November 30, 2017

Review: Althea Box Un-Pore-Gettable Box + Giveaway

What's up everyone, I'm finally updating my blog again after 2 weeks work trip in Japan! I just come back at the right time and I think it will be a good idea to post about this lovely Althea box on the last day of November 2017. Honestly, I'm really excited to tell you about all of items inside the Un-Pore-Gettable Box, so let's start!
7 main products in Althea Un-Pore-Gettable box
I think most of us know about Althea and been loving every single items that they sell at the online store. I myself a huge supporter of K-Beauty especially when it comes to my pore-blems. 

Fret not, I really encourage you to shop at Althea itself because their team will handpicked and released Althea Boxes at least twice a month. And this time I get my hand on box number #34: Un-pore-gettable Box which have been sold out recently.
Althea Box #34: Un-Pore-Gettable Box
But don't you worry because they sell it individually and last time I checked most of the items on the box are in stock. Without beating around the bush, let's see what's inside this pretty box.

There are 7 fabulous and well known items on this box and we will start with the first one first:

1. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
Althea price: RM 59.00 RM 45.00 [Link]

I went to Korea recently and this product have been one on my bucket list to buy but unfortunately I forget to buy it! I was kind of frustrated because I heard tons of good reviews about this product specifically.

But, the best part of my Korea trip is that I saw my younger brother bought this mask for himself. Well, I know that this is a good product since he is a little bit choosy in terms of everything.

First impression in one word would be thick. But, before stating my opinion even further let's see how to use the mask.

To apply this mask, a little bit goes a long way. Before applying, don't forget to cleanse and tone your skin first! Then, apply an even layer on the skin and wash it up after 10 minutes with warm water and pat dry.

My thoughts

Ya'll need to know this, because my skin feels super smooth like baby butt after using the mask. It was the best feeling ever because there are no fragrance and one swipe of the mask can cover half of the face. I would say this mask will last me for quite some time due to the thickness of the clay mask. 

But, the only downside is if you're in hurry this mask might not be for you because you need to put some effort and to distribute the mask on instead of using an instant sheet mask.

2. Common Labs Mild Peeling Finger Pad (7ea)

7 individual packaging

Althea price: RM 45.00 RM  29.00 [Link]

Honestly, it's my first time know about this brand but I do know there are other brands that came out with a similar functions. But let's keep in mind that it might be different from each other.

I'm really excited to try this out because usually I used a harsh peeling products like coffee or sugar scrub. But, I certainly knew that peeling pad will not be on that category.

My thoughts

I knew that this will be great for travelling the moment I used this on my face! It was absolutely soft and sanitary. I used both sides (front & back) to get rid all of the dirt efficiently.

But do take note that this finger pad contained AHA + BHA for mild peeling effect. I heard that it would be best to used it 2-3 times per week only to avoid over exfoliate your skin.

Overall, I like the peeling pad because it was moisturising, the pad is super soft and it works wonder especially if you are always on the go.
Before & After using the finger pad

3. Laneige Powder Fit Cushion #23 Sand

Laneige Powder Fit Cushion!
Althea price: RM 168.00 RM  112.00 [Link]

This would be my second cushion that I tried and honestly first time wasn't a pleasant journey. So, my mindset have become very negative for any cushion products. But, since it's a cream to powder finished I decided to give it a fair try. 
With & without applying cushions.

My thoughts

Surprisingly I really love this product because it works for me.. From the smell, packaging and everything, I think I have found my ultimate cushions. Forget about the price, if you will used it daily it worth to buy. I even brought this to my work trip in Japan and it helps me so much on that cold weather.

Another thing that I love is the texture of the cushions. It feels so calm when I touch the jelly-like texture (self-satisfaction) and it won't be a surprised if I say I would repurchased this repeatedly.

Results of using the product: I LOVE IT!

4. Rire All Kill Pore Tightening Ice Stick

Rire All Kill Pore Tightening Ice Stick
Althea price: RM 69.00 RM 31.00 [Link]

Another best seller product in Korea is this All Kill Pore Tightening Stick by Rire! I heard that it has a mineral-rich iceberg from Iceland which would bring that cold sensation on my face. The best part is it's sanitary because you don't have to touch your own face.

I'm all about travelling friendly product and this would make it to the list. But the disadvantage would be in terms of how to use it. Honestly if I don't read the steps I would just assumed I have to wash it up after using it. So guys, bare in mind and treated this stick like a moisturiser.
Apply it and just let it absorb the goodness.

My thoughts

Despite it's a bit hard to scroll out, it does did what it claims but for temporarily only. Getting rid of pores aren't not just one night thing, you have to consistently used a product that will help you make it invisible. Otherwise, it was a great product and I can't wait to get it from my refrigerator and used it.
Results: It does work but temporarily only.

5. Dear, Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

Size: 30 ml

Been awarded as the best facial toner for 2 years in the row makes me excited to try this baby out. I heard that it's really subtle and suitable for all skin type. The toner also contain various plant extracts and natural ingredients that helps to balance pH level!

My thoughts

First thing that I did when I received toner products, I would smell it first. One word to describe the smells is botanical. For me I love the smells because it's calming and soothing.

Then, I tested it by dropping some onto my skin and I began to loving it more because it had this watery texture and it's absorbs quickly. Overall, I do feel fresh and smooth after trying it out on my face. 
Apply like a regular toner.

6. My Beauty Mask Pack

Type: Rice Sheet Mask

Sheet mask is like a holy grail items for Korean people. I can truly see that it's important as every store that I walk by in Myeongdong have their own sheet mask brand. 

Honestly, I just found out this brand just now and there are 3 types of sheet mask from My Beauty: Red Ginseng Hydrogel Mask, Ginger Gold Hydrogel Mask & Rice Sheet Mask

Each of the mask contained a natural honey extract which high in vitamins, amino acid and minerals that protect the skin.

My thoughts

If I don't used a self put on mask I will surely go for sheet mask because it's quicker. I like the idea of the sheet mask itself and I think that every sheet mask have the same purpose. Either to hydrate instantly, this rice mask is suitable for people that have pore-blems like me.

I would say this is just a normal sheet mask and I'm glad that I was introduced to this brand. But, I wouldn't hunt for it again because for me it doesn't differ from any other sheet mask.
This is one of the best feeling I ever felt in a long time.

7. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Sample Kit

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Sample Kit
I have tried their volcanic mask and now it's time for some cleanser & toner! I have seen this Jeju Volcanic Pore products all over Jeju and I'm tempted. But since I just start with new products I decided to try it later (put in on my bucket list)

There are things inside this box:
1. Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner 13 ml
2. Jeju Volcanic Pore Foam 10 m
3. Jeju Volcanic Pore Care Kit Cotton 7 pieces 

Step by step using the cleanser!

My thoughts

There's nothing wrong with this all three products because it doesn't irritate my skin which showed it didn't contained any harsh chemical. The cleanser is gentle, so as the toner. 

But my favourite would be the cotton pad. It got a double sided function which one side is for gentle care and the other side for exfoliating. Plus, it was really soft and thick which far beyond the normal cotton pad

Overall, I like this three products and I'm glad they provide a sample kit so I could decide whether to purchased the full size items or not. Plus, it got that floral scent too!

I love the softness of the cotton pad

That double sided cotton pad is the best!

Phewww, reviewing this products sure give a full satisfactions for me. I tried each of every items and take it very seriously. I would like to say thank you to Tammy for sending this box out for us to trying out and give our own opinion about it. I'm pretty sure Althea will be succeed in a very fast track because of this well-picked items in one box.

I was actually surprised because I know that all the brands in the box like Laneige, Innisfree and Klairs are really famous in Korea and they sell it in a very affordable price within our budget. The price for this box is RM471.00 to RM 127.00 that I'm not surprised it will sold out instantly.

Among these all 7 products, my ultimate favourite would be the Laneige Powder Fit Cushion. I'm so surprised that after failure attempt on trying out cushions I was introduced and loving the cushions that Althea recommended. My only hope that they will be selling the refill so I could reused the packaging over and over again.

Before I end this post, I want to announce a giveaway of random sample kit that I received with this box for my readers. Just send an email to with title 'I want Althea products' with your name, address and phone number. First come first serve 😀


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  1. haritu nak beli All Kill Pore Tightening Stick by Rire tapi baca review cakap takde kesan haha T.T

    1. Itulah, ada dengar juga tapi surprisingly it works! But for sementara sahaja. :)