful in preventing cancer and hardering of arteries.

1. Low-calories, fat and cholesterol free.
2. Rich in electrolytes that aid in our bodily functions.
3. Potassium content is higher than four bananas! Which great to regulate one's fluid balance and to help counteract the effects of sodium to maintain a healthy blood pressure.
4. SUPER hydrating.

A lot of benefits in just one cup!
Overall, all three fruits are great because if you are worried about over-eating or not eating a balanced meal during fasting season, drink this up to get rid of indigestion and reduce the incidents of acid reflux (burning pain)!

Sounds tempting right? By the way, Raya Rush drink is available in three cup sizes such as:
  • Junior (250 ML) - RM 8.95
  • Midi (450 ML) - RM 9.95
  • Power (650 ML) - RM 10.95
All the prices mention are inclusive 6% GST! So, hurry up at get your Raya Rush drink available at all Juice Works participating outlets in Malaysia and stay hydrated!

Raya Rush drinks available in Junior, Midi and Power sizes!
After drinking the Raya Rush drinks. Went back home with a happy face and happy stomach!

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