November 15, 2017

A&W Malaysia Offers Chicken Fiesta for Limited Time Only!

I still remember my first fast food restaurants that I was introduced is A&W. It's very closed to nostalgic because it might be most of our parents dating spot back then *ehem ehem*. Due to that, it's time to continue the legacy to try out various type of food at A&W like this Chicken Fiesta promotions! Btw, do read until the end of the post there will be some treat for you.

A&W Chicken Fiesta!

A&W is synonym with Root Beer Float, Conn, Waffle, Beef Coney & Golden Aroma Chicken. I'm pretty sure, if you're a fan of the franchise, you would order one of the things that I mentioned. Plus, I was glad that A&W is near to where I'm living: Wangsa Walk Mall.

Therefore, yesterday after work I really wanted to try their fresh promos: Chicken Fiesta which just started on 7th November 2017!

Their Chicken Fiesta promotions!

A&W introduced 4 sets that include two types of chicken: Golden Aroma Chicken and Spicy Aroma Chicken. The best part of all, these sets come with root beer that I guarantee, are a match made in heaven with the chicken!

Since I went with my boyfriend, we ordered 2 set A with the upgrade version of two large of Root Beer Float and curly fries + Chicken Poppers. He ordered the Golden Aroma Chicken and I ordered the Spicy version so we get to taste both of it.

Set A: 2 pieces of chicken + fries + root beer float.
We received the Golden Aroma Chicken first, then the Spicy Aroma Chicken. The first impression is that the chicken looks crunchy and got that golden perfection. 

The best part is, they are going to serve freshly cooked chicken for us (customers), withholding time not more than 30 minutes. I can actually hardly see the fried chicken on the holding tray especially the spicy one. 

Spicy Aroma Chicken!


So, we got our chicken first to taste it. The golden aroma chicken is full of herbs, tender and juicy but I would prefer the spicy version of it. Why? I like spicy and it got kicked to it. Especially when we got spicy served hot while the non-spicy is pretty much cold.

The first bite of the spicy aroma chicken, I get to taste all the herbs and that spiciness but after eating it time to time, the spicy slowly cool down. I would recommend you guys ordered spicy if you are in that league.

Chicken Poppers: RM 5.30
Then, they send us the chicken poppers which I was surprised at how generous the amount in that little box. Plus, they didn't mention how much many pieces they would give which was great. 

The chicken poppers is a small bite size but it was enough for use to munch after eating 2 pieces of chicken. Another thing is you should dip into that sauce! It's a sweet and sour sauce that makes you keep on eating the chicken poppers non stop.

Dip in the sauce!
Imagined, you have eaten all of the chicken and it's time to wash it off with root beer float. Gurllll, it was the best things ever. That cold that top with ice cream float is just the best things to consume with chicken. 

So, there goes the set the first impression. If you are planning to flashback with old memories with your family, you can order set B & C: 6 pieces of & 9 pieces of chicken with another add-on. Don't forget to add on a freshly made 2L bottle of A&W root beer float for just RM7! 

Oh! I almost forgot one thing: A&W Limited Edition Mug 2017. This one I'm pretty sure if you're a collector you need to grab the mug. Because it has been produced by the same manufacturer since forever #FlyFromUnitedStates. 

A&W Limited Edition Mug 2017
The mug is sold for RM 49.90 at all A&W franchise until the end of this year only! Another tip for you if you want to enjoy the root beer float at home: Buy 2L A&W Pitcher for RM7.00 and vanilla ice cream. Got all of the ingredients? First, put the mug in the freezer, get it out while it's cold, pour the A&W root beer and scope one or two vanilla ice cream!

VOILA! You will get the exact taste like in the store. Don't forget to order some chicken too 😉

I'm starving while writing this entry post, but before I end the post I would love to know your memories of A&W! It can be anything memorable: dating experiences or even your birthday surprise.

I know there must be tons of stories out there about A&W and I would read some of my readers stories. Make sure to leave a comment down below. And oh! Would you try their new promos too? Make sure to check it out before it's too late! 

A&W Malaysia

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You will smile ears to ears after came out from A&W Malaysia!

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