June 3, 2017

Iftar With Your Favourite Nasyid Group @ Rabbani Lamb House

I still remember clearly during my diploma year, I entered nasyid competition out of the blue and it was such an experienced. And I do know a good numbers of local nasyid group since my primary school like Raihan, Rabbani and others.

One of the popular group is called as Rabbani and after 22 years performing at Hotel Singgah Sana PJ, they decided to open a restaurant called Rabbani Lamb House that located near Jakel Mall. Without further ado, let's start reviewing their Ramadhan dishes!

Nasi Arab Berasap

Rabbani Lamb House strategically located in the middle of the city and I'm pretty sure everyone know Jakel Mall right? If that so, just go straight to Myfoodloft Jalan Munshi Abdullah, Kuala Lumpur and voila, you will find the restaurant!


Rabbani Lamb House is a restaurant that served Arab and Malaysia food in one roof, and their main attraction is 'Nasi Arab Berasap'. They also came out with an affordable iftar package as low as RM 49.90 per person

According the picture below, package for 4 person is just RM 120 (divided by 4 equal to RM30 per person), so AFFORDABLE! Plus, you will get fair amount of food with the price as listed below. 
Affordable package offered by Rabbani Lamb House
Moving on the food, I get the opportunity to dine for the first time during their opening (23rd May 2017)! Here is the list of the food and drink that they served on that day:
  • Lamb Kabsah / Mandy Set
  • Chicken Kabsah Set 
  • Chicken Mandy Set
  • Roasted Lamb
  • Selection health tea by Sherif
Lamb Set
Nasi Arab Berasap: Chicken Mandy Set
Nasi Arab Berasap: Chicken Kabsah Set
Roasted Lamb with Condiments

I rarely eat Arab cuisine but I do know that they will served with a lot of rice. Other than that, I will feel very full because it contained ghee . What I love about Rabbani Lamb House rice is I didn't get tired of it and the portion just nice for me to eat (in between not full and too full). This goes same to their Mandy and Kabsah rice. 

I love lamb, and I think I over eating lamb on that day but it just keep coming. The meat doesn't chewy, but soft and taste great with all the condiments given.

While for drinks, in case you didn't know it's free flow. So, to be able to drink tea that they served is really soothing and refreshing for me. They have multiple choices of tea from brand called Sherif Tea, so you can choose according to your likes!

Fresh roasted lamb on grill

During this whole Ramadhan month, you will also get the opportunity to hear performance live from your favourite nasyid group while dining, and here are the schedule:
  • Rabbani: Monday, Wednesday & Sunday
  • Inteam: Thursday
  • Fareast: Tuesday
  • Nowseeheart: Saturday
  • Munsyid Malaysia: Friday
Brief info about Rabbani Lamb House


During this Ramadhan season, every visitor purchased at Rabbani Lamb House will be donated to Tabung Kemanusian Syria Care Malaysia (Makan dan berhibur sambil beramal). Thumbs up for the good deed!

So, what are you waiting for? Do make a call for reservations at +6013 513 8281. For more information, visit their Facebook: www.facebook.com/Rabbanilambhouse & Instagram: www.instagram.com/rabbanilambhouse/.

Rabbani Lamb House
Lot GF-016, MyFoodLoft, Persiaran Capsquare, Kuala Lumpur
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