June 2, 2017

Seindah Ramadhan @ Carousel International Coffeehouse With Camel Meat

Carousel International Coffeehouse are back again with special Ramadhan buffet menu, from 22 May until 24 June 2017. With more than 150 dishes, I'm pretty sure you going to be super full during berbuka. Without further ado, let's get into it.

Highlight of Seindah Ramadhan, Camel Meat.
Since there are 7 action stalls with additional 5 food stations, I'm going to break it down into few categories to make things easier.

Rendang Unta
The highlight of Seindah Ramadhan is camel meat and there are wide range of dishes using this meat. Get ready to be amazed by this camel dishes such as, roasted camel meat with condiments, sup unta berempah, rendang daging unta and nasi kerabu daging unta salai.

I tried the roasted camel meat with mint sauce and rendang daging. By the way, this is my first time eating camel meat and its worth it! I'm willing to try new things and personally, I love the taste of the meat, I can say that is resemblance to the lamb but less fatty. Other than that, the meat have that hard meat texture but easy to chew.

I heard that the rendang was cooked for almost 4 hours and it taste really good. If you are first timer, go for the roasted one, but I'm up for second plate of rendang unta.

Some of the food that I ate at Carousel International Coffeehouse
Lamb enough for everyone to eat.
Another mouth-watering highlight of this buffet is their lamb. Again, because the meat are is at this one station, I consumed it with mint sauce. But, I find the meat is a little bit of chewy, but it's really juicy.

Three type of Nasi Briyani served here.
You name it, there are a tons of dishes to get you started such as Ayam dara goreng berkunyit, paru goreng berlada, kerabu lidah lembu, kerabu udang celon, acar betik muda, udang goreng berempah, ulam-ulam melayu, acar rampai and acar buah.

Basic meal that feel like home. 
Included the pit-roasted whole lamb, there are also wide range of home-cooked meal such as Daging bakar, beek skewers, stir-fried homemade radish cake, lamb varuval, laksa johor and penang prawn mee, lychee goreng and cendol.

Nenas, Cempedak, Lychee and Rambutan Goreng.
Everything taste good with frying, but never had I ever heard of Lychee Goreng, Nenas Goreng and Rambutan Goreng in my whole life. Among all this list of fried fruits, the only deep fried fruit I have eaten is Cempedak Goreng.

Among all this four choices, I decided to taste Nenas, Rambutan and Cempedak goreng. It doesn't taste strange but since its deep fried it was a little bit oily and the bater easy to came off for the first two fruits. I would go for Cempedak Goreng anytime, but if you have an adventurous taste bud, do go for all four.

Some of the kuih muih
This is the most colourful station that I have ever been among others. Plus, they served a wide range of sweet and savoury dessert from bread and butter pudding, pengat pisang bersago, chilled mixed fruits cocktail, serawa durian, chilled longan, lily bulbs with almond beancurd and of course home-made raya cookies!

The King of Fruit, Durian is added to the list for this year. Beside that, there are also a healthy selection of tropical fresh fruits, like Mangosteen, Rambutan and Langsat. 

King of Fruit, Durian!
Some of the tropical fruits that they served here!
Phewhh, that was a very long list and it does take quite some time for me to break into this points for an easy reading. So, you already know all the dishes, how about the price?

  • Children and senior citizen: RM 78 nett (for the whole Ramadhan month)
  • Adult: First week & fourth week of Ramadhan (from May 22 - June 4 & June 19 - June 24, 2017) - RM 108 nett per person.
  • Adult: Second & third week of Ramadhan (from June 5 - June 11 & June 12 - June 28, 2017) - RM 128 nett per person.
  • Corporate: RM 98 per pax (Royal Ballroom that can cater up to 800 pax).
  • PROMOTION:  For early bird that put on reservation from 1 Mac until 21 May entitled to get 15% discount. 
  • PROMOTION: While from 22 May until promotion ended, visitors can enjoy 9 + 1 deal which 1 guest will be able to eat for FREE, when they paid for 9 guest.

With the amount that you paid, I think it's more than enough. Plus, the restaurant is really spacious which can fit approximately around 200+ people. Besides that, the diners will get an opportunity to see the performance of traditional and ghazal while enjoying the food.

For more information or reservations, you may contact Palace of the golden Horses at:
It's so comfortable to eat here!

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